The Latest MSM Fake News on Russia

MSM are bribed and otherwise enlisted to provide fake news for the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies by hot and/or other means.

Russia is hegemon USA’s invented public enemy No. One.

That can change at any time to focus on one or more other invented enemies.

No real ones existed throughout the post-WW II.

So they’ve been invented to unjustifiably justify throwing countless trillions of dollars at the Pentagon, CIA, other intelligence agencies, merchants of death and other corporate interests involved in profiteering from perpetual war-making — at the expense of vital homeland needs gone begging.

Readers of my articles know that Russia had just cause for launching its liberating SMO last February.

It came after 8 years of good faith diplomacy to end Kiev’s aggression on Donbass by returning to Minsk I and II conflict resolution compliance.

Russian efforts failed because hegemon USA obstructed them to continue perpetual war along its borders — to destabilize the region, along with wanting the Russian Federation weakened.

The latter aim failed by strengthening its resolve.

A greater Sino/Russian alliance developed to deter US rage for global dominance by virtually every dirty trick imaginable.

On what relates to its liberating SMO, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following:

“Over the last 24 hours, (Ukrainian) artillery units shelled” the Zaporozhye NPP and nearby areas multiple times. 

“Four hit the roof of special building No. 1, where 168 assemblies with American nuclear fuel from Westinghouse (Electric Corporation) are stored.”

“Another 10 shells exploded 30 meters from the dry storage of spent nuclear fuel, and three more projectiles detonated in the area of special building No. 2, which houses the fresh nuclear fuel storage unit of the TVEL fuel company and the storage of solid radioactive waste.”

At this time, “the radiation situation at (facility) remains normal.”

“Monitoring of the technical condition of the NPP and ensuring its functioning is carried out by regular technical personnel.”

Russian forces are “protect(ing) the (facility’s) external perimeter.”

“There are no heavy weapons in the area of the NPP.”

As orchestrated and directed by its US master, Nazified Ukraine continues a policy of nuclear terrorism — supported by Western vassal states and their MSM press agents.

According to the latest edition of NYT fake news on all things Russia and Ukraine:

The puppet Zelensky regime once again turned truth on its head by falsely accusing “Russia (of) shell(ing) the plant late Friday and into Saturday morning (sic).”

“It (falsely) accused Russian forces of increasing pressure on the plant’s staff ahead of a possible IAEA visit ‘to prevent them from disclosing evidence about the crimes of the occupiers (sic) at the plant and its use as a military base (sic).’ ”

Instead of debunking the above bald-faced Big Lies, the Times featured them.

And this Times fake news:

For weeks, Russia “failed to agree on a plan that would allow (IAEA) inspectors to visit” the plant (sic).

Throughout August, Russia urged the nuclear watchdog agency to visit the NPP, including an assurance that its forces at the facility would do everything in their power to protect its inspectors.

Times fake news pretended otherwise, including phony claims about “haggl(ing) over the (team’s) composition” and what route it would take to and from the facility.

And this Times twisting of things to push the following, saying:

“Moscow…ignored pleas to withdraw military forces from the plant and its vicinity to create a demilitarized zone.”

Maintaining its force strength at the plant is crucial to protect it from Ukrainian attempts to cause a nuclear disaster — as ordered by its US master to falsely blame Russia if repeated strikes by the regime releases and spreads deadly radiation across much of central Europe.

And this Times perversion of reality:

“A battlefield stalemate prevails (sic), with hostilities at a simmer (sic), amid anxious uncertainty over whether — and when — Ukraine will launch a counteroffensive to try to break the deadlock (sic).”

No stalemate exists anywhere along front line positions.

Russian forces continue daily pounding of Ukrainian forces as they continue to liberate more areas from Nazified control.

The prospect of a Ukrainian counteroffensive is either zero or if one is foolishly attempted, its troops will be wiped out in short order.

And this Times fake news:

Russia’s announced increase of its armed forces by 137,000 is planned for next year, not this one.

It has nothing to do with the phony claim by the Times that Russia is “preparing for a long and grinding war (sic).”

Its SMO force is expeditionary-size in strength, a small fraction of its military.

Regular rotation of forces gives them combat experience and keeps them fresh. 

And this Times defiance of reality:

Claiming the Biden regime “is committed to helping Ukraine win (sic)” ignored that Russia already eliminated the vast majority of its best trained, most heavily armed troops.

What largely remains are shivering, quivering involuntary conscripts.

Hunkered down at wherever they’re positioned, going home alive in one piece is what they yearn for most.

Throughout Russia’s liberating SMO, its well-trained, heavily armed forces have outmaneuvered and outwitted US/NATO proxy Ukrainian troops.

From day one, they never had a chance against overwhelmingly superior Russian military strength.

The Times, other MSM and puppet Zelensky defy reality by pretending otherwise.

Hegemon USA and key NATO vassals bear full responsibility for transforming Ukraine from a nation-state to a Pentagon/war-making alliance military base under Nazified puppet rule — to wage perpetual proxy war on Russia.

Unaddressed by the Times is the ominous threat of crossing the line to direct confrontation with Russia.

If occurs, hegemon USA will bear full responsibility.

Its scores of direct and proxy wars post-WW II were preemptive against nonthreatening nations — to advance its imperium by brute force.


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