Playing with Fire in the Asia/Pacific

On an unauthorized two-day visit to China’s breakaway province, a Senator Markey-led congressional group of 5 arrived in Taiwan on Sunday.

On his website, Markey said the following:

The delegation’s arrival “reaffirm(s) (hegemon USA’s) support for Taiwan” — in defiance of the One China principle.

On Monday, reported the following:

The island’s so-called defense ministry “reported that 22 Chinese military aircraft and six naval vessels infringed on Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday (Aug. 14) (sic), with 10 warplanes crossing the median line (sic).” 

Taiwan Strait waters and airspace are sovereign Chinese territory.

Commenting on the group of 5’s intrusive visit where they don’t belong, China’s Global Times (GT) said the following:

Arrival of congressional members on Sunday “further prove(s) that (the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies) makes repeated provocations and keeps tensions from easing,” adding:

“China will definitely impose sanctions on the visiting lawmakers as a countermeasure, as the country has always been firmly opposed to any collusion between the US and Taiwan secessionists.”  

“No forces should ever underestimate China’s determination to safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

An official mainland Voice of Straits response to the group of 5’s Sunday arrival said the following:

“(A)ccording to sources from the Chinese military, the PLA Eastern Theater Command is likely to conduct strong and powerful military operations in the waters and airspace around the island of Taiwan as countermeasures to the latest visit to the island by US lawmakers.”

Notorious China hawk Markey earlier co-sponsored an unacceptable bipartisan Senate resolution to shift the nation’s 2022 Winter Olympics to another location.

According to deputy director of the China Institute of International Studies, Zhang Tengjun:

The latest intrusion by US congressional members once again “ignored China’s stern warnings and will have to face severe punishment due to its egregious provocation,” adding:

Knowing that they were coming to where they didn’t belong, their visit was only announced “at the last minute when they arrived in a sneaky and stealthy manner.”

It’s clear that hegemon USA is hellbent “making trouble and sabotaging China-US ties so as to make itself a so-called lead player in the Western Pacific region.”

The latest visit by US officials is “another example of (how) the (empire of lies) try(s) to get its way in global security affairs, and insists on creating crises as well as turbulence globally.”

Bilateral relations are at their lowest point since China aided North Korea combat US aggression in the early 1950s.

Since 2021 alone, the Biden regime approved unacceptable arms sales to Taiwan five times.

In the last three months, three US congressional delegations made unauthorized visits to the breakaway province.

These and other hostile US actions are a flagrant affront to China’s sovereignty.

According to the UN Charter and other international law, no nation may legally interfere in the internal affairs of others for any reasons — directly or indirectly.

Yet time and again since the 19th century — especially post-WW II — US regimes flagrantly breached the rule of law by attacking or otherwise acting against the fundamental rights of other nations.

Following Pelosi’s affront to China’s sovereignty by showing up in Taipei — after being warned multiple times to stay away — 160 nations and international organizations criticized her unacceptable visit.

On Monday, a China Daily commentary stressed that reunification with Taiwan is “just a matter of how (and) when,” adding:

While Pelosi wasn’t the first House speaker to visit the island, “it was by far the severest” breach of the One China principle.

When GOP House speaker, Gingrich, visited Taiwan in 1997, “he went to Beijing first, and China tolerated (his) visit, even dismissing it as a one-time occurrence with little historical significance.”

With malicious intent in mind, Pelosi’s arrival on the island was an egregious display of imperial arrogance, a pre-planned affront to China’s sovereignty.

Since the 1972 Shanghai Communique, One China has been official US policy — until the Trump and Biden regimes flagrantly breached it.

Yet One China is the political foundation of bilateral relations.

Repeated visits by US officials to Taiwan flagrantly breach what stood the test of time for a near-half century.

The China Daily commentary minced no words, saying that hegemon USA “will soon realize how abysmally its (provocations) will backfire.”

A Final Comment

In response to the group of 5’s Sunday arrival in Taipei, a statement by China’s US embassy said the following:

Beijing will take “resolute countermeasures in response to the US’s provocations,” adding:

No breach of the One China principle will be tolerated.

Beijing “firmly opposes any kind of official ties” between the US and Taiwan.

The group of 5’s arrival “proves that the US does not want to see stability across the Taiwan Straits and has spared no effort to stir up confrontation between the two sides and interfere in China’s internal affairs.”

And this from China’s Defense Ministry, saying:

The group of 5’s Sunday arrival in Taipei “seriously violates the One China principle and provisions of the three joint China-US communiques.”

It “violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, sends the wrong signal to separatist forces advocating Taiwan’s independence, (and) completely exposes the face of the US as the destroyer of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”


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  1. ‘The island’s so-called defense ministry “reported that 22 Chinese military aircraft and six naval vessels infringed on Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday (Aug. 14) (sic), with 10 warplanes crossing the median line (sic).”

    ‘Taiwan Strait waters and airspace are sovereign Chinese territory’.

    Please note that an ADIZ has no legal standing, and a nation has absolutely no right to take action or even complain if aircraft of other nations enter its ADIZ. The passage quoted above makes it obvious that the Taiwan Strait, for example, is part of Taiwan’s ADIZ while also being sovereign Chinese territory.

    That’s not all, though. A large amount of the Chinese mainland falls within Taiwan’s ADIZ! Including the cities of Fuzhou (7.7 million), Quanzhou (8.8 million) and Xiamen (5.3 million).

    Wikipedia has quite a lot to say about Taiwan’s ADIZ, but curiously does not provide a map of it or explain its position and extent.


    1. My previous comment should have a map of Taiwan’s ADIZ at the bottom. If it doesn’t show up, just click on the coloured text.


  2. I had a simple twp paragraph comment go to ether. This is first paragraph:

    There is a view the CCP has Pelosi as an asset along with Pretender Joe and the rest and that the Pelosi trip was orchestration conducted by the CCP on their path to subduing Taiwan.


  3. I sent second paragraph in testing and it went to ether. This is the comment without the Greg Hunter Link:

    I submit a standalone fact as outlined in the Martin Armstrong video with Greg Hunter at xxxxx. The Speaker of the House does not have to be a Congressman and a Republican House could elect Trump Speaker.


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