Nazified Ukraine’s Infamous Mirotvorets Website

The website targets invented “enemies of Ukraine whose actions have signs of crimes against the national security of Ukraine (sic), peace, human security, and international law (sic).”

Operating since December 2014 — in the aftermath of the Obama/Biden regime’s Maidan coup in Kiev — it remains active despite calls by the UN, officials from Western and other countries, as well as human rights groups to shut it down.

With ties to Ukrainian Nazis, names of its staff members are concealed from public view.

According to Human Rights Watch, Mirotvorets earlier published names and personal data of hundreds of journalists, accusing them of “cooperating with terrorists (sic).”

Some reporters it targeted received death and other threats.

The office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) earlier called for investigating Mirotvorets and removal of personal data from its site.

The Committee to Protect Journalists called on Kiev to “condemn the unfounded and damaging allegations published on Myrotvorets, and to clarify publicly that the (regime intends to protect) journalists and apprehend people responsible for threatening them.” 

Press freedom is banned in Ukraine. State-controlled media alone operate unobtructed.

Truth-telling journalism as it should be is equated with terrorism.

Sergey Lavrov earlier called for ending “Kiev’s illegitimate efforts to prevent journalists from doing their duty, including by attacking, murdering, detaining and kidnapping (them) from ‘undesirable’ media outlets.”

The lives and well-being of independent journalists are threatened in the Nazified country.

They’ve been threatened, kidnapped and murdered to silence them.

Mirotvorets’ enemies list includes  former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic, Henry Kissinger and Pink Floyd co-founder Rogers Waters, among many others.

After Mirotvorets posted “personal data of thousands of people including media professionals and NGO activists, labeling them as supporters of armed groups and ‘terrorism,’ ” Ukraine’s national police conducted a criminal probe into its activities.

Ukraine is one of the world’s most dangerous places for journalists who deviate from the fabricated official narrative.

Mirotvorets defies reality by falsely claiming that it operates “in strict” compliance with Ukrainian and international law.

According to Ukraine’s Constitution, Article 34:

Freedom of expression is guaranteed, except when it conflicts with “interests of national security, territorial indivisibility or public order, with the purpose of preventing disturbances or crimes, protecting the health of the population, the reputation or rights of other persons, preventing the publication of information received confidentially, or supporting the authority and impartiality of justice.”

In today’s Ukraine, the above exception is big enough to drive a super-sized Mack truck through.

While the regime nominally vows to protect the rights and well-being of journalists, reality is something else entirely.

Roger Waters was one of Mirotvorets’ latest targets.

Citing his truth-telling on Crimea, the site falsely accused him of “an attack on the territorial integrity of Ukraine (sic).”

Interviewed by RT in mid-August, he said the following:

The US-dominated West is determined continue what began in April 2014 “to the last Ukrainian.”

What’s going on, including against Russia, “can be stopped…tomorrow.”

“All it takes is for the Americans to come to the table and say ‘OK, let’s go with the Minsk agreements’. And then it would be over.”

Zelsnsky ran on a platform of supporting Minsk I and II with intention to implement the conflict resolution agreements if elected.

Straightaway in office, he went the other way like his predecessor — following orders from his US master.

From its 2014 coup to the present time, the regime’s policy has been permanent proxy war along Russia’s borders and more recently on its Crimean and other territory.

I watched a tape of Waters’ interview with RT, agreeing with virtually everything he said and was impressed by the accuracy of his remarks, including the following, saying:

“They want to rule the world. That is what is so dangerous about American foreign policy.”

Now aged-78, Waters is articulate, his accurate remarks on important issues pulling no punches, saying what needs to be said.

Turning reality on its head, Mirotvorets falsely accused Waters of “commi(tting) deliberate acts against Ukraine’s national security, against peace, human security and international law and order, as well as other offenses.”

That’s how Nazified Ukraine defines truth-telling on issues most important to most people everywhere.

A Final Comment

In response to Russia’s request last month for the world body to call for shutting down Mirotvorets, imperial tool secretary general Guterres’ spokesman, Farhan Haq, dismissively said the following:

“I can just confirm we received the letter and (it) will be studied (sic).

Study time ended years ago.

Action time is long overdue.


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