Failed Ukrainian Southern Region Suicidal Mission

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began six months ago, few and far between Ukrainian counteroffensives were suicide missions — each and every one smashed by overpowering Russian firepower.

The latest attempt begun on August 29 fared no better.

Straightaway, the US Strategic Command turned truth on its head, tweeting:

Regime “armed forces…breached (Russia’s) first line of defense near Kherson (sic).”

“Ukraine has a real chance to get back its occupied territories (sic), especially considering the very successful use of Western weapons by the Ukrainian army (sic).”

The above rubbish is one among countless examples of US, Western perversions of reality on all things Russia and Nazified Ukraine.

Here’s another from the Biden regime’s so-called national security council spokesman, Kirby — turning truth on its head as follows, saying:

“Regardless of the size, scale and scope of this counteroffensive that they’ve talked about today, they already had an impact on Russia’s military capabilities (sic).”

“The Russians had to pull resources from the east simply because of reports that the Ukrainians might be going more on the offense in the south (sic).”

“They’ve had to deplete certain units from certain areas in the east and the Donbass (sic).

“The idea of going on the offense is not new to Ukrainians (sic).”

“They have been taking the fight to the Russians inside their country (sic).” 

“With some assistance that they’ve gotten from US weapons as well as others, such as Himars, they’ve been able to actually strike behind Russian lines and put the Russians more on defense (sic).”

The above reinvention of reality on the ground doesn’t pass the smell test.

Russia’s Defense Ministry set the record straight, explaining:

Kiev’s highly touted southern region counteroffensive attempt “failed miserably.”

The Nazified regime “attempted to attack in three directions on orders of (puppet) Zelensky but made no gains.”

Russia’s overpowering military inflicted “great losses” on Ukrainian troops.

“A total of 26 tanks, 23 armored fighting vehicles, nine (other) armored vehicles, (and) two SU-25 ground-attack jets” were destroyed.

“(M)ore than 560 (Ukrainian) troops” were eliminated.

Early on Monday, a Kiev military spokeswoman said only the following:

“(O)ffensive actions in various directions” (began), including in the Kherson region,” adding: 

The “operation needs silence.”

Nothing further was explained — because there’s nothing positive to report.

Separately on Sunday ahead of the failed offensive, puppet Zelensky once again sounded delusional, saying:

“Ukraine will return” to Donbass (sic)…definitely to Crimea (sic).”

In late June, US MSM reported that Biden regime officials privately doubt that Ukraine will “ever be able to take back” territories liberated by Russian forces.

At the same time, throwing billions of dollars worth of weapons et al at the Nazified regime will continue to maintain a state of perpetual US proxy war on Russia with expendable Kiev troops — to the last Ukrainian.

Throughout Russia’s SMO, losses of Ukrainian troops, weapons, munitions and equipment have been overwhelming.

At the late June G7 meeting, the fake Biden told the US regime’s counterparts that the West needs to “stay together” — no matter the futility of Kiev troops going up against overwhelmingly superior Russian firepower and tactical skills.

To date, Russia’s expeditionary force liberated about 20% of predominantly Russian-speaking eastern and southern Ukrainian territory — as well as Lugansk entirely and most of Donetsk.

There’s no ambiguity about the ability its military superiority to achieve the Kremlin’s SMO objectives — including the demilitarization and deNazification of the territory known as Ukraine.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Southfront reported the following:

On August 29, the regime’s AFU “launched (an attempted)  counteroffensive in” Ukraine’s southern region. 

“(N)o significant gains (were) achieved.”

“The Russian military continues to deter the enemy advance on the front lines.”

The regime “suffered significant losses (of) manpower and equipment due to heavy fire by Russian artillery.”

The AFU reported nothing about how Russian firepower thwarted another regime suicide mission.


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  1. Let s hope so ! ….that your reports are correct…..I for one don t want criminal US/NATO mfrs to get away with what they planned….NEVER !

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  2. My Magnificent Seven today are Jeff Corbett, Ben Davidson, Catherne Austin Fitts, Max Igan, Alexander Mercouris, Stephen Lendman, Paul Craig Roberts.

    Alexander Mercouris is destined for unimaginable fame because he is magnificent in his play-by-play and day-by-day commentary of events. Mercouris would even be transformative to Lendman. and I ask Lendman to watch yesterday’s video of The Duran with Gonzalo Lira at
    The death of the west will return Europe to Eurasian backwater.

    I need to see if this goes through.

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