Facts v. Hegemon USA-Approved Fiction on Ukraine

Reality on the ground in Ukraine reveals overwhelming superiority of Russian forces over Ukrainian troops near collapse.

Not according to daily NYT fake news editions, based on fabricated Biden regime-supplied talking points.

Times fiction: Ukraine’s greatly degraded and virtually defeated military “has been able to stem Russian advances recently (sic) and force Russia to sustain heavy losses (sic), with up to 500 Russian troops killed or injured every day (sic).”

Fact: Compared to heavy Ukrainian losses daily, this week around 2,000 eliminated in around 24 hours, Russian losses have been minimal.

Fact: In Donetsk, DPR freedom fighters are engaged in the great majority of ground fighting — heavily supported by Russian artillery, rocket fire, air power and intelligence.

Fiction: Ukrainian “troop succeeded in weakening Russia’s military (sic).”

“They made Russia “expend resources that they can’t replenish (sic).”

Fact: Reality on the ground is worlds apart from the above malarkey, what doesn’t pass the smell test.  

On Friday, military analyst Andrei Martyanov explained the following:

Ukrainian troops have not faced  the “full fire impact” of Russia’s military capabilities.

The “bulk of fighting” in Donbass “is done by” DPR and LPR forces with some Russian ground units involved.

Most of Russia’s military is “concentrated (in Ukraine’s) South and North” to keep battering and forcing the regime troops to retreat in the face of overwhelming Russian firepower.

Martyanov quoted an unnamed US volunteer on the ground, saying the following:

“Americans are fighting against Europeans.” 

It’s “easier to dehumanize an enemy if they do not look or act like you.”

“When fighting in the Middle East or North Africa, it may have been possible to create a dissociation because the enemy ‘is not like us.’ ”

“This is not the case in Ukraine.” 

Another US volunteer on the ground said the following: 

“It’s feeling like my days are numbered and I’d like to say some things.” 

“About me. Former military. Afghanistan veteran. Combat experienced. Three days ago I was in a trench line listening to artillery.” 

“Just a few hundred yards away are the Russians.”

“I’ve seen dead bodies before. Dead Taliban. Dead Afghan civilians.”

In Ukraine, everyone looks alike, distinguished alone by their weapons and military attire.

Commenting on the above, Martyanov stressed the following:

US and other Western volunteers “don’t know what (they’re) doing in Ukraine.”

In stark contrast, Russian forces and Donbass freedom fighters “know extremely well why and against who they are fighting.”

Russian forces “are extremely aware of their (SMO) aims.

“(M)odern war is not what they teach in the US, and that is why (it’s) in the position it is today.”

“It is not a good position, to put it mildly.”

Russian super-weapons exceed the best in the West by a good margin. 

They’re developed and produced at a small fraction of what the empire of lies spends to enrich its merchants of death and human misery.

Times fiction: “Moscow had no major territorial gains since the” the liberation of Lugansk from Nazified occupation.

Fact: To date, Russian forces liberated over half of Donetsk.

Most of remaining DPR territory still occupied by Ukrainian Nazis is open flatland.

It’ll be easier going for DPR freedom fighters with Russian support to liberate the republic entirely in the weeks ahead.

The Biden regime’s newly announced additional 1$ billion dollars worth of weapons et al to Kiev won’t change a thing on the ground.

Nor will billions more.

Russian Foreign Ministry’s North American Department Director, Alexander Darchiev, said the following:

“It is impossible to notice another aspect that (hegemon USA) seems to ignore.”

“(M)ulti-billion injections in military aid for Ukraine do not have a substantial impact on the pace of our special operation.”

“Its goals and tasks will be implemented.”

Times fiction: US/Western support to Ukraine “show(s) the world that they’re fighting a just war (sic).”

“Support for the country has not only come in the form of aid packages, but also through help on the ground in the form of partisans, resistance fighters who aid the Ukrainian military (sic).”

Fact: According to DPR official, Eduard Basurin:

Heavy Ukrainian “losses may exceed 193,000 service members.”

The true toll may be “much higher.”

LPR militia official, Andrey Marochko, explained the following:

“We are advancing precisely at the rate which allows to minimize the losses among the personnel and cause as much damage as possible to the adversary.”

“If we completely suppressed the adversary’s firepower and eliminated them in a certain sector then, naturally, we are occupying these positions.”

“Yet making sure that our servicemen are not attacked by fire since all Ukrainian positions are marked on a map, it is much easier to strike them with artillery than our hidden positions.”

“Proceeding from this premise, we are not taking up many Ukrainian positions.”

“There are some well-fortified positions with an important strategic significance that can guarantee that our servicemen are safe.”

“Those positions we do occupy.”

Separately as orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, terror-shelling of the Zaporozhye NPP continued on Saturday by Ukrainian Nazis.

There’s no ambiguity about the Biden regime’s diabolical in cahoots with their Ukrainian proxies.

They want a large-scale release of deadly radiation to contaminate thousands of square kilometers of central Europe — so Russia is falsely blamed for their criminality.

The Russian Federation will defeat the made-in-the-USA Ukrainian monster.

Millions of its people will be liberated from the scourge of Nazified tyranny.

If the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies crosses the line from proxy to direct confrontation with Russia, planet earth and all its lifeforms will be greatly jeopardized.


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