How to Lie and Mass Deceive on Russia’s Liberating SMO Without Really Trying

US/Western MSM are so addicted to manipulating the public mind with fake news on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues that even when kernels of truth break through, what’s reported lacks conviction.

On all things geopolitical, MSM reporting on all things Russia and Ukraine reached a new low — by proliferating the fabricated official narrative and supporting Nazified rule in Ukraine over exposing and condemning it.

Repeated shelling by Ukrainian Nazis of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant risks the release of deadly radiation and widespread contamination throughout much of central Europe.

There’s no ambiguity about who’s to blame, what’s indisputable.

Yet deeply corrupted US/Western MSM pretend otherwise — to their disgrace.

Over the weekend, Zaporozhye regional military-civil administration official, Vladimir Rogov, said the following:

Weekend shelling by Ukrainian Nazis “fell between the thermal power plant and the nuclear power plant, and some on the thermal power plant.”

“The (NPP) was not damaged and is operating normally.”

“The air defense of the Russian army once again protected the site from the nuclear threat, which is being constantly provoked by Ukrainian” Nazis — as orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA.

According to Russia’s envoy to International Organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov:

“In view of continuing shelling of the  Zaporozhye nuclear power plant by Ukrainian (Nazis), local authorities propose to stop this facility to avoid nuclear disaster.”

Rogov made similar remarks following the death of one regional resident and injury to another from continued Ukrainian shelling.

Last Thursday in remarks during a Security Council session, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, stressed the following:

“Kiev’s criminal attacks on the (NPP’s) infrastructure facilities are pushing the world to the brink of a nuclear disaster.”

Yet over the weekend — in virtual support of wanting central Europe contaminated with deadly radiation — hegemon USA got over 40 Western and other vassals to call for Russia to hand over control of the NPP to Kiev.

Moscow clearly won’t go along with what would virtually guarantee a nuclear catastrophe.

At this time, protection by Russian air defense systems prevented the diabolical plot by the empire of lies and complicit Ukrainian Nazis.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT once again turned reality on its head by falsely accusing Russian forces of attacks on the NPP — by Ukrainian Nazis left unexplained.

And this Times trash:

“Over the weekend, Russia used territory around the (NPP) as a staging ground for attacks on Ukrainian positions (sic).”

“It unleashed a barrage of howitzer fire on the nearby Ukrainian-held town of Nikopol (sic).”

More Times trash:

“Russian troops (are) firing grad rocket artillery” on the NPP (sic) (while) continu(ing) to blame the shelling on Ukrainian forces (sic).”

And this Times contempt for truth-telling:

“(A)bout 100 plant employees (were) detained” by Russian forces (sic).” 

“Some (were) tortured (sic), raising stress levels on those who remain to operate the reactors (sic).”

And this Times fake news:

“Russian forces in Kherson face encirclement by the Ukrainian military (sic).”

No encirclement exists, not now or earlier.

No cut in Russia’s supply lines or preparations for a Ukrainian counteroffensive, as Times fake news claimed.

And this Times defiance of reality:

Ukrainian troops “worr(y) that if (they) fire (on Russian forces involved in protecting the NPP), they might” strike it (sic).

Trash like the above is featured regularly in Times fake news editions. 

And this CNBC defiance of reality:

“Ukraine is targeting Russian soldiers who shoot at Europe’s largest nuclear power station (sic) or use it as a base to shoot from (sic).”

Puppet Zelensky’s perversion of reality was quoted, saying:

“Every Russian soldier who either shoots at the plant (sic), or shoots using the plant as cover (sic), must understand that he becomes a special target for our intelligence agents (sic), for our special services (sic), for our (virtually defeated) army (sic).”

And this bald-faced Big Lie by a so-called “advisor” to Zelensky:

Russia is “hitting the part of the nuclear power plant where the energy that powers the south of Ukraine is generated (sic).”

And imperial tool/UN secretary general, Guterres, once again disgraced himself by calling for a demilitarized zone around the NPP — so they’d be no Russian air defense systems to prevent a nuclear disaster.

And what CNBC called continued “heavy fighting” around Pisky village ignored its liberation by Russian forces days earlier.

And this WaPo trash:

“Russian soldiers are hiding behind the nuclear plant (sic) to fire at the two cities (sic), which lie across from Zaporozhye on the Dnieper River.

And this earlier WSJ trash:

Russia turned “Ukraine’s largest nuclear plant into a military base (sic).”

And this National Pentagon Radio (NPR) trash last week:

“Russian forces are launching attacks from the (nuclear) plant (sic), knowing Ukrainians won’t risk returning fire (sic).”

If shutting down the plant greatly reduces the threat of a nuclear disaster by repeated Ukrainian shelling, Russia should do it straightaway.

It’s the only sensible option unless there’s a better way.


One thought on “How to Lie and Mass Deceive on Russia’s Liberating SMO Without Really Trying

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  1. Quick note, Mr. Lendman, to say how much I appreciate your straight-up no nonsense articles about Russia’s righteous SMO against hegemon US government and vassal accomplices to include the neo-Nazi thugs they enabled in early 2014 after the coup in Ukraine.
    You are almost a lone voice even in “alt media” circles in this whole matter.
    I recently stopped posting comments at a certain “alt media” site because after 6 months there about 12 of my posts were “removed” in which I corrected tall tales told by some authors against Russian leadership and military personnel. I always used links and documentation to correct the propaganda that more or less reflected the same lies as told by MSM. One author maintains the phony left v. right paradigm, never mentions Trump’s wrongdoing, and cannot bring himself to acknowledge that Russia is right, and the US government and its minions are historically and always thoroughly in the wrong. I figure there was no use in staying there and devoting quality time and research to truth-telling only to have a phony “alt-media” site claiming to be in a fight against censorship removing my posts when taking the site’s authors to task for propaganda against Russia.
    Mr. Lendman, you are a genuine journalist who does not compromise even when it means being at odds with “alt media” commentators.
    I visit your site daily, and it is the perfect reference for guiding readers through the morass that one often finds even in “alt media” on all things Russia/Ukraine.
    Some in alt media have disappointed me. But you have remained consistent.
    Thank you, and God bless you, Sir.


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