Elevating Nazism to Sainthood

Who could have imagined that after defeating the scourge of Nazism during WW II that it would make a modern-day comeback in Europe’s heartland.

What Russia calls its Great Patriotic War, historian Howard Zinn called WW II “a people’s war” against fascist tyranny, against an unspeakable evil.

The horrific toll took the lives as many civilians as combatants.

Including atrocities of all kinds by both sides, an estimated 60 – 80 million people perished in the war to end all future ones.

Instead of a new era of world peace, stability, equity and justice according to the rule of law, both wings of the US war party have gone the other way.

From end of WW II to the present time, they’ve waged hot wars, cold wars, economic wars, financial wars, trade wars, propaganda wars, sanctions wars, tariffs wars, homeland wars, and environmental wars o­n multiple fronts worldwide in pursuit of unchallenged dominance.

Following the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, Nazism was reborn in central Europe.

At the same time, the territory called Ukraine is used as a US/NATO platform for perpetual proxy war on Russia.

What’s going on increasingly risks crossing the unthinkable line to direct confrontation with Russia.

A similar scenario is unfolding against China in the Asia/Pacific over Taiwan.

Since WW II ended over 75 years ago, the ominous risk of global war was never greater than the present time.

That’s where things are heading because of megalomaniacal US aims to rule the world unchallenged — notably with undemocratic Dems in control of the reins of power.

On Nazified Ukraine’s so-called independence day, the toll on its people keeps mounting because the empire of lies uses them as cannon fodder to wage perpetual proxy war on Russia in pursuit of a lost cause.

Along with an estimated 6.8 Ukrainian refugees displaced to other European countries, another estimated 6.6 million are internally displaced — according to the UNHCR.

A leaked Kiev report — hidden from public view — puts numbers of  dead, wounded, captured, unaccounted for Ukrainian combatant and civilian casualties at around 131,000 as of mid-year.

Nearly two months later, the human toll of Ukrainian combatants and civilians likely approaches 200,000.

In stark contrast, Russian casualties are likely a small fraction of the above figure.

US, Western, Ukrainian claims of tens of thousands of Russians killed and wounded are Kremlin-bashing propaganda rubbish.

From day one last Feb. 24 to the present time, Russia’s liberating SMO has been a one-sided affair, Ukrainian troops on the receiving end of overwhelming Russian Defense Ministry military superiority.

Most crucially for the US-controlled/Nazified regime, the vast majority of Ukraine’s best trained, best armed experienced troops have been eliminated, including their officer corps.

What remains is largely involuntary, inexperienced, unmotivated, ill-trained, poorly armed, ill-led conscripts.

Against a well-armed, well-trained, well-led Russian expeditionary force — backed by aerial superiority and unmatched high-precision super-weapons — what’s going on is the very definition of a profoundly one-sided battle.

It’s been apparent straightaway since Russia launched its liberating SMO to prevent what would have been catastrophic if it held back.

Over 100,000 US/NATO-directed Ukrainian troops were mobilized along the borders of Donbass and Crimea with intention to invade.

The timing of Russia’s SMO aimed to prevent a potential bloodbath and vast destruction if it hadn’t acted in self-defense — the UN Charter right of all nations.

Reinventing reality on the ground, National Pentagon Radio (NPR) falsely claimed that “Ukraine lost 9,000 military personnel” while Russians “killed or wounded (number) 45,200 (sic).”

Its so-called source: Ukraine’s so-called military commander-in-chief.

Throughout Russia’s SMO, the regime, its political and military officials, along with their Western backers and MSM press agents have consistently reported fake news propaganda about what’s happening on the ground —truth and full disclosure suppressed.

NPR also repeated the Big Lie claim about Russian annexation of Crimea, what never occurred.

And saying the Moscow intends to “separate” Ukraine’s east and southeast from the rest of its territory ignored reality on the ground.

The People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as post-Feb. 24 liberated areas of Ukraine intend to hold open, free and fair referendums on whether to form independent states, join Russia or return to Kiev’s control.

There’s no ambiguity about how they’ll turn out.

Their people want no part of living under fascist tyranny. 

According to the universal/UN Charter right of self-determination, they’ll either become independent republics or become part of the Russian Federation — their legal choice.

When Russia declares mission accomplished, rump Ukraine with an economy near collapse will remain, its most resource rich and best agricultural land lost.

Separately on Wednesday, a Biden regime-sponsored anti-Russia statement on its liberating SMO was supported by only by 58 (30%) of 193 world community nations — mostly European US vassals states.

And this Biden regime State Department trash on August 24 — falsely calling Russia’s liberating SMO Vladimir “Putin’s full-scale war of aggression (sic) against the people of Ukraine (sic), their sovereignty (sic), and cultural identity (sic).”

The above and similar fake news has been proliferated by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies, its Western vassals and MSM co-conspirators during the run-up to and since Russia’s liberating SMO began.

It’s more indisputable evidence of how the depraved, decadent US-dominated West operates — an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.


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