Hegemon USA/Apartheid Israeli Military Option Against Nonthreatening Iran?

The late Gore Vidal once said the following:

US regimes “alienated almost the entire earth.”

“We have been at war almost constantly since the (18th) century” — on invented enemies.

Powerful US interests are addicted to perpetual war-making.

Reasons are invented to launch them preemptively — based on “lies, lies, lies.”

No such thing as just war-making exists.

Apartheid Israel operates in similar fashion to its US paymaster. 

Nations that live by the sword perish in similar fashion to what they unleash on others.

For the empire of lies and apartheid Israel, it can’t happen a moment too soon.

Hegemon USA has been at war on Iran by other means since its liberating 1979 revolution — freeing its people from US-controlled fascist tyranny.

Instead of establishing normalized relations with the Islamic Republic, both wings of the US war party have gone all-out to undermine its legitimate rule and harm its people — in pursuit of its imperial aims and in deference to apartheid Israel.

Since talks began in early April 2021 on reviving the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal, the Biden regime has gone all-out to undermine its restoration as mandated by SC Res. 2231, making it binding international and US constitutional law.

Last Friday, the Times of Israel (T of A below) reported the following when the Lapid regime’s war minister, Gantz, was in Washington together with Biden regime national security advisor, Sullivan, saying:

The former told the latter that apartheid Israel “needs (hegemon USA) to have a credible military option against Iran.”

If Tehran is not more “flexible during negotiations (sic)…the US would be ready to act against Iran alongside Israel.”

Gantz earlier said that he ordered the IDF to prepare for possible military action against Iran.

The T of A said that if Iran is not “flexible during (ongoing) negotiations (sic), the US would be ready to act against (the country) alongside Israel, which has also been preparing a military option.”

According to what Gantz told Sullivan, things come down to two options — “no agreement or a bad one (sic).”

The Lapid regime is pushing for what Gantz called a “longer and stronger” deal.

According to a Biden regime national security council readout:

“Sullivan emphasized (the fake) Biden’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security…”

He and Gantz “exchanged views on ways to deepen the US-Israel security partnership, including via regional cooperation and coordination.”

“They discussed the US commitment to ensure Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon” — what the world community knows it abhors, doesn’t want and calls for eliminating everywhere, especially US/Israeli arsenals.

Gantz and Sullivan also discussed ways “to counter (nonexistent) threats from Iran and Iran-based proxies (sic).”

Last week, Mossad chief, David Barnea, called the JCPOA “very bad for Israel (sic).”

Arriving in Washington on Monday, he’s the 3rd Israel official to meet with US ones to lobby against its restoration.

Last week, Sullivan also met with his Israeli counterpart, Eyal Hulata, to discuss what was reported as “a broad range of global issues and issues of mutual concern,” notably the JCPOA.

Ahead of his arrival in Washington, Barnea falsely called the landmark agreement a “fraud (sic),” unjustifiably claiming that Iran will “never provide an explanation” to what’s dubiously called “suspicious” activities.

Following separate meetings last week between Gantz, Hulata and Sullivan, an unnamed Biden regime official said an agreement between Iran and the West “is not done yet,” adding:

Israeli concerns have “a latitude of influence” on what’s unresolved.

Biden regime officials are “listening” to Israeli demands.

According to Barnea, the international community wants restoration of the JCPOA while not pressuring Iran, adding:

“Mossad is preparing and knows how to remove that threat.”

“If we don’t take action, Israel will be in danger (sic).”

An unnamed Israeli source said the following:

“We are using every option to build a force that will allow Israel freedom of action…”

“(A)t the same time, there is also the need for a credible American military option.” 

“We received good indications. I can’t elaborate further.”

The T of A reported that ahead of Barnea’s arrival in Washington, Israeli “military and intelligence services are redoubling efforts to combat the (nonexistent) threat of a nuclear Iran.”

Lapid was quoted saying the following on Sunday:

“If an accord is signed, we won’t be obligated by it.”

“We’re not a party to it, and it won’t limit our activities.”

“The IDF and Mossad have been instructed by us to prepare themselves for any scenario.”

