Nazified Ukraine: A Pentagon Military Base for Perpetual US Proxy War on Russia

Following the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev — replacing democratic governance with Nazified tyrannical rule — Ukraine lost its nation-state status.

A Pentagon military base replaced it on its territory for perpetual cross-border war-making.

At the same time, its Russian-speakers — comprising nearly 30% of the population — have been mistreated as fifth column threats, their rights denied, their lives endangered by regime ruthlessness.

Based on classified Ukrainian documents it uncovered, Russia has evidence of a plot its SMO foiled — by its US-controlled regime for full-scale war on Donbass and Crimea.

Head of Ukraine’s so-called national security council, Aleksey Danilov, admitted it publicly, saying:

“We were actually preparing for war from December 2019, and all the claims that we were not…are absolutely out of touch with reality,” adding:

“If we did not prepare for war, today Russian tanks would be in Warsaw, Prague, Tallinn and Vilnius (sic).”

The above, of course, is rubbish.

Danilov only revealed some internal secrets.

Almost straightaway after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, hegemon USA-dominated NATO began pouring billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and related equipment into Ukraine for proxy war on Russia by regular shelling of Donetsk and Lugansk residential areas.

US/NATO officials and instructors have been preparing the Nazified regime for perpetual war along Russia’s borders since April 2014.

And since Russia’s liberating SMO began on Feb. 24, the empire of lies and its NATO vassals orchestrated and directed escalated proxy war on Russia along and across its borders onto its territory against designated targets — almost entirely foiled by its air defenses.

In early March, Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, explained the following:

“We remember well statements by the Kiev regime, which Western media disseminated in February, claiming there were no plans for a military takeover of (Donbass and its) determination to resolve all issues through diplomacy.”

It was a bald-faced Big Lie, Konashenkov adding:

“(O)riginals of the secret combat documents of the National Guard of Ukraine conclusively prove that those statements were false” and deliberately misleading to conceal the regime’s real intentions as ordered by its US master.

Russia launched its SMO to prevent potential catastrophe if hadn’t deterred the diabolical plot by its defensive action.

Six months later, the territory of Ukraine as existed pre-Feb. 24, 2022 was transformed into rump status.

It’s predominantly speaking Russian-speaking areas, comprising its industrial heartland and richest farmland, are no longer part of its territory.

The vast majority of its residents want no part of returning to Nazified rule.

As explained before and repeated, their residents will either opt to form independent republics or choose to join the Russian Federation.

Open, free and fair democratic referendums will be held for them to decide.

Virtually everything claimed by US/Western regimes, colonized Ukraine and their MSM press agents are worlds apart from reality on the ground — including this Politico rubbish on Friday by its European political editor, Jamie Dettmer.

Like his MSM counterparts, he didn’t let facts stand in the way of his turning them on its head with fake news remarks like the following:

No “full-scale war” is ongoing by Russia against the scourge of Nazified tyranny — far from it.

Nor was Crimea or any other Ukrainian territory “annex(ed),” as Politico misreported.

Nor has Ukraine’s degraded and virtually defeated military been “kicking up a storm (sic),” as it falsely claimed.

Nor is it “taking the fight” into Russian territory in any meaningful way — or “disrupting Russian supply lines and logistics (sic).”

Nor has “Putin lost Ukraine (sic).”

No “Russian aggression and barbarity” exists — what characterizes US-dominated NATO, apartheid Israel and Nazified Ukraine war-making on invented enemies.

No Russian attacks on “civilians and their homes” occurred, no “pillag(ing), raping…tortur(ing) and execut(ions) (of) noncombants as the above-named regimes operate.

Despite acknowledging Ukrainian de-Russification efforts, Politico failed to condemn what’s going as a flagrant crime against humanity.

Along with language, music, art and culture, virtually all else Russian in the territory known as Ukraine is unlawfully banned. 

With virtually zero chance of prevailing against overwhelmingly more powerful Russian military superiority, Politico pretended otherwise, adding:

The regime “needs to think about how it will win the peace (sic)” — instead of explaining:

Russia is doing all the winning, Ukraine on the receiving end of it vastly superior military — equipped with super-weapons that exceed the best in the West.


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