The Scourge of MSM’s War on Truth

The Scourge of MSM’s War on Truth

by Stephen Lendman

Evil is variously defined as wicked, immoral and hellbent for harming others for personal gain.

Philosopher/logician, Selmer Bringsjord, said he’s working on a checklist “to formally define” evil at its core.

Evil plotters aim to “caus(e) considerable harm to others…and most importantly,” they consider wrongful actions a good thing, he said.

Definitions of evil include the following:

Causing ruin, injury or pain.

Causing suffering, misery or destruction.

Causing harm and misfortune.

Evil includes anger, malice and/or spite.

It includes moral wickedness, depravity and degeneracy.

It’s an abomination.

Decency, goodness, honesty, integrity, probity, rectitude and uprightness are polar opposite what evil is all about.

The definition of its scourge demands inclusion of how the dominant 4th estate operates in the West — especially in the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT is Exhibit A in print — what “no self-respecting fish would (permit being) wrapped in,” with attribution to Chicago columnist, the late Mike Royko. 

He said it about Murdoch newsprint.

It applies to MSM across the board, especially the shady Gray Lady for its Big Lies of our times.

Its editorial policy long ago banned truth and full disclosure on major world and national issues.

Big Lies and mass deception are consistently featured instead, pushing the fabricated official narrative exclusively over truth and full disclosure.

It’s been operating this way since the mid-19th century, especially post-WW II.

When Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 — on or about the day I began kindergarten, too young to understand what was going on — the Times falsely blamed Warsaw’s government for Nazi aggression.

Whenever hegemon USA goes to war or plans one preemptively — always against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nations — Times reports read like White House, State Department and Pentagon press releases.

The same reality applies to invented US enemies across the board — ones unwilling to sell their soul, and sell out their people, to a higher power in Washington.

For time immemorial, the self-styled newspaper of record has been waging editorial war on sovereign independent nations, ones free from US control.

At this time, Russia tops its list to denigrate, slander and smear by consistently turning truth on its head.

In its latest fake news edition, it continued its reinvention of Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine and Donbass as follows, saying:

What’s going on is “result of (Vladimir) Putin’s personal obsession (sic), and it’s hardly likely that he will voluntarily agree to end it (sic).”

Like always on issues mattering most, the Times featured state-approved fiction over cold, hard, indisputable facts. 

Like other MSM, it vilifies Putin because he serves Russian interests over what benefits hegemon USA’s diabolical aims.

His approval rating is sky-high for good reason, over 81% in a recently published poll.

It’s way higher than for any US president in the nation’s history.

The vast majority of Russians want no one else leading them.

According to Times fake news:

“(H)e’s not going anywhere, (a) bleak prospect many find hard to accept (sic).”

And this Times trash:

He’s “driving (Russia) to ruin (sic),” adding:

When “will…technocrats or functionaries…contrive to oust” him (sic).

And this Times fake news:

“(C)orruption (in Russia) is the glue that holds the system together, not the catalyst to bring it down (sic).”

On all things corruption and related criminality, hegemon USA and its Western vassals far exceed the worst ongoing elsewhere in ill-gotten gains. 

And this Times trash:

“(C)orruption in Russia (is) a system of incitement and blackmail (sic).”

“If you are loyal and if the president is pleased with you, you have the right to steal (sic).” 

“(B)ut if you are disloyal, you’ll be thrown in prison for theft (sic).”

Trash like the above shows up in daily fake news editions — while longstanding US crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities at home and abroad are reinvented as democracy in action.

A Final Comment

The Times and most other MSM operate as virtual press agents for undemocratic Dems.

Instead of a one-party state with two right wings, they favor exclusive control over the reins of power by scourge they represent.

In the same fake news edition, the Times bemoaned how neocon extremist, Liz Cheney, was trounced by Harriet Hageman in an August 16 GOP Wyoming primary.

Supporting a figure to scorn because she’s anti-Trump, the Times called her drubbing “a moral victory.”

And this from WaPo editors to their disgrace, saying:

Cheney’s ouster in January “recognizes that ideology and party loyalty should not matter when facing a fundamental threat to democracy (sic).”

“This country needs…more Liz Cheneys in government (sic).”

She’s not going quietly into that good night, saying she’s considering a 2024 run to be GOP standard bearer over Trump, adding:

She’ll do “whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.”

Praising her primary loss, Paul Craig Roberts noted:

“One Evil Influence Down, Many To Go”

Analyst Larry Johnson commented on her overwhelming defeat as follows, saying:

“The neo-con crowd got a much overdue mega punch in the gut on Tuesday with the electoral bludgeoning of Dick Cheney’s evil spawn, Liz.”

“It is for moments like this that the word ‘chortle’ was created. Chortle away.”

Her father, Dick Cheney, is a real-life “Darth Vader.”

She’s a pure evil chip off the old block.

So are many others in the nation’s heart of darkness — an unparalleled menace to what just societies most cherish.


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