Russian Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

In its latest update, Russia’s Foreign Ministry again stressed that Vladimir Putin’s announced SMO goals will be fully achieved.

According to the Ministry’s Information and Press Department Deputy Director, Ivan Nechayev (IN below):

Normalized life is being restored to liberated areas of Donbass and Ukraine’s predominantly Russian-speaking eastern and southeastern areas, adding:

“Over 17,000 hectares of land (were) cleared of (mines and other) explosive ordnance.”

In the process, over half a million mines and other unexploded ordnance “were detected and defused.”

“Housing and critical infrastructure is being built or restored.”

“Residents of Ukraine and Donbass received over 56,000 tons of Russian humanitarian aid since early March.”

In stark contrast as ordered by its US master, dominant Kiev Nazis “continue (to) demonstrat(e)  indifference to the lives of civilians” and the rule of law.

Repeated Ukrainian strikes on areas around the Zaporozhye NPP, with intent to release and spread deadly radiation — as orchestrated and directed by the regime’s Pentagon and CIA handlers — reflect indisputable nuclear terrorism.   

Rhetoric won’t stop what’s going on, what only smashing the perpetrating monster can accomplish.

IN also explained Kiev’s use of Petal mines — in flagrant violation of the 1997 Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction, a measure ratified by Ukraine.

The US/NATO-supported regime in Kiev also uses French EMP F2 anti-tank mines — dozens detected by Russia, IN explaining:

Once armed, they’re “impossible to remove or defuse,” adding:

“Their use is a flagrant violation of Protocol II on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Mines, Booby-Traps and Other Devices.”

It’s “part of the 1980 Geneva Convention on prohibitions or restrictions on the use of certain weapons with indiscriminate effects.”

Along with its military’s crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities — within its borders, Ukraine is a festering sore of brutalizing tyrannical rule.

It’s also a modern-day wild West with widespread killings and other crimes because of no control over possession and use of assault weapons and other small arms.

The Zelensky regime earlier released large numbers of imprisoned criminal thugs.

It distributed thousands of weapons to them and other civilians, a harebrained scheme with combatting Russia in mind.

It backfired by unleashing an internal rein of terror on ordinary Ukrainians in harm’s way.

The Nazified regime doesn’t give a damn about the safety and well-being of its ordinary people.

The same reality applies to the US-dominant West — serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of most others.

What’s gone on in Ukraine and by the regime’s forever war on Donbass alone justifies Russia’s liberating SMO.

Its success is essential to restore peace, stability and the rule of law to areas freed from US-supported Nazified rule.

Separately, IN addressed the issue of US/Western censorship of Russian “internet resources” as well as online sites not “hold(ing) Russophobic views.”

“Russian foreign missions are also being censored.”

All of the above is a made-in-the-USA plot to silence what conflicts with its fabricated official narrative.

One of many examples occurred on August 15, IN explaining:

“YouTube deleted 29 posts from the official channel of the Russian Embassy in Great Britain.”

“An interview with the Russian Ambassador to the UK, Andrey Kelin, and videos with numerous testimonies of war crimes committed by the Ukrainian armed forces and neo-Nazi units against the civilian population of Donbass were deleted.”

“These videos were posted from March 2 to August 15.”

“Deleting video content from an Embassy channel is a crude attempt to restrict the outreach activities of a Russian foreign mission and to deprive viewers of another source of truthful information, which, by the way, British users watched and supported actively.”

Increasingly throughout the US/West, speech, media and academic freedoms are eroding toward being banned altogether when conflict with the fabricated official narrative.

Separately, IN commented on how Finland, bordering Russia, lost its sovereignty and soul to US domination.

On orders from its higher authority, it greatly limits issuance of visas to Russian nationals — perhaps with intent to prohibit them altogether ahead, IN saying:

“The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly given its assessment of similar decisions.”

They “testify to politically motivated discrimination against Russian nationals on the grounds of ethnicity.”

These actions also reflect how other Western regimes operate, as ordered by their US master.

“These steps will not remain without due response from Russia,” IN stressed.

Throughout the West, UK regimes are especially subservient to the worst of diabolical US interests.

Weeks earlier, the outgoing BoJo regime announced new sanctions on Russia.

They include “a complete ban on providing professional or business services to ‘persons connected with Russia,’ (mainly for) accounting, audit and financial reporting, business and administration consulting, and public relations,” IN explained.

Like its US master, the outgoing UK regime and incoming one next month support the scourge of Nazism in central Europe — along with forever hot and sanctions war on Russia.

Separately on the issue of unthinkable nuclear war, IN stressed the following:

“As a nuclear-weapons state, Russia will continue acting with utmost responsibility.”

“A direct confrontation with the US or NATO is not in our interests.”

“Under Russia’s military doctrine, a nuclear strike can only come as a response to an aggression involving weapons of mass destruction, or if its very existence as a state comes under threat.”

“This means that nuclear weapons can only be used in retaliation to an attack as a means of self-defense in extreme circumstances.”

According to the UN Charter, all nations are afforded the right of self-defense if attacked by a foreign power.


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