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Throughout the West, the public is fed a regular diet of fake news and mass deception on domestic and geopolitical issues of most importance — by their ruling regimes and MSM press agents.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, explained the following:

In pursuit of its diabolical drive for unchallenged global hegemony, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies, USA, is trying to dismantle the established security architecture in Southeast Asia, adding:

“(W)e are also witnessing a set of complex transnational contradictions.”

“Hot spots of tension are being shaped with a hard-to-predict scenario of unfolding developments.” 

Asia/Pacific countries are pressured, bullied and bribed by the US to ally with its forever wars on invented enemies.

Regionally, it’s to “contain China” in similar fashion to hostile US policy toward Russia.

In pursuit of its hegemonic aims, both wings of the US war party created hugely dangerous flashpoint conditions in and around Ukraine and Taiwan — and a potential one in the Middle East against Iran.

According to Shoigu, “security in (the Asia/Pacific) can only be ensured by joint efforts keeping in mind the interests of all states with the central role of ASEAN and other multilateral mechanisms of interaction.”

Separately, Shoigu explained the following on Russia’s liberating SMO, saying:

Russian forces slowed their advance on some front lines to protect civilians and vital infrastructure, adding:

“We strictly comply with humanitarian law during the special operation.”

“Attacks are carried out with high-precision weapons on the Ukrainian (military targets), including command points, airfields, depots, fortified areas and defense industry sites.”

“Efforts to prevent civilian casualties” are also prioritized. 

It “slows down the advance but we do it consciously.”

Russian forces are also “engaged in systematic work to restore peaceful life in the liberated areas.”

“We are providing humanitarian aid to locals, restoring infrastructure facilities and life support systems.”

In stark contrast — Ukrainian troops, as orchestrated and directed by their US master, “employ scorched earth tactics, blatantly violating international law and acting like terrorists.”

“They establish firing positions in residential buildings, schools, hospitals and kindergartens, deploying tanks and artillery there and using civilians as human shields.”

“They deliberately shell settlements and drop Lepestok anti-personnel landmines with a clear goal to cause as much damage as possible to civilians and civilian infrastructure facilities.”

Separately on where things stand on reviving the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal, Sergey Lavrov explained the following on Tuesday:

“About a year ago, the (Biden regime) loudly and assertively (in its usual style) announced that Russia blocked the agreement on resuming” the landmark agreement.

As always when turning truth on its head, its customary way of operating, “(i)t didn’t cite a single fact to prove this.”

“A year passed. Russia has long confirmed its consent for the version of the document that was presented to the participants in the process.” 

The empire of lies “has not announced a response so far.”

On Darya Dugina’s assassination by a Ukrainian Nazi Azov battalion-connected hit-woman, Lavrov said the following:

“I cannot judge whether it was an act of intimidation or a personal grievance.”

“I believe this is a barbarous crime that cannot be forgiven.”

“As far as I know, the Federal Security Service has already established the facts.”

“The investigation is ongoing, and I hope it will be completed soon.” 

“There can be no mercy for this crime’s organizers, contractors or executors.”

Separately according to notable physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman, a straight-talking figure of eminence on key issues of our time:

So-called long covid doesn’t exist, what he earlier explained.

Alleged sufferers are dealing with unrelated issues, including “depression caused by uncertainties, chaos and (related) fears.”

On elderly residents in nursing homes, no one “stick(s) up for them or protects them” at a time of flu/covid mass deception.

They’re “sitting ducks” for elimination by kill shots.

“Care homes in the UK (where Coleman lives) should be renamed Dachau, Auschwitz or Belsen,” he stressed.

Things are much the same in the US and elsewhere in the West.

In Britain, former PM, unindicted war criminal, Tony Blair, called for all adults to be booster-jabbed.

Apparently he believes that if jabbing and rejabbing didn’t finish them off, a 3rd time around should do the trick.

He also pushed compulsory masking — what doesn’t protect and risks potentially serious respiratory harm from longterm use.

Coleman correctly called Blair “an existential danger to the health and well-being of British citizens.”

The same goes for the outgoing regime and incoming one to follow in September.

Although a physician, not an economist, Coleman correctly believes that current dismal economic conditions in the UK (and West overall) are likely to get much worse.

And double-digit inflation “is going to go out of control.”

It’s at a time of rising layoffs throughout much of the West, multiple bubbles in equities, bonds, and housing, shortages of food, energy and other essentials, droughts adversely affecting the US, Europe, China and Africa, along with what has earmarks of protracted Main Street Depression conditions.

These are no ordinary times.

And most of what’s going on has US dirty hands all over them.

The same reality applies to the Wall-Street controlled Fed — serving privileged interests exclusively by exploiting and otherwise ripping off most others.


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  1. Well done. Excellent articles sir I describe you as sanity in an insane world.displaying utmost wisdom.
    Thank you.


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