Hegemon USA Prioritizes War-Making, Abhors Peace

Peace and stability aren’t good for business and don’t serve hegemon USA’s imperial aims — why perpetual war-making is prioritized, notably by undemocratic Dems.

Since since the empire of lies and forever wars had no enemies since WW II ended, they were invented to unjustifiably justify pursuit of the above aims.

According to WaPo on Sunday, the Biden regime expanded maritime shipping to deliver more weapons, munitions and military equipment to Nazified Ukraine than already — citing the Pentagon’s Transportation Command, its deputy director saying:

“Once we started to provide (remaining Nazified Ukrainian thugs with) howitzers, we knew that we were going to need more ammunition,” adding: 

“So, we could plan ahead a little bit more, and then we could start to use more sealift to provide that support and to get it there sometimes even ahead of the request.”

What’s going on continues what began after the Obama/Biden regime’s early 2014 coup in Ukraine.

Since that time, three US regimes poured tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons et al into the Nazified territory to wage forever proxy war on Russia along its borders.

What took the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies years to build up, Russia largely destroyed in a few weeks — along with gutting Ukraine’s military, largely defeating it.

No matter how much more in the way of weapons et al US-dominated NATO regimes pour into Ukraine, nothing on the ground will change.

Russia controls its airspace and offshore waters while its forces steadily advance their front line positions as battered and defeated Ukrainian troops retreat.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Sunday:

Russian forces eliminated over 60% of the Kiev regime’s No. 204 battalion of brigade No 241.

“High-precision strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed temporary bases of a Ukrainian 95th paratrooper brigade in Slavyansk of the Donetsk People’s Republic, killing up to 150 (Nazis) and taking down 10 trucks and armored vehicles.”

Russian high-precision strikes destroyed regime workshops in Zaporozhye.

In an area of occupied Donetsk, Russian forces eliminated over 100 Nazi thugs at a regime training center.

“Twenty-eight projectiles of the Olkha and HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems were intercepted and destroyed in” occupied Donetsk areas — as well as ones fired at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station.

Six Ukrainian drones and a Tochka-U ballistic missile were also eliminated.

All of the above and more of the same occurred on Sunday.

On Saturday, Russian forces destroyed a large ammunition depot for HIMARS munitions and M777 howitzers.

Over the weekend in and around Kherson and Kharkov alone, Russian forces eliminated over 330 Ukrainian troops.

Despite daily shelling of the Zaporozhye NPP by US-directed Ukrainian troops, radiation at the plant on Sunday was normal.

According to Russia’s lower house State Duma International Affairs Chairman, Leonid Slutsky, on Saturday:

“We are ready to consider a negotiations process, if the Ukrainian (regime) is ready for unconditional capitulation, qualitative reduction of its armed forces, as well as total, absolute and unconditional deNazification” — nothing less than the above.

Separately on Sunday at the nation liberated from where the scourge of Nazism was headquartered until eliminated in 1945 — largely by Soviet Russia — the Scholz regime in Berlin supports its rebirth in Kiev, falsely saying the following:

Nazified Ukraine is “defending our freedom (sic), our peace (sic)” by years of aggression on Donbass and US/NATO proxy war on Russia.

So Scholz and hardline extremists surrounding him support the rebirth of Nazism in Kiev “financially and militarily…for as long as it is necessary (sic).”

Will Europeans punish empowered regimes by voting them out of office for supporting hegemon USA’s proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia — what’s wrecking their economies and well-being by soaring inflation, unaffordable energy costs and shortages of essential goods.

In stark contrast, conditions in Russia are worlds apart from what’s going on elsewhere throughout most of the continent and in Britain — except for Russian forces involved in liberating Donbass, as well as Ukraine’s east and southeast from the scourge of Nazified tyranny.

Their largely achieved triumph will be successfully completed entirely in the fullness of time with minimal numbers of casualties compared to overwhelmingly large-scale attrition in Ukrainian ranks.


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