MSM Illusions About a Lost Cause

According to WSJ fake news on Wednesday:

Six months after Russia’s liberating SMO began on Feb. 24, virtually defeated Kiev “is starting to take the initiative (sic),” adding:

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO continues throwing billions of dollars worth of military aid at Kiev — for Russia to destroy or end up for resale on the dark net by deeply corrupted regime officials.

And this turning of reality on its head by the Journal, quoting so-called analyst, Michel Kofman’s self-delusion, saying:

“The Russian military lost much of what momentum it had (sic) and redeployed a lot of its forces (sic) in anticipation of a (nonexistent) Ukrainian offensive in the southern part of the” territory called Ukraine.

And this Journal trash:

“Both sides are believed to have lost tens of thousands of soldiers killed or wounded since” Russia’s liberating SMO began.

The above claim applies solely to greatly degraded, virtually defeated Ukrainian troops.

For Russia, manpower losses have been minimal by comparison.

In Donbass, DPR and LPR forces have done the vast majority of ground-fighting — heavily supported by Russian airpower, long-range artillery, other precision-guided munitions and intelligence.

And this Journal bald-faced Big Lie — falsely accusing Russia of “atrocities, (as well as) weaponization of energy, food and even nuclear safety (sic).”

And this utter nonsense, ignoring reality by falsely claiming that “Russia’s offensive in (Donetsk) is losing steam (sic).”

And this trash:

“Ukraine gained the strategic initiative (sic).”

And claims of an impending Ukrainian “southern counteroffensive” ignored that whenever regime forces attempt to advance, overpowering Russian military superiority smashes them, forcing survivors to retreat.

And so-called Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory have been inconsequential pinpricks.

The vast majority attempted are intercepted and destroyed by Russian air defense systems.

All the US/Western fake news strung end-to-end hasn’t and won’t change reality on the ground in Ukraine and Donbass.

Russian forces are systematically smashing the made-in-the USA Nazified Ukraine monster.

And this long ago repeatedly debunked MSM trash — repeated again by WaPo fake news, saying:

“(T)he Kremlin’s plan (was to seize Kiev and) install puppet” rule (sic).”

“Instead what happened (was) the biggest foreign blunder in the 22-year rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin (sic).”

His nonexistent “offensive against (Kiev ended) in a humiliating retreat (sic).”

What WaPo called “the battle for Kiev” was never intended or waged by Russia.

Deploying its forces near the city was done to require the regime to concentrate troops in Kiev to defend against a nonexistent impending attack — while Russia focused on liberating Donbass, along with eastern and southeastern Ukraine.

No Ukrainian counteroffensive existed because Russia’s Defense Ministry never had any intention of invading Kiev.

Deploying its troops near the city was tactical head-fake deception — and it worked brilliantly.

Instead of acknowledging reality — what was indisputable after the fact — WaPo invented a nonexistent scenario as part of its demonization of Russia and Vladimir Putin personally.

And the same goes for other MSM.

For its part, WaPo concocted an elaborately detailed nonexistent impending Russian assault on Kiev — a scenario that didn’t rise to the level of a rejected Hollywood screenplay.

It included defense of the city by Kiev’s military against a fantasy Russian assault.

No real one took place. Yet WaPo pretended otherwise by its much ado about nothing — fake news report.

No Russian assault on or retreat from Kiev occurred, no blocking of its forces from entering the city by Ukrainian troops.

WaPo made the whole thing up, including this rubbish:

“The Ukrainians for days blocked the Russian troops from proceeding down the highway toward Kiev (sic).”

“Frustrated (sic), the Russians tried to find another way into the city (sic).”

“Their best hope: breaking through a forest in the village of Moshchun at the edge of the capital (sic).”

At the time, puppet Zelensky had fled the city and was hiding out cross-border in Poland.

According to WaPo fake news, he remained in a Soviet-era-built Kiev bunker (sic).”

And this WaPo nonsense, saying:

“There was credible information (sic) that the Russians had set in motion a plan to kill or capture” Zelensky (sic).

No such intention existed.

If Russia wanted him dead, he’d have been eliminated long ago.

Dead, alive or anything in between is a nonissue.

He has no say over anything connected to what’s going on with Russia — what US-dominated NATO is controlling.

As for WaPo, its report about the battle for Kiev was fiction, not fact.

Titled, “Battle for Kiev: Ukrainian valor, Russian blunders combined to save the capital (sic)” was elaborately concocted fake news.

It was another example — an especially glaring one — of why nothing reported by MSM on major world and national issue can be taken at face value.

A Final Comment

On Ukraine’s so-called independence day, Reuters embarrassed itself — again — by quoting puppet Zelensky’s detached from reality remark, saying:

“What for us is the end of the war? We used to say: peace. Now we say: victory (sic).”

The above illusion needs no elaboration.


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