Sergey Ryabkov’s Straight Talk Remarks

Ryabkov is Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, his remarks as straightforward and candid as Sergey Lavrov’s.

On the issue of arms control with the US, Russia affirmed time and again that’s it’s ready to negotiate with the empire of lies in a “serious, pragmatic and result-oriented cooperation aimed at reducing tensions and risks, preventing a dangerous escalation and an arms race, and enhancing strategic stability, including through arms control,” Ryabkov stressed.

Russian good faith dealings with other nations are worlds apart from how hegemon USA operates, a rogue state never to be believed or trusted.

According to Ryabkov, Russia needs “see whether the US will change its patently destructive course and be prepared to conduct a dialogue based on equality, and consider our security interests and concerns, working together on creating the foundations for a new, fairer and more stable architecture of international security.”

He and other Russian officials know that the likelihood of the US changing its wicked ways is virtually zero.

Its demand for China to join with Russia on arms control and other issues in negotiating with the empire of lies is one of many ways in which it obstructs positive results.

Ryabkov stressed that “future cooperation between nuclear powers must be based on consensus and take into account the interests of all parties involved.”

He knows that fulfillment of this expectation in dealings with the US/West is certain to turn out badly.

Time and again, hegemon USA breaches what it agrees to.

Negotiations with its ruling regimes are exercises in futility, betrayal most often following.

On Russia’s liberating SMO, Ryabkov, like Lavrov, stressed that “nuclear risks are quite substantial under the current turbulent conditions and should not be underestimated.”

Russia stresses the importance of what’s indisputable.

“War between (or among) nations with nuclear weapons is inadmissible.”

It’s especially important to recognize this reality in light of what’s going on in Ukraine, as well as between China and its breakaway Taiwan province in the Asia/Pacific.

US-dominated NATO’s dismissiveness toward Russia’s “red lines” are increasing the risk of direct confrontation with Russia by use of Ukrainian proxies.

Things “teeter on the brink of a direct armed conflict” between nuclear powers, said Ryabkov.

Russian Federation Foundations of State Policy on Nuclear Deterrence state that “aggression (against a country with) use of conventional weapons” risks crossing the line to nuclear confrontation between Moscow and Western regimes.

If Russia is attacked with nukes, or if one or more foreign powers greatly jeopardize its security, Moscow reserves the right to do whatever it takes to protect the nation and its people.

Its ruling authorities will never use nukes preemptively against any nation.

The Federation would only use “nuclear arms in response to an attack, doing this for self-defense under extraordinary circumstances.”

“There is no room for assumptions or fantasies here,” Ryabkov stressed.

On the issue of possible prisoner exchanges, “(i)t is unacceptable to discuss this in public like the (Biden regime) is doing to gain political points.”

“We have repeatedly urged (US regimes) to observe “quiet diplomacy” (rules) and not interfere with the efforts of competent agencies authorized by our presidents to seek solutions to specific exchange problems, letting them do their work professionally.”

Russian pilot — US political prisoner — “Konstantin Yaroshenko was serving a 20-year (US prison) term on far-fetched charges” with no validity. 

“He was exchanged for US student Trevor Reed who was convicted in Russia for having attacked a police officer.”

Hope expressed by Ryabkov that hegemon USA may one day “act responsibly (by) following the ‘do-no-harm’ principle” is like waiting for Godot. 

A Final Comment

Separately, Sergey Lavrov said the following on Monday:

Longstanding “US-led…policy aims(s) to undermin(e) all European security principles coordinated within the OSCE.” 

“These principles imply equal and indivisible security and make it obligatory for all countries to refrain from strengthening their security at the expense of impinging on the security of others.”

Hegemon USA operates exclusively by its own rules — in flagrant breach of international law and its own Constitution.

The same goes for its Western vassals, going along with their higher power in Washington — even when harming their own interests.

Separately according to member of  the Zaporozhye region military-civilian administration’s council, Vladimir Rogov, on Tuesday:

“(S)helling attacks (by Ukrainian Nazis on the Zaporozhye NPP) were agreed (on by Kiev) with the Americans and British.”

What’s going on is not (puppet) Zelensky’s personal initiative,” adding:

“All shelling episodes are registered at the nuclear plant: from where (they originate and with what type) weapons.”

They’re made in the US and UK “155mm caliber…heavy artillery of the M777 type, HIMARS rocket systems, American guided missiles and rockets.”

The Kiev regime is operating on orders from Washington and London — trying to irradiate parts of central Europe, if successful to be falsely blamed on Russia.

What’s going on is one among many examples of how their ruthless regimes operate — notably their contempt for peace, the rule of law and rights of ordinary people worldwide.


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