Latest NYT Edition of Opposition to and Prohibition of Truth-Telling

As a same-day article explained, Russia’s SMO in Ukraine and Donbass has been overwhelmingly successful.

Notably, it largely eliminated Kiev’s best trained, armed, and radicalized troops, its Nazified ones — along with effectively destroying the Kiev regime’s ability to prevent the Kremlin’s demilitarizing and deNazification aims.

The historical record will show that its campaign has been one of the most lopsided operations in military history — despite US/NATO’s direct involvement on the ground by orchestrating, directing, manning and firing HIMARS, as well as other sophisticated weapons on Russian forces and territory.

MSM reports on what’s going on don’t rise to the level of bad fiction — the self-styled newspaper of record NYT the worst of the lot in print.

In its latest fake news edition, it turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

A so-called “new strategy of attacks (by US/NATO-directed Ukrainian troops) on logistical targets in Russian-held territory is having an impact…symbolically (and) militarily (sic),” adding:

The regime is “trying to degrade Moscow’s combat capabilities (sic) by striking ammunition depots and supply lines in” Crimea and other Russian territory (sic).

Reality on the ground couldn’t be more groundless than above fake news.

The Times quoted Kiev’s so-called head of national security’s reinvention of reality, saying:

Strikes by Ukrainian troops are part of a “step-by-step demilitarization of the peninsula (sic) with its subsequent de-occupation (sic).”

It’s hard taking any of the above rubbish seriously.

Demilitarization has been entirely one-sided — by Russia with Ukraine on the receiving end, sustaining irreplaceable losses of key manpower, largely destroying its effectiveness as a fighting force.

And this Times trash:

“Russia suffered a humiliating defeat in northern Ukraine in the war’s early days (sic).”

From when launched to the present time, Russian forces have effectively and overwhelmingly destroyed the best of Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA fighting machine.

No Kiev counteroffensive was successfully launched.

The few attempted were one-sidedly destroyed.

No threat to Russian supply lines or logistics existed earlier or now, no shortage of its high-precision munitions, artillery or other weapons.

No “tenuous grip” exists on the Russian Republic of Crimea.

Strikes by Ukrainian troops on its territory have been insignificant pinpricks.

And by orchestrating and directing attempts to irradiate large parts of central Europe by Ukrainian artillery, missile and rocket strikes on the Zaporozhye NPP, the Times and other MSM share blame with hegemon USA for supporting what demands condemnation.

On all things related to Russia and Ukraine, as well as on virtually all other major domestic and geopolitical issues, the Times and other MSM quote or cite known serial liars — elements suppressing indisputable truths instead of the other way around.

For its part, the Times gives chutzpah a bad name in its daily fake news editions, including by saying the following on its use of anonymous sources — ones too embarrassed by how they turn truth on its head to want their identity known:

“How do the sources know the information (sic)?”

“What’s their motivation for telling us (sic)?

“Have they proved reliable in the past (sic)?:

“Can we corroborate the information?”

“Even with these questions satisfied, The Times uses anonymous sources as a last resort (sic).”

The Times is especially notorious for repeatedly quoting and citing of dubious anonymous sources — liars hostile to truth-telling on major issues.

Like other MSM, the Times failed to explain that the vast majority of attempted Ukrainians strikes on Crimea and other Russian territory were intercepted and destroyed by its air defense systems.

Others were too minor to matter.

Nor did MSM admit that Russia’s high-precision hypersonic munitions cannot be deterred from reaching and destroying their targets — what the US/West or Ukraine cannot do in similar fashion.

Notably on Friday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov, said the following:

“We did not just warn, we repeatedly sent official signals to Washington, including official notes, conversations and demarches, to warn (about what’s) obvious.”

US-dominated NATO support for Nazified Ukraine — including by providing sophisticated weapons for perpetual war — shows its direct involvement as “a party to the conflict.”

(H)ard facts speak for themselves.”

“No matter how much (US/Western regimes) deny (direct) involvement” in waging war on Russia, reality is clear and indisputable.

Claims by US-dominated NATO regimes about aiding ‘Ukraine’s right to self-defense’ don’t pass the small test.

As for strikes on Crimea and other Russian territory, what’s going on is a reckless “escalation of the conflict.”

It’s encouraged “directly from Washington.”

Separately according to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday:

The US-controlled puppet Zelensky regime “authorized terrorist attacks with the use of toxic substances against Russian personnel and civilians” — a reckless act of desperation, surely orchestrated and directed by its US master.

As a result, several Russian military personnel were hospitalized with severe chemical poisoning — diagnosed as lab-produced Botulinum toxin Type B.

Calling what happened “chemical terrorism,” Russia’s Defense Ministry explained that the biological weapon used is one of the most toxic substances known to science.

Analysis by experts at a St. Petersburg-based military medicine research center confirmed the presence of this highly-toxic man-made chemical in the bodily fluids of victims.

For orchestrating and directing what happened, the Biden regime is fully responsible for the diabolical war crime.

It’s not the first time that hegemon USA used banned weapons in war-making on invented enemies.

From long ago use of smallpox infected blankets against Native Americans to the present day, the US used and continues to use chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons in all its preemptive wars against invented enemies.

Since December 2019, US-dominated Western biowarfare went where it hadn’t gone before to the current extreme by waging it throughout the West and elsewhere by flu/covid kill shots — with maximum numbers of mass casualties its aim.

In most every way imaginable, the US flagrantly breaches the Nuremberg Code and other international laws by committing the highest of high crimes of war and against humanity against nations unwilling to sell their sovereignty and souls to its demand for subservience to its interests.

Separately on Friday, deputy head of Russia’s Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria, General Oleg Yegorov, explained the following:

Based on reliable information, US/UK-recruited, armed, funded and directed White Helmets and Jabht al-Nusra jihadists intend indiscriminate strikes on civilians and residential area infrastructure in Syria’s Idlib Province to falsely blame on Russian Aerospace Forces and Damascus.

Is it just a matter of time before the empire of lies and forever wars launches another major false flag domestically to wrongfully blame Russia and/or China for its own criminality?

Are things heading toward WW III?

Has a point of no return been crossed?

Will US rage for unchallenged dominance doom us all?

The nation I grew up in long ago is an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.


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  1. I am of course not privy to actual military intelligence updates but I notice on many news websites that “journalists” of all stripes say that Russia must be defeated. Russia must lose the war. There is no mention of a diplomatic solution. Can we just defund the State Department or shift all those personnel over to Defense and the Pentagon? Total victory by the West via proxies in Ukraine is the US mantra. It used to be Westward Ho or Bust. Such a bust today would likely mean nuclear weapons being used.


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