Russia’s Security Council Remarks on Israeli Aggression

Partnered with hegemon USA, apartheid Israel is an unparalleled menace to Middle East peace and stability — notions the Jewish state and its US paymaster abhor.

At a Monday Security Council briefing, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, said the following on the latest Israeli aggression on defenseless Gazans:

“Another spiral of escalation was provoked by strikes of Israeli air forces against Gaza” last week through Sunday.

“Israeli attacks killed at least 44 Palestinians, including 15 children.” 

“More than 300 people were injured.”

“Our heartfelt condolences go to the families of the deceased and injured.”

“We strongly condemn the use of force and violence against civilians” — a US/NATO and Jewish state specialty.

While “establishment of a ceasefire regime” was agreed on, Israel’s historical record shows that preemptive IDF attacks on Palestinians and regional states can and do happen any time at the discretion of its ruling regimes.

No end to a spiral of violence “was caused by a multitude of factors, (including) lack of direct talks between Palestinians and Israelis,” said Nebenzia, adding: 

When negotiations occur, “they are supposed to elaborate solutions to all fundamental issues pertaining to the final status of the illegally occupied Palestinian territories.” 

“Stagnating peace process, coupled with provocative unilateral steps, as we see, is able to ‘detonate’ the situation on the ground at any moment, thus giving start to another cycle of violence.”

Nebenzia should have stressed the following:

The so-called Israeli/Palestinian peace process exists in name only.

Dominant Israeli hardliners and their US counterparts reject the real thing. 

Ruling regimes of both countries prioritize wars of aggression on invented enemies to advance their imperial aims.

Israel was established and expanded on stolen Palestinian land.

It’s the only nation without fixed borders — to continue its land-grabbing agenda.

The so-called September 1993 Oslo Accords was unilateral surrender to Israel and the West, a Palestinian Versailles.

As long as Palestinians aren’t afforded equity, justice, freedom from Israeli occupation, and self-determination, regional peace and stability will remain elusive — the disturbing reality throughout the post-WW II period with no prospect for positive change ahead.

Nebenzia reiterated Russia’s support for relevant Security Council and General Assembly resolutions on all things historic Palestine and Israel.

Moscow supports “a comprehensive lasting settlement to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of a two-state solution.”

“This process should result in upholding the legitimate national right of the Palestinian people, namely – Palestinians having an independent state in 1967 borders.”

The above goal is unattainable because US, Western and Israeli regimes consistently reject the idea.

Nebenzia stressed that hegemon USA is the main obstacle to regional peace and stability, adding:

“Washington adopted a stance that erodes the internationally recognized basis for settlement and negotiations formats in the Middle East.”

“This position does not facilitate de-escalation, but rather does the opposite.”

“It cannot be a source of trust for the affected sides, first of all Palestinians, who a priori find themselves in a more vulnerable situation.”

On their own with scant foreign support, they’re powerless and defenseless against Israeli occupation harshness and aggression at its discretion. 

Last Sunday, shortly before agreed on ceasefire took effect, Israel gratuitously murdered and grievously injured more Palestinians in cold blood.

Jamil Najm al-Deen Najim, aged-4, Jamil Ihab Najim, aged-13, and Mohammad Najim, aged-17 were killed by an IDF missile near their Gaza residence.

Greatly distraught and shaken, their mother, Diana Najim, said they went out briefly on Sunday to be with their cousins.

“Moments went by and then we heard a bombing,” she said.

“We ran out to find my son and his three cousins. They were all cut up into pieces.”

“Our lives are worthless,” she stressed.

And this separate Israeli war crime, as explained by a family member, saying:

Yasser al-Nabaheen, aged-40 and his three children “were turned to pieces in a moment” by an Israeli missile.

They were murdered around 30 minutes before Sunday’s agreed on ceasefire.

The Lapid regime “kept bombing and killing…civilians until the last moment.”

Israeli state terror continues daily.

On Tuesday, IDF troops killed three Palestinians during a Nablus raid in Occupied West Bank.

Activist Ibrahim al-Nabulsi was sought by the Lapid regime for resisting Israeli state terror.

During the oppressive raid, dozens of other Palestinians were injured.

Israeli security forces fired rocket-propelled grenades at their residence.

Mourning her son’s loss, Ibrahim’s mother said:

“My son, who is dearer to me than my own soul, returned to his lord.”

His father said the following: 

“Whenever (Ibrahim) heard about an Israeli army raid, he was the first to go out and confront them.”

“This was his fate. We praise God.”

A recorded voice message before his death said the following:

“My message to everyone is to protect our homeland.”

“Do not give up your arms. I am barricaded now. I am going to be martyred.”

Israeli state terror occurs in many forms.

State-sponsored violence is a daily reality in the Occupied Territories.

The agreed on Gaza ceasefire is guaranteed to be broken ahead at Israel’s discretion.

It’s how ruthless rogue states operate.


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