Game Changer

From the Obama/Biden regime’s February 2014 coup in Kiev — to Ukraine’s Pentagon/CIA initiated and directed aggression against Donbass from April 2014 through Feb. 23, 2022 — the US-controlled leadership had things its own way.

The start of Russia’s liberating SMO on Feb. 24 changed everything — except US/Western managed news misinformation and disinformation on events preceding the US 2014 coup to the present time.

Truth-telling historians, analysts and journalists one day will look back on what’s happening in Ukraine and Donbass as one of the most one-sided conflicts of all time.

All the weapons, munitions, equipment, training, directing and propaganda supplied by US/NATO regimes accomplished nothing on the ground.

Nor will it no matter how much more of the same continues for the territory called Ukraine — a virtual Pentagon/CIA military base masquerading as a nation-state.

In a matter of weeks, overwhelming Russian firepower and tactics eliminated the vast majority of Ukraine’s best trained, heavily armed, most committed Nazified troops — what hegemon USA-dominated NATO spent over 8 years developing and using for proxy war on Russia along its borders.

The vast majority of US/NATO supplied weapons et al were also eliminated.

What’s left used for Ukrainian strikes on Russian forces are ineffective pinpricks — failing to halt their advances, changing nothing on the ground.

Regime strikes on Donbass largely target civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure — war crimes according the Nuremberg Tribunal and Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Former CIA analyst, Larry Johnson, provides excellent commentaries on Russia’s liberating SMO — over the weekend stressing the following:

Strikes by Ukrainian troops “are isolated attacks that are not changing the strategic picture in (the regime’s) favor.”

“Just the opposite.”

“Russia is grinding and, in the process, destroying Ukrainian troops and equipment” — mostly what hegemon USA and NATO vassal states provided.

Attempted advances by Ukrainian troops are “suicide mission(s).”

Video evidence shows them “fleeing from flaming vehicles” following strikes by high-precision Russian missiles, rockets and long-range artillery.

While MSM pretend that advancing Russian forces are stalled or retreating, no “evidence from the Ukrainian side” shows it — because reality on the ground is worlds apart from US, Western and Kiev fake news.

“Russia is showing no signs of let up in its campaign nor a shortage of artillery and rocket rounds,” Johnson explained, adding: 

“This helps explain why Ukrainian troops are falling back and abandoning positions in Donbass.”

It’s just a matter of time before they collapse altogether, at most continue isolated guerrilla attacks.

While at times annoying, they’re unable to change anything strategic on the ground — nor will they ahead.

Separately on Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following:

“A large depot with ammunition for US-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and American M777 howitzers was destroyed in a strike with ground-based high-precision weapons” in the Dnepropetrovsk Region.

On the same day, the Ministry tweeted the following:

“We circulated among #UNSC members a letter regarding presentation by the (Russian Ministry) on the shelling by the #AFU of the Zaporozhye #NPP on August 25.”

“Three shells landed nearby the specialized b.2, where storage of nuclear fuel as well as radioactive waste is located.”

At this time, preparations are underway for an IAEA mission to visit the NPP, possibly later this week.

According to the Zaporozhye Region’s Vladimir Rogov, Nazified Ukraine may “backstab” the mission by staging a false flag attack to wrongfully blame on Russia.

Separately on Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova said that hegemon USA is creating new hotspots worldwide in pursuit of its rage to dominate other countries by brute force, adding:

“(T)he essence of (so-called) US ‘diplomacy’ comes down to igniting tensions around the world, promoting (itself) as a guarantor of stability” — what it goes all out to undermine.

In July, an agreement was reached for the export of Russian and Ukrainian agricultural products to world markets.

While proceeding as agreed on for the Kiev regime, Russia’s Foreign Ministry explained the following on Friday, saying:

“Despite statements made by Washington and Brussels that anti-Russian sanctions do not apply to foodstuffs and fertilizers, blocking obstacles to banking settlements, insurance and carriage of cargo occurred as a result of their introduction still remain in place.”

Ukraine is a minor grain exporter, Russia a major one, including vitally needed fertilizers and raw materials for food production.

Blocking exports of these products by hegemon USA by illegal sanctions war not only seeks to harm Russia’s economy, it’s part of the Biden regime’s diabolical aim to produce greater food insecurity and hunger than already exists in the US/West and elsewhere — in pursuit of its genocidal agenda by kill shots and other means.

A positive note at a time when chances for global war were never greater than since WW II ended:

On Friday, only 58 — largely Western and other European regimes — out of 193 UN member states criticized Russia’s liberating SMO.

There’s no ambiguity about the good and bad guys involved in what’s gone on for the past 6 months.

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