Russia Accuses Nazified Ukraine for Darya Dugina’s Assassination

Whoever planted the powerful bomb beneath the car she was driving on Saturday was likely directed by and/or complicit with the CIA.

Since established in July 1947, the agency was repeatedly involved in state terror against targeted countries, assassinating foreign leaders, removing others by coup d’etats, propping up friendly despots, operating secret torture prisons, and other unlawful practices. 

Its longstanding agenda includes virtually every conceivable form of wrongdoing imaginable and then some — worldwide against nations unwilling to bow to a higher power in Washington.

Countless numbers of corpses attest to its ruthlessness.

According to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) on Monday:

“As a result of urgent detective measures, the federal security service solved the murder of Russian journalist Darya Dugina.” 

“(T)he crime was prepared and committed by Ukrainian secret services” — its perpetrator identified as Ukrainian national, Natalia Vovk.

“On the day of the (state-sponsored assassination) Vovk and (her 12-year-old daughter Shaban) attended the literary and music festival Tradition, where Dugina was present as an honorary guest.”

“On August 21, after a remote-controlled explosion of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado car Dugina was driving, Vovk and her daughter left through the Pskov Region to Estonia.”

In plotting the assassination, Volk rented a Moscow apartment where Dugina was living.

On July 23 with her daughter, she entered Russia in a Mini Cooper vehicle with DPR plates, using Kazakhstan ones while in the country, then switching to Ukrainian plates for her getaway to Estonia.

“(M)aterials of the investigation (were) handed over to (Russia’s) Investigative Committee.”

The FSB released video footage of Vovk while in Russia, including from border guard body cameras of the suspected assassin’s crossing into and out of Russia, and from door cams entering the residence where Dugina lived. 

The above information makes clear that while her father, Alexander Dugin, was a likely assassination target by traveling together in the same car with his daughter to the Saturday event they both attended and likely to be with her on return, she was also targeted for elimination.

Claims of a Dugin connection to Vladimir Putin were typical MSM fabrications, especially nonsense about being his “brain (sic).”

The same goes for claiming that Russia’s leader “echoed his philosophy” before launching his liberating SMO, as the NYT falsely reported.

On Monday, Dugin reportedly said the following:

My daughter “was a beautiful Orthodox girl, a patriot, a military correspondent, an expert on (Russia’s) central television channels, a philosopher.”

“Her speeches and reports were always profound, grounded and restrained.”

“She never called for violence or war.” 

“She was a rising star at the beginning of her journey.”

“(E)nemies of Russia killed her in a scummy, underhanded way.”

“But we, our people cannot be broken even by such unbearable blows.”

“They wanted to crush our will with bloody terror against the best and most vulnerable among us. But they won’t succeed.”

“(R)evenge or retribution (would be) petty (and) not in the Russian way.”

“(W)e need only our victory. My daughter laid her life on its alter. So win, please!”

Volk may have been the hit-woman.

CIA dark forces in cahoots with Ukraine’s secret service (SBU) were likely behind what happened.

In lockstep with each other, MSM reported from the same script about Dugina’s targeted assassination.

Like Times fake news, WaPo falsely claimed that her father, Alexander Dugin’s “philosoph(y) shaped the Kremlin’s narrative about Ukraine (sic).”

And this WSJ rubbish, falsely calling Dugin “a prominent ally to Vladimir Putin,” compounding the Big Lie by falsely claiming that Russia’s President “called for…seiz(ing) Ukraine (sic).”

And this CNN rubbish, falsely calling Alexander Dugin Vladimir Putin’s “architect or spiritual guide to” his liberating SMO (sic), adding:

“He is purported to have significant influence over Putin (sic) and was described as his “brain (sic).”

And this National Pentagon News (sic) rubbish, saying:

“Dugin is a prominent Russian nationalist intellectual whose vision of a revived Russian empire came to influence Putin’s war in neighboring Ukraine (sic).”

And this BBC rubbish, falsely calling Dugin “a close ally of Vladimir Putin…who is known as (his) brain (sic).”

On Monday, Kiev’s so-called envoy to Kazakhstan, Pyotr Vrublevsky, was quoted, saying:

“We are trying to kill as many Russians as possible.”

“The more Russians we kill now, the fewer our children will have to.”

In response, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

“Only an ambassador of a terrorist regime can say such things.”

“Kiev Nazis have been killing people (in Donbass) for eight years silently and blaming Moscow for everything, but now they are openly talking about their ethnic cleansing plans.”

In early August, Russian National Security Council deputy chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, accused puppet Zelensky of pursuing policies straight from Hitler’s playbook.

He called for banning Russians from Western states.

Separately, Russian Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov said the following:

“If Estonia refuses to extradite the perpetrator Natalia Vovk to Russia — and there is little doubt that it will — we will have grounds for tough measures against (its ruling regime for) sheltering a terrorist.”

According to an unnamed Russian law enforcement official:

Ukrainian national, Natalia Volk, “could have used her daughter to disguise the crime.”

“One theory is that she could have planted an explosive device in Dugina’s car with the help of the child.”

For his part on Monday, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“(T)he memory of Darya Dugina will forever be preserved by her relatives and friends, the people who shared her beliefs and associates.”

By Telegram message to Dugina’s parents, Putin said:

“(P)lease accept my sincere condolences and words of support in connection with the gravest, and irreparable loss that has befallen you.”

“A vile, cruel crime cut short the life of Darya Dugina, a bright, talented person with a true Russian heart: one that’s kind, loving, sympathetic and open.”

“As a journalist, scientist, philosopher and war correspondent, she honestly served the people, the Fatherland, and proved with her deeds what it means to be a patriot of Russia.”

Looking ahead, how will Russia respond to the Ukrainian regime’s cold-blooded murder, along with its repeated attempts to spread deadly radiation across central Europe by strikes on the Zaporozhye NPP?

Targeting its key decision-making centers for elimination is long overdue — in Kiev and elsewhere, no matter who from the US and other Western regimes are directing things from them.

The only language that the US/West understands is toughness.

A bellyful to make their regimes pay a big price is long overdue — short of launching WW III.


2 thoughts on “Russia Accuses Nazified Ukraine for Darya Dugina’s Assassination

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  1. Thanks for your truthful reports.

    Dugina’s name is written in the Book of Life.

    Liberated areas in Ukraine are all Russian-majority areas.

    Crowdfunding a war has depleted NATO armouries.

    Western Europe will soon have its Second Black Death due to mandatory vaccinations and the coming winter energy crisis.


  2. Ive been watching her on Arnab Batswami Indian debates. She was soso impressive on every aspect. Dispicable nazis murdered her. Rip.


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