Latest Edition of MSM Fake News on Ukraine

Fabricated MSM reports about all things Russia and Ukraine grew stale long ago — and discredited by credible accounts on what’s going on and why.

Yet a daily MSM assault on truth and full disclosure continues with no signs of ending, just ebbing a bit.

The NYT earlier twisted reality by falsely accusing Russia of intending stage “show trial(s) of Ukrainian service members (sic),” adding:

They “include members of the Azov regiment,” calling them “far-right” instead of stressing their Nazi extremism, along with indisputable evidence of their war crimes and related atrocities.

On Monday local time, puppet Zelensky once again embarrassed himself as follows, saying:

Russia is “preparing the scenery for an absolutely disgusting and absurd trial of Ukrainian defenders (sic)” — indisputable Azov Nazi war criminals, he failed to explain, adding:

“If this despicable show trial (sic) takes place, if our people, are brought into this scenery, in violation of all agreements (sic), all international rules (sic), if there is abuse (sic)…” 

“This will be the line beyond which any negotiations are impossible (sic).”

“Russia will cut itself off from negotiations (sic).”

“There will be no more conversations (sic).”

On orders from its US master, Ukraine broke off conflict resolution talks with Russia a month after the first round held on Feb. 28.

They haven’t resumed. While ongoing, nothing was accomplished toward restoring peace to central Europe — because the empire of lies wants perpetual proxy war on Russia.

In response to Zelensky’s buffoon-like remarks, DPR leader Denis Pushilin said the following on what will take place in Donetsk:

“(D)ata on 80 counts of crimes committed by the Azov have been collected.”

“(S)tatements by Zelensky will have no effect” on trials to hold Ukrainian war criminals accountable for Nuremberg-level offenses.

“The first tribunal will most likely be held in Mariupol.”

“It will be organized by the end of summer,” adding:

“The last time Russian and Ukrainian delegations held face-to-face talks was in late March in Istanbul.”

At this time, nothing in prospect suggests their resumption.

Separately in its latest fake news edition, the NYT continued its daily drumbeat of reinventing reality, falsely saying:

“Gone are (never made Russian media) predictions of a lightning offensive that would obliterate Ukraine” in days (sic). 

“There is less talk of being embraced as liberators who must ‘deNazify’ and demilitarize Ukraine (sic), though the ‘fascist’ label is still flung about with abandon (sic).”

Ignoring reality like always — in supported of hegemon USA’s aim to rule the world unchallenged by brute force while pursuing mass-extermination since kill shots were rolled out — there’s no ambiguity about war on humanity by the empire of lies at home and worldwide.

The Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Kiev coup replaced Ukraine’s democratic rule with Nazified fascist tyranny — governance of, by and for all in the country according to the rule of law banned.

Diabolical US plans to control Russia and all other independent nations reflect longstanding policy by both wings of its war party — despite fake news Times disclaimers otherwise.

And this Times trash:

Russian casualties in Ukraine are “staggering (sic)” — what’s indisputably true about the regime’s military, clearly not Russia’s.

And what Times fake news called “mounting Ukrainian attacks on the strategically and symbolically important Crimean peninsula (sic)” are virtual pinpricks of no strategic importance.

Nor did the Times explain that nearly all attempted strikes by US/Western-supplied missiles, rockets and artillery shells are intercepted and destroyed by Russia’s air defense systems.

Ones getting through are few and far between exceptions to the rule.

And the Times made light of reality by failing to explain that if Russia ceased supplying US-allied EU regimes with natural gas, crisis conditions would follow.

And what the Times calls “Russian propaganda” is straight talk truth-telling in stark contrast to the fabricated official narrative throughout the West — regurgitated by its MSM press agents like the Times.

In a rare kernel of partial-truth, buried well into a fake news report for minimal readership, the Times admitted the following:

It’s “far from clear how much (strikes by Kiev reaching targets) will shape the outcome of (things) or hinder Russia’s” SMO from achieving its intended aims.

And the notion of a dwindling supply of Russian high-precision munitions or any compromises to its supply lines is delusional wishful thinking beyond reality. 

After near-six months of relentless pounding by Russian firepower, Ukraine’s military is a hollow shell, notably because the vast majority of its best trained and armed troops were eliminated.

The regime’s military is consistently on its back foot in retreat in the face of Russian advances.

Yet according to Times fake news, Ukraine is preparing “a coming campaign in the country’s south around the (Russian liberated and controlled) Kherson (sic),” then admitting: 

“(A)ny concerted (regime) ground offensive has yet to materialize” — for good reason, the Times failed to explain.

A hollowed-out military can’t protect its own troops. 

It surely can’t counterattack against a vastly superior force without being annihilated.

Separately according to AP (fake) News:

Russian forces are again shelling their own troops deployed to protect the Zaporozhye NPP from regime attacks.

The nonsensical worlds apart from reality notion of Russia shelling its own at the site needs no further elaboration to debunk.


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