Hegemon USA Wants Russia Blamed for Irradiating Central Europe by Ukraine

Without US support and encouragement, repeated strikes by Ukrainian Nazis on the Zaporozhye NPP wouldn’t be happening.

According to former chief Russian nuclear inspector, Vladimir Kuznetsov, if strikes on the plant release and spread deadly radiation, territory of nine European countries would be contaminated.

Besides Ukraine, others affected would include Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Baltic states.

Depending on air currents, perhaps others as well.

If radiation is released by one or more strikes, fire would likely result, Kuznetsov explained, adding:

“God knows where the wind would send the combustion products.”

Flowing from around Smolensk, Russia through Belarus and Ukraine to the Black Sea, parts of the 1,400 mile-long Dnepr River would also be contaminated.

Russian forces took control of the NPP to prevent another Chernobyl, Fukushima, or something worse.

So far, Russian air defense systems prevented catastrophe.

As long as shelling by Ukrainian Nazis continues, the risk will hang like a sword of Damocles over potentially affected nations and their people.

On Wednesday, Zaporozhye region military-civilian administration official, Vladimir Rogov, said shelling by Kiev targeted the NPP’s cooling system, adding:

It’s “is not protected in a way the reactor is, and our enemies do have a possibility to damage it and hamper proper cooling of the reactor.”

Damage risks overheating, what could cause a disaster worse than Chernobyl.

Kiev shelling also targeted the plant’s nuclear waste storage site on Tuesday, one missile detonating too close for comfort, others close enough for concern.

If the site is penetrated, radiation released would be like a dirty bomb, Rogov explained.

As part of waging propaganda war on Russia, based on Biden regime-supplied talking points, MSM falsely blame its forces for what Ukrainian Nazis bear full responsibility — as directed by their US master.

According to NYT fake news on Tuesday:

“Russia, trying to pin down Ukraine’s forces to blunt a (nonexistent) counteroffensive in Kherson, has been firing shells from near a nuclear plant it occupies (sic).”

The above and volumes more trash like it is how the self-styled newspaper of record consistently turns truth on its head on all virtually major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Lying and mass deceiving over journalism as it should be is required of its correspondents and columnists to be a Times employee.

Truth-telling would be cause for dismissal.

What the Times called “a brutal slugfest” has been one-sided, Russia doing the slugging, smashing the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested Ukrainian monster.

And this Times trash:

“Russia use(s) territory around the (Zaporozhye) nuclear power plant…as a staging ground for attacks on Ukrainian positions (sic).”

More Times trash:

“Russian forces in Kherson (are) encircle(d) by the Ukrainian military (sic).”

They’re “largely cut off from their main source of supplies (sic).”

“Russian commanders…retreated from” Dnipro (sic).

“Russian forces in Kherson clearly (sic) face difficulties now that their supply lines have been compromised (sic).”

Ukraine intends an “all-out offensive on Kherson (sic).”

For weeks, fake news like the above fills daily editions.

And this Times trash:

The regime’s “military said it…worries that if its forces fire back at Russians (involved in protecting the) Zaporozhye (NPP) they might hit the…facility (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from the Times’ perversion of reality across the board on virtually all things Russia and Ukraine.

And for trash giving fake new news a bad name, its propagandists are awarded PUlitizer prizes.

Separately, the WSJ defied reality with the following fake news, saying:

Nonexistent “shelling (of the NPP by Russian forces) is a deliberate step to steal…electricity” it generates (sic).

The bald-faced Big Lie is part of MSM attempts across the board to falsely blame Russia for shelling of the facility by Ukrainian Nazis — as directed by the Pentagon and CIA.

Separately according to Newsweek magazine:

“The (puppet) Zelensky narrative is shifting.”

“For months, (he’s) enjoyed nonstop adulation from the American press and audiences with celebrity glitterati.”

“But now, the reality of his rule in Ukraine is becoming undeniable, even to his most ardent enablers in America, many of whom happen to be Republicans.”

“In just the last few days, the narrative has palpably shifted.”

Stripping off his mask reveals the true measure of the man.

He “shut down all opposition media, then banned opposition political parties.”

“He declared that Russia would have to kill every single citizen of Kiev to get to him.”

“He fired the Ukrainian equivalent of the US attorney general and the head of the CIA.”

He’s “unaccountable (in) a corrupt country.”

Judge him by his diabolical actions.

He “forfeit(ed) any pretense of standing as an exemplar for human rights…”

CBS News reported that “much of the billions of dollars of military aid that the US is sending to Ukraine doesn’t make it to the front lines.”

It’s stolen and sold by Ukrainian Nazis to stash ill-gotten wealth in foreign tax havens.

Is the bloom coming off the rose?

Perhaps so on Zelensky, unlikely on Ukraine, its territory a platform by US/NATO proxy war on Russia.

The puppet in Kiev is easily replaced.

Perhaps that shoe will drop ahead.


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