Biden Regime to Throw Another $3 Billion at Nazified Ukraine

According to AP News on Tuesday, dominant Biden regime hardliners are set “to announce an additional roughly $3 billion in aid to train (for) equip(ping) Ukrainian (Nazis) to fight for years to come,” adding:

The move “is expected to be announced on Wednesday.”

Its aim is all about waging perpetual US/NATO proxy war on Russia — a reckless scheme that risks crossing the line to direct confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

It also assures greater destruction of Ukrainian territory than already.

And if conflict continues long enough, a generation of Ukrainian youths may be lost.

What has clear earmarks of open-checkbook funding of Ukraine by the empire of lies and forever wars includes more weapons, munitions and military equipment.

If announced as AP reported, it’ll be the largest package to date for the Nazified regime — under hegemon USA’s so-called Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.

The measure has nothing to do with helping the Kiev regime defend itself.

It’s all about no end to US proxy war on Russia to the last Ukrainian.

Most Biden regime aid to Nazified Ukraine is from so-called US Presidential Drawdown Authority.

According to the State Department:

PDA “allows for speedy delivery of” weapons, munitions and military equipment to allies in support of US perpetual proxy or direct wars on invented enemies.

For Nazified Ukraine, the Biden regime OK’d 11 drawdowns in the past year alone — on top of tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons et al supplied to Kiev since early 2014.

Separately on Wednesday, retired US Col. Douglas Macgregor (DM below) said the following in an article, titled “Reinforcing Failure in Ukraine:”

The longer hegemon USA wages war on Russia with Ukrainian proxies, “the more likely it becomes that damage (inflicted) will be irreparable.”

At the same time, US/NATO military aid thrown at Ukraine to date “has been reduced to a trickle” because of the ability of Russia to destroy it and what ends up for resale on the dark net.

Throwing more at the regime than already, “won’t change the strategic outcome” on the ground, DM explained, adding:

The made-in-the-USA regime in Kiev lacks “tactical leadership required to conduct complex offensive operations.”

“(H)uman capital is everything.”

Ukraine lacks it.

US dark forces place “almost no value on it.”

Weapons et al are replaceable, not highly trained military personal.

Russia eliminated the vast majority of Ukraine’s best.

They can’t and won’t be replaced.

DM believes that Russia’s SMO “is at a decisive point.”

It’s time for Ukraine to accept defeat and cease hostilities to halt greater losses than already.

Along with being controlled and manipulated by his US master at the expense of Ukraine and its people, puppet Zelensky is detached from reality.

Once again on Tuesday, he sounded daft, saying the following:

“Crimea is with Ukraine (and) is waiting for us to return (sic).”

“(W)e will return (sic) to free Crimea from occupation (sic).”

Things “began with Crimea (and) will end with Crimea (sic).”

The Republic of Crimea is sovereign Russian territory.

Based on earlier referendum results on correcting a historic mistake by rejoining Russia, 97% of Crimeans expressed support for this action.

They rejected remaining part of Nazified Kiev rule.

At the time, no Kremlin pressure or intimidation influenced voters. 

No Russian soldiers invaded or were present when referendum voting occurred. 

Self-determination is a fundamental UN Charter right for all people worldwide.

Crimeans chose to be part of Russia to stay.

International law supports them.

Separately according to DPR leader, Denis Pushilin:

“(W)e are ready (to hold a) referendum” on joining Russia. 

“(W)e are waiting for allied forces (to reach) the administrative borders of the republic.”

Mid-September is a target date.

Donetsk and Lugansk may hold referendums at the same time on joining Russia.

There’s no ambiguity about how they’ll turn out.


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