State-Sponsored Murder of Russian National, Darya Dugina

En route from Moscow to its outskirts on Saturday, Darya Dugina  — daughter of Russian political philosopher/activist, Alexander Dugin — died when a car bomb planted beneath the car she was driving detonated.

Her father was apparently the target of what took her life — or maybe father and daughter. See below.

According to head of the Russian Horizon social movement, Andrey Krasnov, she was driving her father’s car, he in another vehicle after delivering a lecture at the same event she attended.

When he arrived at the scene of the crime, he learn about what happened to his daughter.

The explosive devise was planted beneath the driver’s side of the car for maximum effect.

On Sunday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharov, said the following:

“Russian law enforcement authorities are investigating the death of Darya Dugina.”

“If the Ukrainian trace is confirmed, and this version was voiced by DPR head Denis Pushilin, and it must be verified by the competent authorities, then we are talking about the policy of state terrorism implemented by the Kiev regime.”

We await results of the forensic probe, she added.

It includes biological, genetic, physical, chemical and explosive analysis.

Head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, opened a criminal case into Dugina’s murder.

Founder of the Russian Geopolitical School and the Eurasian Movement, Dugin heads Moscow State University’s Department of Sociology and International Relations. 

Author of over 60 books, they include Foundations of Geopolitics, Fourth Political Theory, Theory of Multipolar World, and 24 volumes of Noomakhia Ethnosociology. 

Dugin once said the following:

“If you are in favor of global liberal hegemony, you are the enemy.”

“The common enemy unites us.”

“(W)e must create strategic alliances to overthrow the present order of things, of which the core could be described as human rights, anti-hierarchy, and political correctness.”

“We are against liberal postmodernity.”

“Our idea is to join all the fronts and not let them divide us.”

“When we stay divided, they can rule us safely.”

“If we are united, their rule will immediately end.”

“That is our global strategy.”

“And when we try to join the spiritual tradition with social justice, there is an immediate panic among liberals.”

“They fear this very much.” 

“Sooner or later the endless spectacle is over.”

“Then we will take revenge; mercilessly.” 

“Undoubtedly racist is the idea of unipolar globalization.”

“It is based on the fact that Western, especially American, society equates its history and its values to universal law and artificially tries to con-struct a global society based on these local and historically specific values…”

They include “democracy, the market, parliamentarianism, capitalism, individualism, human rights, and unlimited technological development.”

“These values are local, and globalization is trying to impose them onto all of humanity as something that is universal and taken for granted.”

“This attempt implicitly argues that the values of all other peoples and cultures are imperfect, underdeveloped, and are subject to modernization and standardization based on the Western model.”

“Globalization is thus nothing more than a globally deployed model of Western European, or, rather, Anglo-Saxon ethnocentrism, which is the purest manifestation of racist ideology.” 

“We need to liberate ourselves, all peoples, Turkish people, Russian people, Chinese people, European people, American people, from this international liberal swamp.”

“We need to liberate ourselves from the totalitarian discourse constructed on the ‘self-evident’ dogma that only liberalism can be accepted as a universal ideology, that only Western values should be assimilated as something universal.”

“With the growth of China and Putin’s insistence on defending and strengthening Russian sovereignty, (Beijing’s) Belt & Road Initiative was transformed into something new in the last two years.”

“It now represents a strategy to secure Chinese and Russian independence, working together, in alliance.”

“Now, we can speak about the Russian-Chinese alliance as a geopolitical alliance opposed to the Atlanticist world order.”

“Nation-states cannot independently establish, secure and keep real sovereignty.”

“We need to oppose this global pressure together.”

“Above all, on the present stage, we need to establish a multipolar alliance among all powers, all states, all countries and civilizations fighting for their independence.”

“That is the logical continuation of decolonization.”

“Decolonization is not finished.”

It just started.”

The Kremlin doesn’t officially endorse Dugin’s views.

MSM claims otherwise are fake news, including by falsely calling him “Putin’s brain (sic).”

In Russia, he’s more marginal than mainstream.

Sputnik International earlier said that his most prominent period was from around 1998 – 2003 when he left Russia’s National Bolshevik Party (NPB) “to become an aide to Communist Party legislator Gennady Seleznyov.”

Later when his party failed to win State Duma or Russian Federation seats, Dugin, on his own, formed the Eurasian Youth League (AYL) with other former NBP members.

In March 2015, the Obama/Biden regime included him and other AYL members among other Russian figures it sanctioned, saying at the time:

He and they “actively recruited individuals with military and combat experience to fight on behalf of the self-proclaimed DPR and stated that it has a covert presence in Ukraine (sic).”

Claimed US threats of Dugin’s “mystical views,” including “almost magical powers of penetration and persuasion” is hyperbolic nonsense.

At the same time in the aftermath of his daughter’s killing, it’s clear that he must be extra cautious from now on.

A Final Comment

Along with other MSM rubbish about Dubin, the NYT falsely claimed that his “writings helped lay the ideological foundation for Vladimir Putin’s” liberating SMO, adding:

Dugin is “frequently described as ‘Putin’s brain’ ” — only in America and Western vassal states, not in Russia.


In March 2022, the Biden regime sanctioned United World International (UWI) and Dayra Dubina, its editor, saying:

“She sought contributors to write article’s” for the publication, adding:

“UWI is being designated pursuant to EO 13661, E.O. 13694, as amended, and EO 13848 for being owned or controlled by, or for having acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, (sanctioned Russian national, Yevgeny) Prigozhin.”

“Dugina is being designated pursuant to EO 13661, EO 13694, as amended, and EO 13848, for acting or purporting to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, UWI.”

Whenever US regimes impose sanctions on nations, groups or individuals, left unexplained is that they’re in flagrant breach of the UN Charter.

Security Council members alone may legally impose them, no one else. 


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