The Latest Edition of MSM Fake News on Nazified Ukraine

On Ukraine’s so-called independence day, and all others under tyrannical rule — while the Nazified regime is at war on Russia — its people have just cause to mourn and fear the worst ahead, clearly no reason to celebrate.

Not according to NYT fake news.

Defying reality, it dubiously claimed that Ukrainians “celebrated” their so-called independence under a US-controlled/Nazified puppet regime perpetually at war at home and abroad when fundamental rights of its people were abolished.

Since hegemon USA’s 2014 coup, MSM reinvented reality on the ground, ignoring the rebirth of Nazi tyranny in Europe’s heartland.

On Wednesday, puppet Zelensky reinvented reality his own way with his customary litany of US-approved bald-faced Big Lies, saying:

“We are the free people of independent Ukraine (sic).”

Ignoring over 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass since April 2014, he defied reality by falsely claiming that “Russia declared war against us (sic).”

And this Zelensky perversion of reality:

Over the last “six months, we changed history (sic), changed the world (sic) and changed ourselves (sic).”

“And we are united (sic).”

“The Ukrainian people and their courage inspired the whole world (sic).”

“What is the end of the war for us? We used to say: peace. Now we say: victory (sic).”

“Donbass is Ukraine (sic). And we will return it (sic).”

“Crimea is Ukraine (sic). And we will return it (sic).”

Psychologist Robert Hare, a criminal psychopathology expert, would likely diagnose Zelensky as exhibiting dissocial personality disorder, coldheartedness, pathological lying, and detachment from reality.

He’s tolerated by the US-dominated West as long as he serves the interests of its ruling regimes.

Yet for how much longer is very much open to question.

There’s no ambiguity about how overwhelmingly superior Russian forces are degrading and defeating the regime’s already hollowed out military.

Throwing more good money after bad in the form of continued military aid hasn’t and won’t change things on the ground.

European regimes already pulled back on aid they’re providing.

Given the dismal state of their economies likely to significantly worsen ahead, they may halt aid altogether to focus on homeland needs.

At the same time, propaganda war on Russia goes on daily.

According to NYT fake news, “(a) Russian missile hit a train station in eastern Ukraine, killing at least 22 people” on August 24 (sic).”

Its source: puppet Zelensky’s bald-faced Big Lie, his speciality in similar fashion to how MSM operate across the board.

And this Times trash, citing Ukraine’s so-called military general staff:

“Russian missile strikes on military and civilian targets (sic) continue unabated” — clearly so on military targets alone, not noncombatants or nonmilitary related infrastructure.

More Times trash:

“Ukraine is using long-range missiles and other newly arriving weapons to try to degrade Moscow’s combat abilities (sic).”

And this:

“Defiance was the mood of the day on Wednesday (sic)” — none displayed on “quiet streets.”

On a time when hundreds of Ukrainian troops are being killed or wounded daily, many others surrendering or deserting, a regime military report falsely claimed “no wounded, no dead” on Wednesday.

And this WaPo fake news on the same day:

Russia’s liberating SMO “thr(ew) the entire world into turmoil (sic) for the sake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s dreams of extinguishing Ukrainian (nonexistent) democracy and restoring Russian power (sic).”

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

The puppet Zelensky regime “inten(ds) to launch a counteroffensive (sic) aimed at retaking the strategic southern city of Kherson (sic).”

“It made progress (sic) toward that objective in the form of daring, successful drone and sabotage attacks deep behind Russian lines in Crimea (sic).” 

And this WaPo trash:

Vladimir Putin’s “hold on power (is) bolstered by systematic repression of dissent (sic).”

At a time when there’s no ambiguity about the outcome of Russia’s SMO, WaPo perpetuated the myth of “major advances” by virtually defeated Ukrainian troops after “receiv(ing) further equipment and training (sic).”

And this from the outgoing BoJo regime: 

In Kiev on August 24, BoJo pretended that Ukraine’s virtually defeated military “can and will win (sic).”

And he falsely blamed Vladimir Putin for US/UK/Western sanctions responsible for high energy costs.”

They’d plummet if Europe imported Russian oil and gas in whatever amounts its member states need, unhindered by illegally imposed sanctions.

And this BoJo hyperventilating:

“What happens in (Nazified) Ukraine matters to us all (sic), which is why I am here today to deliver the message that the UK is with you and will be with you for the days and months ahead (sic).”

And he called on the incoming UK regime to maintain “laser-like” support for Nazified Ukraine over democratically-governed Russia.

US/Western regimes will continue supporting Ukraine as long as it serves their own interests.

If that changes, what’s most likely at some point, support will end in similar fashion to how the West betrayed other nations throughout the post-WW II period.


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