Reinventing Kiev’s Latest Suicidal Mission

On all things Russia and Ukraine, US/Western forked tongue reports consistently feature fiction, not facts on the ground.

Reporting on Kiev’s so-called Monday-launched southern region offensive followed the familiar pattern, reinventing reality by suppressing truth and full disclosure.

According to NYT fake news:

“For months, (the Nazified regime) promised a broad counteroffensive in the Kherson region to push Russian forces from the western bank of the Dnipro River (sic).”

“(O)n Monday, Ukraine accelerated (sic) what had been sluggish movement in ground operations even as their long-range strikes into Russian-held territory picked up over the summer (sic).”

“After weeks of Ukraine softening up Russian positions with artillery and rockets (sic), Russian forces west of the Dnipro are already largely cut off from resupply (sic).”

Defying reality, the regime falsely said it “breached (Russia’s) first line of defense near Kherson as part of a (nonexistent) multi-pronged advance (sic).”

“(C)laim(ing) to have struck a large Russian military base behind Russian lines in the Kherson region, destroying it (sic)” was more  rubbish.

Well into its fake news report, the Times admitted that it cannot “verify Ukraine’s claims of progress” — because they’re perversions of reality it failed to explain.

And this nonsense from a Biden regime war department official, saying:

The latest foiled Ukrainian counteroffensive “shows (Kiev’s) appetite for progress on the battlefield (sic).”

And this Times trash:

“Russian forces (are) us(ing) the (Zaporozhye NPP) as a fortress to launch artillery attacks (sic)” — no matter that no Russian artillery or other heavy weapons are anywhere near the plant.

Like virtually all else the self-styled newspaper of record reports on Russia’s liberating SMO, the above rubbish is state-approved propaganda.

The Times and other US MSM consistently provide the illegitimate Biden regime with press agent support.

The same goes for the neocon-infested, so-called Institute for the Study of War, fake news its specialty, saying:

Trounced Kiev regime troops on their back foot in retreat “broke through (Russia’s) first line of defenses in unspecified areas of (the) Kherson (region) and are seeking to take advantage of (their nonexistent) disruption of Russian ground lines of communication (sic).”

No Russian liberated areas were retaken. Claims otherwise are fake news.

Other examples of MSM fake news headlines on Tuesday include the following:

WaPo: “Ukraine lures Russian missiles with decoys of US rocket system (sic)”

WSJ: The Nazified regime “Launches Counteroffensive in South, Leading with Artillery Bombardment (sic)”

AP (fake) News: “Eyes on Kherson as Ukraine claims bold move on Russians (sic)”

Reuters: “Ukraine launches counter-offensive in south as Russia shells port city (sic)”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR): “Ukraine begins counteroffensive to take back southern part of the country from Russia (sic)”

CNN: “Ukrainian…military operations to retake Russian-held areas of the south (sic)”

Al Jazeera: “Kiev begins Kherson counterattack (sic)”

UK owned and controlled BBC: “Kherson: Ukraine claims new push in Russian-held region”

London Guardian: “Ukraine’s forces launch attacks in (Russian liberated) Kherson (sic)”

Reality check:

On Monday, Kherson region military-civilian administration head, Kirill Stremousov, said the following:

Fake news statements by the Nazified Kiev regime strengthened the determination of area residents to “end this nightmare” by holding a referendum to join Russia.

Months of sporadic strikes by “Ukrainian Nazis…on Kherson” strengthened their resolve” to be formally independent of the regime.

“The more they shell Kherson, the more people reject” Nazified Kiev rule.

Stremousov added that a Ukrainian “sabotage and reconnaissance group” in Kherson was ferreted out and eliminated before able to carry out its destructive mission, adding:

The entire region is free from Kiev control.

Life is gradually returning to normal, the region being integrated into Russia’s legal and economic framework.

Plans are for a referendum in September.

If majority residents seek to join Russia — what’s highly likely —  the Kremlin and Russian lawmakers will surely oblige them. 


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