Hegemon USA Pushing for War in the Asia/Pacific: A Potential Doomsday Scenario

Twelve days after Pelosi’s unforgivable affront to China’s sovereignty by arriving in Taiwan — after multiple warnings by the PRC to stay away — four Senator Markey-led undemocratic Dems and one Republican compounded her insult by following suit.

On arrival, a Taiwanese statement said the group of 5 will meet with the island’s so-called president Tsai on Monday, adding:

“Especially at a time when China is raising tensions in the Taiwan Strait and the region with military exercises, Markey leading a delegation to visit Taiwan once again demonstrates” hegemon USA’s effrontery by breaching the One China principle — undermining Sino/US relations more than already and risking direct confrontation.

According to the American Institute in Taiwan, operating as a virtual Biden regime embassy:

“The delegation will meet with senior Taiwan leaders to discuss (bilateral) relations, regional security, trade and investment, global supply chains, (nonexistent) climate change, and other significant issues of mutual interest.”

Taiwan’s state media said the 5 US lawmakers arrived for a two-day visit to meet with Taiwanese officials.

Ahead of his arrival on Sunday, Markey met with South Korean President, Yoon Suk Yeol, in Seoul, a statement saying that “he reaffirmed (hegemon USA’s) commitment to the (bilateral) alliance.”

He was also briefed by US forces Korea commander, General Paul LaCamera, on “security threats in the region.”

The only significant one is hegemon USA’s military footprint in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong.

The breakaway province’s so-called foreign ministry welcomed the group of 5 and virtually expressed support for defying China’s sovereignty by arriving on its territory without authorization from Beijing.

The Trump regime virtually abandoned the One China principle, what stood the test of time for a near half century.

The Biden regime put an exclamation point on its predecessor’s policy, advancing things for direct confrontation by recklessly abandoning the rule of law more than already against China and Russia.

No just cause exists for visits by US officials to Taiwan where they don’t belong — nor using Ukrainian foot soldiers to wage proxy war on Russia. 

These willfully hostile steps push things toward rupturing relations with both countries, as well as possible global war on two fronts with nukes.

Since Pelosi’s unauthorized August 2 arrival in Taiwan, China’s military aircraft have been flying daily missions near the border of their breakaway province — including on Sunday when the US group of 5 arrived in Taipei.

Last week, deputy assistant to the fake Biden, Kurt Campbell, displayed imperial arrogance by the following unacceptable remark, saying:

“China overreacted (sic), and its actions continue to be provocative, destabilizing, and unprecedented (sic).”

“It sought to disregard the centerline between the PRC and Taiwan, which has been respected by both sides for more than 60 years as a stabilizing feature (sic).”

Hegemon USA bears full responsibility for China’s actions.

Taiwan’s so-called Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) shares blame by supporting the breakaway province’s independence.

Later this month or in September, the Pentagon will again send US warships through the Taiwan Strait, ignoring China’s sovereignty over its waters and airspace.

Separately, another US congressional delegation is expected in Taiwan later this month.

As of Sunday evening local time, China hasn’t yet commented on the group of 5’s arrival in Taipei.

A sharp rebuke is likely.

According to China expert, Lyle Goldstein, the latest provocative visit to Taiwan by US officials advances “the escalation cycle we have been witnessing over the last five years,” adding: 

Both countries are “on a dangerous collision course.”

A Final Comment

On Saturday, China’s official People’s Daily called “force labor a chronic disease in the US.”

Even after slavery ended in the mid-19th century, hegemon USA “didn’t put an end to forced labor,” it said, adding:

“From ‘floating hells,’ which transported poor Chinese peasants to the US in the 1860s, to today’s sweatshops, private prisons, and farms that employ children to do farm work, forced labor has (long) existed in various forms in the US and persists to this day.” 

Hundreds of thousands of people endure the living hell of modern-day slavery in the US.

The self-styled “beacon of human rights” operates in worlds apart fashion domestically and abroad. 

And it failed ratify “many international labor rights protection conventions,” including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

US federal, state and private prisons — the nations’s “prison-industrial complex” — are virtual “concentration camps” of forced labor.

Around half a million underage farm workers are mistreated in similar fashion — along with being vulnerable to “violence, sexual assault, intimidation, debt bondage, work-related injuries and infectious diseases.”

According to Law Professor Laurel Fletcher:

“Slavery is a problem the (US) public thinks we solved long ago, but, in fact, it’s alive and well” in the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

Ignoring exploitation and other human rights abuses throughout its history to the present day, the US fabricated accusations about forced labor in Xinjiang, China.

Its longstanding double standard hypocrisy needs no elaboration.


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