Biden Regime Dark Forces Plotting a Nuclear Disaster

A previous article discussed how evil is defined.

In the modern era, it’s spelled USA.

As explained time and again, its ruling regimes caused more harm to more people over a longer duration than previous empires in world history.

Unlike earlier ones, it’s done it at home and worldwide with no end of its reign of terror in prospect — especially with undemocratic Dems empowered.

For weeks, dominant Biden regime hardliners orchestrated and directed terror attacks by Kiev Nazis on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in Energodar, Ukraine — controlled by Russia to protect it.

Their diabolical aim is all about wanting Moscow — and Vladimir Putin personally — falsely blamed for what they’ll cause if able to release and spread deadly radiation across central Europe to irreparably harm millions.

The latest attack came overnight Thursday, according to area official Vladimir Rogov, saying shelling by Ukrainian Nazis struck areas around the plant.

No damage occurred, no radiation released from earlier and most recent Ukrainian missile, rocket artillery and kamakaze drone strikes.

Russian air defense systems protect the plant effectively.

Yet nothing is fail-safe or otherwise able to work as intended at all times with no exceptions.

If attacks on the plant continue, the risk of a nuclear disaster will remain ominously high.

Along with its Ukrainian proxies, hegemon USA bears full responsibility for wanting central Europe irradiated — to falsely blame Russia for the reckless criminality of the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

According to Rogov, Russia boosted the NPP’s safety system to prevent (the Biden regime’s plotted) disaster, adding: 

“I cannot disclose all the details.”

“We are well prepared as anything can be expected from the (Nazi-infested) Zelensky regime” — as directed by its US master.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Thursday:

“The Ukrainian side, together with its US handlers, try to play the card and cause, in their opinion, a minor accident at the Zaporozhye NPP, disrupting its normal and safe operation and pointing the finger at Russia.”

If Biden regime orchestrated and directed Ukrainian terror attacks cause a large-scale radiation release, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Scandinavia and other European countries will be contaminated, millions irreparably harmed.

If the NPP’s diesel generators and mobile pumps are destroyed or badly damaged, its nuclear reactors will dangerously overheat — posing a high risk of large-scale release and spread of deadly radiation across central Europe.

Along with likely catastrophic harm to millions, mass migration from contaminated areas will likely occur, making a bad situation far worse.

In recent days, Ukrainian Nazis launched 12 attacks on the NPP, Russia’s Defense Ministry explained.

According to Erergodar official Alexander Volga:

“All services have been put on alert and are always on duty” 24/7, adding:

As directed by its US master, Kiev Nazis are targeting the NPP’s “cooling system (and irradiated) waste dry storage facility.”

According to Politico on Thursday:

The Biden regime “approved strike(s) (on the Russian Republic of) Crimea.”

An unnamed US hardliner defied reality as follows, saying:

“We don’t select targets (sic).”

“Everything we’ve provided is for self-defense purposes (sic).”

“Any target they choose to pursue on sovereign Ukrainian soil (sic) is by definition self defense (sic).”

Fact: Dominant Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA orchestrate and direct terror attacks by Ukrainian Nazis against Donbass civilians, its freedom fighters and Russian forces.

The US-installed Nazified regime follows orders from its master in Washington, including Ukraine-based Pentagon and CIA officials.

Separately according to WaPo on Thursday, (puppet) Zelensky is no longer “beyond reproach (or) a national hero” to Ukrainians.

According to the broadsheet, reality on the ground “punctured the bubble, triggering a cascade of public criticism unprecedented since (Russia’s liberating SMO) began.”

After meeting with CIA head, William Burns, in January, Zelensky promised peace, Ukrainians to be barbequing come spring.

Instead, the Zelensky regime wrecked Ukraine more than already, greatly harming the lives and well-being of its people.

Are his days in office numbered?

Will he be gone before Russia declares mission accomplished in Ukraine?

There’s been no ambiguity about the outcome of its liberating SMO since begun in February.

Reality on the ground in Ukraine and Donbass is clear.

Analyst Larry Johnson explained what’s indisputable, saying:

Ukrainian warplanes were largely eliminated.

When airborne, Russia targets and destroys them.

What few remain are virtually useless, “providing (no) close air support to besieged Ukrainian troops or carrying out aerial attacks against Russian positions.”

The same reality applies to its helicopters.

In Donbass, “Ukraine’s tank battalions are nonexistent.”

The regime has “no ability” to counterattack or otherwise halt advances of Russian forces.

Its strikes by US-supplied HIMARS, artillery, other weapons and Pentagon/CIA orchestrated and directed sabotage of Russian munitions depots were “isolated incidents and have not changed the strategic picture.”

Rubbish like the following from Reuters turned reality on its head, saying:

“What we are seeing is a ‘strategic deadlock (sic).”

And this Reuters trash:

“In the south, Ukrainian forces routed an attempted advance by Russian forces near the town of Bilohirka, northeast of Kherson (sic).”

Like other fake news on all things Russia and Ukraine, well into its propaganda report, Reuters admitted:

It’s “not able to independently confirm (Ukrainian) battlefield reports.”

Left unexplained by the wire disservice is that virtually everything claimed by Kiev, and puppet Zelensky personally, are bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception to conceal how Russian forces have been smashing the made-in-the-USA Ukrainian monster.

Since Moscow’s liberating SMO began, the public throughout the US/West and Ukraine has been systematically lied to.

Consistently turning reality on its head, their ruling regimes and MSM press agents suppress what Russia’s SMO is all about.

Instead of explaining how its forces are smashing Ukrainian troops and their capabilities, they perpetuate the myth of things going the other way around or are in stalemate.

Biden regime desperation likely lies behind its diabolical plot to release and spread deadly radiation from the Zaporozhye NPP.

Russia successfully foiled it so far.

One more reality check.

When US orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev ends — begun in April 2014 on Donbass by its Nazified Kiev proxies — what remains of what’s called Ukraine will be without its industrial heartland and richest agricultural land.

It’ll be a rump made-in-the-USA wasteland, mostly on worthless scrubland.


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