Reinventing Russia’s Liberating SMO Against Nazified Ukraine

It’s ongoing daily throughout the West by its officials and press agent MSM.

On Sunday, a joint statement by the empire of lies — together with its UK, French and German vassals — once again affirmed their committed support for Ukraine’s Nazified rule.

According to a White House readout, they also called for “the need to avoid military operations near the” Zaporozhye NPP — leaving unexplained their direct involvement in what’s going on with intent to release and spread deadly radiation across central Europe, Russia to be falsely blamed.

And they “discussed ongoing (US/Western obstructionism) over Iran’s (legitimate) nuclear program, the need to (more greatly militarize the Middle East region with more war-making in mind), and joint efforts to deter and constrain Iran’s” drive for peace and mutual cooperation with other nations — as well as its opposition to unchallenged hegemony by the empire of lies and forever wars.

Separately, according to reinvented reality by NYU professor of Russian history, Jane Burbank:

Vladimir Putin’s “bloody assault (sic) on Ukraine…seems inexplainable (sic).”

“Rockets raining down on apartment buildings and fleeing families are now Russia’s face to the world (sic).”

Instead of setting the record straight about Russia’s liberating SMO, she falsely blamed Vladimir Putin for US-orchestrated and directed Ukrainian aggression against Donbass, its years of war crimes.

And this perversion of reality:

“Since the 1990s, plans to reunite Ukraine and other post-Soviet states into a transcontinental superpower have been brewing in Russia (sic).”

“A revitalized theory of Eurasian empire informs Putin’s every move (sic).”

The above claims define the relentlessly illegal drive for unchallenged global dominance by hegemon USA, no matter the human cost.

It’s worlds apart from how the Russian Federation operates under Vladimir Putin — in pursuit of world peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with UN Charter principles and other international law.

Indeed, post-Soviet Russia “ran roughshod over democratic politics in the 1990s” — under subservient to US interests and his own, Boris Yeltsin.

His adoption of neoliberal US shock therapy wrecked Russia’s economy, impoverished the vast majority, enriched the nation’s oligarch class and hugely benefitted US/Western interests.

Letting corruption and related criminality flourish at the expense of the general welfare, grand theft, money laundering and similar practices were unrestrained.

Billions in stolen wealth were secreted in Western banks and offshore tax havens.

Western bankers and other corporate predators strip-mined the country, shifted its wealth from public to private hands while democratic values were abandoned to facilitate what went on throughout the lost decade at the expense of ordinary Russians.

What Burbank should have explained, she ignored, focusing instead on her reinvention of reality.

Saying the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin seeks “imperial glory” explains how hegemon USA operates, not new millennium Russia.

And this Burbank rubbish, implying that Vladimir Putin seeks control over Eurasia, a region with Russia’s “genetic code.”

She mocked what’s indisputable — that today’s Ukraine is a US-controlled “colony with a puppet regime.”

That the territory is a virtual US/NATO platform for proxy hot war on Russia, what’s heading recklessly toward becoming direct East/West confrontation.

What Burbank called “Putin’s worldview” defied reality.

Instead of accurately explaining what his liberating SMO is all about and its roots, she repeated vilifying US/Western propaganda.

And this bald-faced Big Lie:

Putin’s “goal…is empire (sic). And the line will not be drawn at Ukraine (sic)” — citing no credible evidence because none exists.

Burbank’s reinvention of reality is repeated daily in many forms by an endless array of US/Western Russophobes like herself.

All things related to empire-building by endless war-making and illegal sanctions against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening countries is how the US-dominated West operates — clearly not Russia or nations free from their control.


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