Kiev’s Southern Region Suicide Mission: Part II

On Monday and much of Tuesday, Russian firepower has been routing Kiev’s southern region suicide mission, Russia’s Defense Ministry explaining the following:

“In the past 24 hours in their effective operations, Russian forces eliminated 48 tanks, 46 infantry fighting vehicles, 37 other combat armored vehicles, 8 pickup vehicles with large-caliber machine-guns and over 1,200 Ukrainian servicemen.

Overpowering Russian military superiority smashed the regime’s 128th mountain assault brigade, inflicting heavy losses on its troops.

In the Dnepropetrovsk region alone, over 200 Ukrainian troops and dozens of foreign mercenaries were killed, many others wounded.

Strikes by Russian ground-based precision weapons in Aleksandrovka in Dnepropetrovsk regions destroyed the following targets: 

An ammunition depot of Ukraine’s 1st tank brigade, over 20 armored vehicles and large numbers of artillery shells.

Over 100 militants of Ukraine’s  foreign legion and Kraken armed formation were killed by Russian strikes in Donetsk.

Russian combat aircraft and UAVs struck command centers and armed formations of Ukraine’s 108th and 65th Brigades in and around Vodyanoye, inflicting a heavy toll.

“Operational-tactical and army aviation aircraft, missile troops and artillery continue striking military sites on Ukrainian territory” with precision accuracy.

Since the regime’s suicide mission began on Monday, Russian firepower destroyed 52 Ukrainian artillery units and military hardware in 142 areas of combat — along with three missile/artillery arms and ammunition depots in the line of fire.

Regime Dnepropetrovsk region’s explosives-producing workshops were also destroyed.

Russian air defenses eliminated two regime Su-25 warplanes, 5 UAVs, 3 Tochka-U ballistic missiles, as well as 53 HIMARS and other rockets.

The regime’s highly touted counteroffensive, a virtual suicide mission, “failed miserably.”

According to Southfront on Tuesday, attempted advances of regime troops “were virtually stopped by Russian forces…in all directions.”

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began, Russian forces destroyed 278 Ukrainian combat aircraft, 148 helicopters, 1,837 unmanned aerial vehicles, 370 surface-to-air missile systems, 4,539 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 822 multiple rocket launchers, 3,357 field artillery guns and mortars and 5,136 special military motor vehicles, its Defense Ministry explained.

Separately at a Monday Pentagon briefing, General Pat Ryder was skeptical about whether the regime launched a counteroffensive as claimed or if its troops were just engaged in fighting against vastly superior Russian aerial and ground forces.

If puppet Zelensky aimed to prove that Ukraine’s military can hold its own against Russian firepower, its precision weapons and tactical skills, he and his US paymaster only proved their indifference toward and contempt for the lives and well-being of regime troops.

If what began Monday continues days longer, thousands of Ukrainian troops will likely be killed, disabled and wounded — as well much of the regime’s weapons et al eliminated — all for nothing, except for fake news claims otherwise.

Separately, a 14-member team of IAEA inspectors reportedly arrived in Kiev with intent to reach the Zaporozhye NPP on Wednesday.

Instead of traveling safely through areas liberated by Russian forces with them for protection, the team is heading for the plant through a regime-controlled route.

In cahoots with its US master, will Kiev troops fire at or around the team with intent to falsely blame Russia for their assault?

Will attacks on the Zaporozyhe plant continue while they’re inspecting the facility, again to falsely blame Russia?

Will the regime try to kill IAEA inspectors to undermine their mission, blaming Russia for their criminality?

According to IAEA director, Rafael Grossi, “a decision needs to be made on what we can do and perhaps, the agency’s permanent presence at the site could be established.”

According Zaporozhye Region official Vladimir Rogov:

“Ukrainian (Nazis) are targeting locations that could be visited by the IAEA mission in Energodar”— including a “resort house” where team members may be staying.

Last week at an emergency Security Council session, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, said the following:

“The Russian Ministry of Defense is ready to provide the IAEA with high-resolution images, which show that weapons, especially heavy ones, are not placed on the territory of the station.”

Russia also has hard evidence to show that regime troops are shelling the NPP.


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  1. The rainbow tranny nazi army will never win. It’s not only the weapons but also the will to fight and win. These wef losers will find out the hard way that bombing and murdering women and children has a huge consequence.


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