“We will be ready to act to maintain Israel’s security (sic).”

“The Americans understand this.”

“The world understands this, and Israeli society should also know it.”

“(A) credible military threat (should be) on the table” to push for a better deal.

By definition, it’s one with unacceptable provisions, ones Iran won’t and should not accept.

Longstanding US, Western, Israeli claims about an Iranian aim to develop and produce nuclear weapons never presented a hint of credible evidence because there is none — just phony made-up stuff.

At the same time, the elephant in the room is consistently ignored.

Along with nuclear armed and dangerous hegemon USA, Britain and France, the same goes for apartheid Israel.

Because of their diabolical aims, they represent an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Days earlier on Israeli television, five former IDF chiefs — Ehud Barak, Gabi Ashkenazi, Benny Gantz, Moshe Ya’alon, and Gadi Eisenkot — expressed views contrary to Lapid, Barnea and Hulata. 

They agreed that lack of internal solidarity poses a greater threat to Israel than Iran becoming a nuclear power.

According to Barak:

“All living chiefs of staff, almost all living Mossad heads and all living Shin Bet chiefs would agree on this.”

Argument by Lapid and hardliners surrounding him against the JCPOA aim to cover up internal weaknesses.

The above five effectively said that they identified Israel’s real enemy. It’s us, not a foreign power.

Separately on Monday, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI), Mohammad Eslami, said the following:

“The basis of (JCPOA) negotiations was to repel accusations and eliminate excuses from the enemies constantly publishing fake news and documents against Iran,” adding:

“(G)oal of the talks (for Iran) is to lift (illegally imposed) sanctions permanently, so the country (and its people) can reap the economic benefits of the agreement.”

To date, the Biden regime only delivered hollow promises to revive the landmark agreement and lift sanctions.

At this time, outstanding issues remain unresolved, including the unfreezing of Iranian assets held abroad.

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi said that Islamic Republic goals include removal of illegally imposed sanctions first and foremost, as well as resolving outstanding issues with the (pro-Western) IAEA.

He also stressed what’s indisputable.

“(N)uclear weapons have no place in (Iran’s) nuclear doctrine.”

Iran reportedly will respond to the latest Biden regime position on reviving the JCPOA on or about September 2.


2 thoughts on “Hegemon USA/Apartheid Israeli Military Option Against Nonthreatening Iran?

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  1. This is a crucially.important.posting. Everyone one earth should read and heed its import Thank you, Mr. Lendman; you’re a voice in the wilderness, of course — the wilderness that witnesses “the mass of humanity…leading lives of quiet desperation” (kudos-HDThoreau).

    “Hegemon USA has been at war on Iran by other means since its liberating 1979 revolution — freeing its people from US-controlled fascist tyranny.” Yes — and, before that, 1953, the ‘original sin,’ when the US and/or UK engineered the coup of Iran’s fledgling democracy/PM-Pres. Mossadegh, in the interests colonialism, of oil, of hegemony, of forced subservience…

    It’s useless, all useless…we’re beyond repair.

    (Memo: Among its many other sins/crimes against humanity, Zionist Israel – Assassination Central, Unlimited. What kind of a “chosen (Jewish) people” would countenance such an appellation, as they are under the total control and psychosis of militant-political settler-colonial Zionism? Second memo: Pity the Palestinians.)


  2. Immigrant Israeli Jews are not descended from covenant Israelites. Not all exiled Israelites returned to ancient Israel from Persia (Iran), as mentioned in Chapter 2, Book of Ezra.

    The Jews, after displacing the Levites, took control of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem leading to its destruction in 70 AD. From there, the murderous Babylonian Jewish religion infiltrated Rome, leading to the Roman Empire shifting HQ to Constantinople.

    Mystery Babylon controls London, Washington, Brussels and Jerusalem. As proof, Capitol Hill in Washington shares same name and design as the Vatican.

    Jerusalem was destroyed twice as prophesized after they were infiltrated by the Babylonian religion.

    The Jews officially reoccupied Jerusalem in 1970. It will surely be destroyed again, as prophesized. After that, the New Jerusalem will descend from heaven (Revelation 21:10) to replace the present abomination.

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