Recklessly Upping the Stakes

Dominant Biden regime hardliners are recklessly pushing things for greater direct confrontation with Russia than already.

What’s gone on longterm — escalating dangerously in recent years — is all about Russia’s independence from US control and military strength.

It has nothing to do with anything threatening US national security.

Threats claimed by its ruling class are invented, not real.

It’s been this way throughout the post-WW II period — to unjustifiably justify the diabolical US drive for global hegemony by forever wars on invented enemies.

Notably since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Ukraine — what established a platform for proxy war on Russia — dominant US dark forces have been recklessly heading for possible global war with nukes.

Post-coup US-orchestrated and directed perpetual war on Donbass along Russia’s borders — by Kiev proxy troops — advanced things in slow-motion toward direct confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

A small fraction of their arsenals can destroy planet earth and all its life forms.

The threat of possible nuclear war — against Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan — was never greater than since atom was split in April 1932, what enabled development of nukes.

Make no mistake. If global war 3.0 erupts, it’ll be made-in-the-USA.

Russia prioritizes peace, stability, and cooperation with other nations, according to the rule of law.

On February 24, it launched its SMO defensively to prevent full-scale — US-orchestrated and directed — aggression by its Ukrainian proxies on Donbass and Russia’s Crimean republic.

Biden regime hardliners forced Moscow to act defensively to protect its borders, Crimean territory and heartland.

By proxy war, US dark forces aim to establish hegemony over the nation and its people by brute force — by eliminating the Russian Federation’s ability to defend itself.

Paul Craig Roberts quoted Will Schryver’s excellent analysis of what lay behind Russia’s liberating SMO, saying:

Ukraine’s military was “purpose-built,” armed, funded and directed by dark forces in Washington to serve the interests of the American empire…”

It’s been done in pursuit of “its long-established goal to cripple Russia and prevent it from ever again being able to wield global influence…”

The diabolical scheme also aims to partition the Russian Federation into powerless bantustans for easy control and exploitation by their higher power in Washington. 

Its bottom line goal is to eliminate “Russia from the world map” as a challenge to the US drive for global hegemony — by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

All along, Russian officials have been well aware of the grave threat to the nation’s sovereignty and security by US-dominated NATO dark forces.

Its SMO was well-planned to counter it effectively, including by eliminating the US/West’s best trained, armed and directed Azov and likeminded Nazified Ukrainian battalions.

Schryver explained the following:

It’s “incontrovertible that the Russian operation in Donbass has been an overwhelming victory.”

He called it “the most impressive management of a quasi-urban battlefield in modern history,” adding: 

“(O)ver 60,000 of the best-trained and best-equipped (Kiev troops have) been effectively destroyed (by irreplaceable) catastrophic losses…” 

The made-in-the-USA regime’s “even more massive losses of heavy weaponry cannot be replenished.”

Russia controls Ukrainian airspace and offshore waters.

Catastrophic losses of Ukrainian manpower dwarf far lower attrition in the ranks of Russia’s military.

Along with relentlessly pulverizing long-range artillery strikes on strategic Ukrainian military targets and troops, Russian airpower, high-precision missile and UAV attacks are effectively destroying the Kiev regime’s ability to prevent the Kremlin’s demilitarizing and deNazification aims.  

Russia’s SMO proved its military superiority over the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

Its super-weapons exceed the best in the US/West — developed and produced at a small fraction of what hegemon USA pours down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse to enrich its merchants of death, mass destruction and human misery.

Dark forces in Washington know that Russia effectively defeated its best-laid plans in Ukraine.

Looking ahead in an attempt to reverse a lost cause, will they try pulling their fat out of the fire by preemptive nuclear war on Russia?

While the Kremlin knows the risk and has done all it can to counter the unthinkable, if lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum pursue this hail Mary tactic, nuclear winter may take us all.


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  1. There are reports of chemical weapons being used on Russian troops. That is disgraceful. All war is bad but why would they escalate to chemical weapons? Nuclear war is a strong possibility here!


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