Spear-Carrier for Undemocratic Dems NYT

The Times operates as a virtual house organ for undemocratic Dems — supporting and unjustifiably justifying their abuse of power and other criminality.

The self-styled newspaper of record is a propaganda rag, a misinformation and disinformation proliferator.

On all things Ukraine, the Times cheerleads crimes of war and against humanity by Ukrainian Nazi thugs, while demonizing Russia’s liberating SMO.

Its latest fake news edition featured the following rubbish:

Defying reality, Biden regime “officials estimate that 500 Russian troops are killed or wounded every day in Ukraine” — an indisputable bald-faced Big Lie.

Daily Russian casualties are minor compared to hundreds of Ukrainian troops killed or wounded daily, along with others laying down their arms and surrendering or deserting their ranks.

Yet according to Times fake news:

“The staggeringly high rate of Russian casualties in Ukraine (sic) means that President Putin may not be able to achieve one of his key objectives (sic)” — liberating Donbass entirely and predominantly Russian-speaking parts of eastern and southern Ukraine.

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Russia’s (SMO) decelerated to a grinding slog (sic).”

And this Times fake news:

“(A)rrival of American multiple-launch rocket systems…allowed Ukrainian troops to take back some territory (sic) and made it more difficult for Russian soldiers to reach other areas (sic).”

And this Times trash:

“(I)n Donetsk, (Russian) progress stalled…because of heavy casualties (sic).”

More Times trash:

“(T)he Russians have probably taken 70-80,000 casualties in less than six months (sic).”

What the Times falsely the “bloodiest” European war since WW  II ignored the Clinton regime’s 1999 rape and destruction of Yugoslavia — what preceded US aggression against one nonthreatening country after another post-state-sponsored 9/11.

So-called Operation Noble Anvil (sic) was all-about balkanizing Yugoslavia into 7 countries, wanting market socialism replaced by predatory free-market harshness.

What Nobel laureate Harold Pinter called “barbaric (and despicable), another blatant and brutal assertion of US power, using NATO as (hegemon USA’s) missile (to consolidate its) domination of Europe” was unprecedented in ferocity to that time.

Residential areas, including vital infrastructure, were destroyed or badly damaged, nothing spared.

Power plants, factories, civilian transportation, telecommunications facilities, roads, bridges, rail lines, fuel depots, schools, a TV station, China’s Belgrade embassy, hospitals, government offices, churches, historic landmarks and residential areas throughout the country were targeted with inflicting maximum numbers of casualties in mind.

An estimated $100 billion of damage was caused while environmental damage was widespread.

The Times and other MSM pretended not to notice while cheerleading US-dominated NATO aggression against a nonthreatening nation.

The former Yugoslavia no longer exists.

Hegemon USA got another imperial trophy.

Whenever its ruling regimes go to war, most often they’re led by undemocratic Dems — including WW I and II, the rape and destruction of nonbelligerent North Korea, Southeast Asia, Libya, Syria, and Somalia.

Dems and Republicans share blame for US aggression against nonthreatening Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and backing apartheid Israel’s forever war on defenseless Palestinians.

The Biden regime is waging proxy and all-out sanctions war on Russia.

Its diabolical Asia/Pacific agenda risks something similar against China over its breakaway Taiwan province.

The Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev bears full responsibility for transforming Ukraine into a Nazi-infested fascist police state — what led to Russia’s liberating SMO.

And this Times trash on its campaign to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine:

Russian forces are “seriously depleted (sic),” forcing Vladimir Putin to enlist “former soldiers (sic).”

More Times trash:

Russia “committed nearly 85% of its” military to the SMO (sic).”

The true total is at most around 20%.

And this Times fake news:

“The Russians probably don’t have enough effective combat forces to fully take Donetsk (sic).”

And the Times falsely claimed that Ukrainian troops “wrecked…at least 8” Russian combat aircraft in Crimea (sic).”

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, Saki airfield, Crimea blasts were caused by detonation of ammunition at the site, not a Ukrainian attack as falsely claimed.

Crimean State Council Chairman, Vladimir Konstantinov, explained that work underway to repair damage to the airfield will take around 10 days to complete.

No Russian aircraft were damaged or destroyed.

And this Times trash:

Russia’s military “lost so many troops that in some cases units tried to force captured Ukrainians to fight (sic).”

More Times trash:

Russia’s military “is not well trained (sic).”

“Their best units have already been bloodied (sic).”

No responsible editors would touch what Times editors feature daily — to their disgrace.


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