Planned Biden Regime False Flag in Ukraine

All things related to Russia, Ukraine and Donbass are made-in-the-USA.

It’s been this way since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev — replacing democratic governance with Nazi-infested tyranny.

US-colonized Ukraine is used as a platform for proxy war on Russia.

Eight years of US planned and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass along Russia’s borders preceded what gone on since launching its liberating SMO last February.

It came to prevent what could have been disastrous — a full-scale planned Biden regime invasion of Donbass and Crimea with expendable Ukrainian troops.

Russia acted defensively, its UN Charter right.

On Thursday in Moscow, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, warned of the following:

As directed by its US master, “(o)n August 19, the Kiev regime will be plotting a highly publicized provocation at the Zaporozhye NPP during UN (imperial tool) secretary general Guterres’ visit to Ukraine.”

The diabolical plot is all about falsely accusing “Russia of creating a man-made catastrophe at this power plant.”

Russia’s Defense Ministry spotted movements of Ukrainian troops into position for the made-in-the-USA “provocation.”

According to Konashenkov, Kiev intends to launch artillery fire on the plant from the city of Nikopol — once again to be falsely blamed on Moscow.

In preparation for what Russia believes is coming:

“(T)he command of the Dnieper task force is setting up radiation monitoring posts in Zaporozhye.”

It’s also “organizing drills among the units of the 108th territorial defense brigade, the 44th artillery brigade and military units stationed in Zaporozhye for action under conditions of radiological contamination of the area.”

“The armed forces of the Russian Federation are taking all necessary measures to guarantee the security of the Zaporozhye NPP.”

Head of Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological defense of its armed forces, General Igor Kirillov, explained the following:

The Biden regime aims to create an exclusion zone of up to around 18 miles around the plant.

It’s to deploy “international forces and foreign observers into the NPP’s territory” where they don’t belong.

It’s also to falsely “accus(e) Russian armed forces of nuclear terrorism.”

Separately, Russian Deputy Foreign minister for Arms Control, Igor Vishnevetsky, called for an IAEA visit to the NPP as soon as possible, adding:

Russia will fully cooperate to facilitate it.

As planned and directed by Biden regime dark forces, Kiev bows and scrapes to its demands, including by “committing acts of nuclear terrorism” — to falsely blame Russia for US orchestrated/Ukraine implemented high crimes.

Separately on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“Western globalist(s) are provoking chaos by rekindling old and inciting new conflicts.”

They’re “implementing a policy of so-called containment, while undermining sovereign paths of development.”

They’re “desperately trying to preserve hegemony and power (that’s) slipping out of their grasp.”

By bullying, pressuring, intimidating and bludgeoning, they’re “trying to keep countries and peoples in the grip of a neo-colonial order.”

Hegemon USA, its Western and other “vassals rudely interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states by organizing provocations, coup d’etats and civil wars.”

Every diabolical tactic imaginable is used “to force independent states to submit to their will.”

The US-dominated West “is deliberately destroying European security (by) military alliances” for perpetual direct and proxy war-making. 

Hegemon USA’s “anti-Russia project” uses the scourge of Nazism in Ukraine to advance its diabolical aims.

Will its outcome be the destruction of planet earth and all its life forms?


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