The Latest Fake News on Russia and Ukraine

Like its US master, state terror is official Ukrainian policy.

It includes mass murder of Donbass civilians by years of shelling residential areas, use of banned weapons, torturing captives, other war crimes, and the assassination of Darya Dugina last weekend by Natalya Volk, a figure connected to the regime’s federal security service and Azov Nazi thugs.

As a same-day article explained, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) uncovered evidence linking her to Dugina’s state-sponsored assassination.

Dominant Ukrainian Nazis consider regime critics enemies of the state, especially individuals supportive of Russia’s liberating SMO.

Denials of Kiev’s involvement in Dugina’s killing by Ukrainian officials ring hollow.

So does dismal MSM reporting on the state-sponsored assassination.

According to NYT fake news, it’s not “possible to verify” claims by Russia’s FSB about Ukrainian national, Natalya Volk’s responsibility for Dugina’s assassination.

And this Times fake news:

“Russia shut down independent reporting (sic).”

“Russian claims about atrocities, provocations and battlefield setbacks (by Ukraine) repeatedly proved false (sic).”

In stark contrast to longstanding US policy, no Russian “imperialist foreign policy” exists.

And this Times trash:

Russia’s FSB “blames others for crimes it either committed itself (sic) or had no real interest in solving because they involved well-connected Russians (sic).”

And this Biden regime fake news, reported by the Times, saying:

“American intelligence agencies believe Russia is likely to step up its efforts to attack civilian infrastructure (sic) and government buildings in Ukraine.”

Throughout Russia’s SMO, military targets alone have been struck.

No credible evidence suggests a change of policy ahead.

As for government buildings, ones fair game as legitimate targets are those with regime officials and their US/Western handlers involved in plotting terror attacks on Donbass or Russian civilians and vital infrastructure.

And this Times trash:

Throughout its SMO, “Russia struck civilian infrastructure, including rail lines, shopping malls, auditoriums and apartment buildings (sic).”

The above applies to how Ukrainian Nazis operated since launching aggression against Donbass in April 2014.

And this Bloomberg fake news, saying the following:

“The history of warfare has no precedent for what is happening right now in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.” 

“Never before has a nuclear power plant been on the front line of a major war, and indeed a main object of the warring parties’ strategies.”

Like other MSM, Bloomberg left unexplained that Russian forces are protecting the plant against the threat and now reality of repeated strikes on it by Ukrainian Nazis with intent to release and spread deadly radiation across much of central Europe — millions of casualties the regime’s aim, what Biden regime dark forces support.

And this Bloomberg Big Lie:

Ukrainians staff Zaporozhye are Russian “hostages,” operating the plant “at gunpoint (sic).”

And this trash:

Russia is “using (the plant) as a shield (sic).”

“They’re sheltering troops, weapons and ammo near the reactors and the stored nuclear waste (sic).”

“By firing from the plant at the Ukrainian troops across the Dnipro River (sic), the Russians are also tying down the defender’s army and thereby slowing (its nonexistent) counterattack to retake the country’s south (sic).”

More trash:

“(T)he Russians are planning to disconnect ZNPP from the Ukrainian electricity grid and link it to their own (sic).”

“(T)hey’re hoping to steal a large part of Ukraine’s power supply (sic).”

“This involves destroying — detonating, basically — the transmission lines at the plant (sic).”

Kiev “want(s) to liberate (its) compatriots inside the plant (sic).” 

“(T)hey want to clear the plant of Russian occupiers (sic) so they can move on to retake the rest of southern Ukraine (sic).”

“(T)he Ukrainians want to prevent a nuclear catastrophe (sic).”

“The Russians naturally blame the Ukrainians for the shelling. That seems implausible (sic).”

“Putin may yet decide to escalate, by using chemical or even nuclear weapons (sic).”

The above trash is some of the worst I’ve quoted or cited earlier.

Facts on the ground debunk it all.

Here’s more from CNN fake news, saying:

“The race is on across Ukraine to build new bunkers. Not for soldiers on the front lines, but students in schools (sic).”

It bears repeating what I stressed before.

MSM Big Lies and mass deception on all things Russia and Ukraine sank to a new low.

Dominant 4th estate members proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re a collective national disgrace.

They’re worlds apart from media reporting as it should be.

They’re dark force press agents for US/Western wealth, power, and privileged interests — as well as for endless wars of aggression on invented enemies.


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