WSJ Real and Fake News

What’s accurate about all things Russia and Ukraine in MSM reports gets short shrift attention.

According to the Journal:

Imperial tool, IAEA chief Rafael Grossi and a team of inspectors, will visit the Zaporozhye NPP from August 31 until September 3 — citing a puppet Zelensky regime “document” seen by the Journal.

Their mission is “to assess damage, check safety…security systems and evaluate staff conditions.”

Based on fragments of munitions used by Ukrainian Nazis and other facts on the ground, Russia has indisputable evidence to prove who’s responsible for repeated strikes on the facility.

No ambiguity exists.

Yet it’s highly doubtful. to say the least, that imperial tool Grossi and his team will lay blame squarely where it belongs — putting to rest fake US, Western, Ukrainian accusations of Russian forces shelling themselves at the NPP. 

Along with explaining when IAEA inspectors will show up at the plant — if things turn out this way — the Journal falsely accused Russian forces of “occup(ing)” the NPP (sic) and “station(ing)” military equipment there (sic).”

Lightly armed Russian forces are protecting the facility.

No military equipment is stored around it.

Nor are Ukrainian workers “operat(ing) (the NPP) at gunpoint (sic),” as the Journal and other MSM falsely claimed.

And not a shred of credible evidence suggests that “Russia is seeking to steal its power by severing its connection with Ukrainian-held territory (sic).”

Like virtually all fabricated accusations against Russia and its liberating SMO, falsified power theft is a bald-faced Big Lie.

The same Journal fake news edition included the following state-approved propaganda rubbish, saying:

“Ukraine said it launched a military offensive in its south (sic) aimed at retaking territory (sic) that Russia seized in the early days of” its liberating SMO.

No such offensive exists.

Nor does the regime have the ability to launch a major one — given the greatly degraded state of its virtually defeated military.

Earlier attempted Kiev counteroffensives were decimated in short order by overpowering Russian firepower and tactical skills.

In response to Zelensky fake news on Monday, the Journal said it “couldn’t…be established” where a counteroffensive was taking place — because none was launched, it failed to explain.

Russian official, Kirill Stremousov, debunked Kiev’s counteroffensive claim, calling it “an illusion.”

Separately, Crimean Governor, Sergey Aksyonov, called claims by Kiev about “launch(ing) an offensive in the southern direction (fake news) Ukrainian propaganda,” adding:

Regime troops are suffering heavy losses all along front line positions.

And this Journal acknowledgment, saying that the regime “lack(s) tanks and other armored vehicles needed for an offensive.”

Its so-called air force is virtually nonexistent. It has no control over its offshore waters.

And claims about “cutting Russian supply lines” are bald-faced Big Lies.

After six months of relentlessly intensive Russian pummeling of Ukraine’s military, what remains is a fighting force in name only.

Its pre-Feb. 24 strength was largely eliminated, its remnants only able to deliver sporadic pinpricks, achieving nothing strategic.

Separately, the Biden regime’s war department intends to recruit former Afghan pilots for training to fly the regime’s zombie air force, the real thing virtually eliminated by Russia.

Throughout its SMO, when regime aircraft, helicopters and UAVs went airborne, Russian air defenses virtually eliminated them.

If US/NATO regimes supply Kiev with more warplanes, Russian aerial defense systems and airpower will destroy them in similar fashion if they dare go airborne or if spotted on the ground.

A Final Comment

Late Monday Moscow time, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that Kiev’s so-called “counteroffensive” in the liberated Kherson region “failed miserably.”

In short order, the regime lost 26 tanks, 23 armored fighting vehicles, nine other armored vehicles, two SU-25 warplanes and more than 560 troops.

On Sunday, puppet Zelensky defied reality by saying that “Ukraine will return” to Donbass, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kherson and “definitely to Crimea (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from his delusional remarks.


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