DOJ Anti-Trump Affidavit

Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered that “before noon (EST) on Friday, August 26, 2022, the (Biden regime’s DOJ) shall file in the public docket a version of the (Trump-related) affidavit containing the redactions proposed.”

What’s redacted is publicly unknown.

The Biden regime wants no public knowledge revealed about Trump’s cooperation with the DOJ.

Redactions conceal what vital to reveal — diabolical undemocratic Dems’ reasons behind the FBI’s police state raid on Trump’s Florida residence.

The DOJ falsely claimed that release of the affidavit would “cause significant and irreparable damage to its (unjustifiable) criminal investigation” of Trump.

Reinhart also ordered the release of other DOJ anti-Trump documents.

Days earlier, he said the following:

“As I ruled from the bench at the conclusion of the hearing, I find that on the present record the (Biden regime) has not met its burden of showing that the entire affidavit should remain sealed.” 

“It is ORDERED that by noon EST on Thursday, August 25, 2022, the (regime) shall file under seal its proposed redactions along with a legal memorandum setting forth the justification for” them.

According to Judicial Watch:

“The Biden (regime’s) raid on Trump’s home (was) an outrageous, reckless and unprecedented abuse of power.” 

“(T)he American people have an urgent right to know how the (illegitimate regime empowered by brazen election fraud) manufactured the records dispute used as a (phony) pretext for the raid.”

The politicized action and “unlawful secrecy” reflect how banana republics and other police states operate — extrajudicially in contempt of the rule of law.

Following release of the affidavit — in redacted form — on Friday, Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, said the following:

“Now we know why the Biden (regime’s DOJ) did not want to release this material…”

“(I)t exposes…significant evidence Trump’s cooperation, a major legal dispute about the legal status of the records believed to be in (his) possession, and that the FBI abusively raided his home anyway.”

“(D)ishonest redactions of reasons for its redactions makes a mockery of the (US public’s) right to know the entire story about this FBI raid…” 

It was “a wild abuse of power” against the former president by the illegitimately empowered current 

White House regime.  

“This legal battle for accountability is just getting started,” Fitton stressed.

Since defeating exposed war criminal, racketeer, perjurer Hillary in 2016, undemocratic Dems twice tried and failed to remove Trump by phony impeachment charges.

They failed to delegitimize him by fabricated Russiagate accusations.

Not a shred of credible evidence about alleged Russian US election meddling was ever presented by Washington’s intelligence community, the House, Senate, or farcical Robert Mueller probe.

The so-called January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill insurrection (sic) was a made-in-the-USA anti-Trump false flag — by undemocratic Dems —  to unjustifiably smear him for what he had nothing to do with.

The unlawful/unjustifiable August 9 FBI raid on his Florida residence was unprecedented in US history against a current or former president.

What’s going on is all about wanting him prevented from seeking and potentially winning the 2024 presidential election — by inventing reasons to criminalize, prosecute and deny him the right to seek a second term.

Documents the FBI illegally seized from his Florida residence were declassified.

US presidents have ultimate authority to classify and declassify intelligence, military related and other documents at their discretion.

No matter how documents seized from his residence were stamped, they were declassified.

On all things related to them, Trump acted lawfully.

The Biden regime, its DOJ and FBI DID NOT!

In stark contrast to Trump, hard evidence showed that Hillary as Obama/Biden regime secretary of state remain guilty of war crimes, RICO violations and lying to Congress.

She lied about not having classified State Department material on her personal home server.

She also lied about turning over to the State Department all emails relating to agency business.

The FBI discovered 15,000 previously undisclosed emails. 

Some were personal. Others showed favors sought by foreign officials in return for large Clinton Foundation donations.

Yet for all of the above and other illegal actions, she was never held accountable.

One standard applied to her, husband Bill and other Washington favorites, another for Trump.

There’s plenty to hold him accountable for, real offenses, not fake ones like what’s discussed above.

He waged war by other means on Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua for not bowing to the interests of a higher power in Washington.

He waged trade war on China.

His State Department breached longstanding Sino/US One China policy, saying:

“(S)elf-imposed restrictions (on Washington’s one-China policy) are “lift(ed),” adding:

“(R)elations with Taiwan previously issued by the Department of State under authorities delegated to the Secretary of State (are) null and void.”

“(T)he US-Taiwan relationship need not, and should not, be shackled by self-imposed restrictions of our permanent bureaucracy.”

He unlawfully abandoned the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran.

He one-sidedly supported apartheid Israel at the expense of Palestinian rights.

He had investigative journalist Julian Assange falsely indicted for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism as it should be.

He supported corporate polluters over ecosanity, public health and the general welfare.

He backed the fundamental human right of healthcare — based on the ability to pay.

He pursued the greatest ever wealth transfer heist – from ordinary Americans to privileged ones and corporate predators. 

He initiated all things related to flu/covid — including an unjustifiable lockdown, harmful-to-health masking, socially destructive distancing from others, PCR testing to manufacture infections based on phony results, and toxic mass-jabbing — the latter begun weeks before he left office.

What’s covered above are legitimate reasons to hold Trump accountable for — not earlier and current actions by undemocratic Dems to unjustifiably frame him for invented reasons.


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  1. Every POTUS after inauguration will have to visit a religious leader for a closed meeting in Rome. Therein lies Mystery Babylon, the puppet master of its minions since Charlemagne was crowned. The minions get a share of the loot, hence their scramble to become POTUS and heads of state.


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