Nazified Ukraine’s Latest Counteroffensive Attempt Failed

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said that the Zelensky regime’s attempted offensive in the southern region’s Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog and other directions failed. 

Overwhelmingly repulsed by Russian forces, the regime suffered significant losses for nothing.

According to Russian military expert, Andrei Martyanov:

Ukrainian troops “attacked and got destroyed.”

Puppet Zelensky’s highly touted counteroffensive has been “catastrophic” for the regime.

It’s “clear that Odessa and establishment of a land bridge to Transdnistria (are) final objective(s) of Russia’s operations in the south of what used to be Ukraine.”

And this from Lt. Col. Daniel Davis (Ret.) in response to the regime’s latest foiled counteroffensive attempt:

Ukrainian troops “have no opportunity for an offensive in the Kherson region.” 

“The Russian military has been moving inexorably forward over the past time, maintaining its presence everywhere.” 

The Zelensky regime “talked for months about an offensive in the south, but it did not go beyond words.” 

“The regime’s military does “not have infantry, ammunition and equipment for offensive operations.” 

Monday “afternoon, Kiev’s forces tried to attack in the Kherson region, but naturally (were) rolled back due to heavy losses and lack of” capable manpower.

And this from reports on the ground by Russia:

Southern region regime attackers number around 12,000, what’s “critically not enough for” a successful operation. 

And the regime doesn’t have a “second echelon and reserves, including equipment, in this area.”

Russian aerial and ground forces “undermine(d) the defense capability of a number of Ukrainian fortifications.”

And this from military analyst Larry Johnson, saying:

Ukraine’s latest counteroffensive was launched for political reasons.

Johnson believes that the Biden regime pressured Kiev to launch what’s become a virtual suicide mission against overwhelmingly superior Russian forces and firepower.

At this time, the regime “incurred significant casualties and loss of key materiel, and Russia remains in control of (liberated) territory around Kherson.”

Separately according to DPR leader, Denis Pushilin, on Wednesday:

“According to our sources, some (Biden regime-supplied HIMARS) rockets (with a range of up to 300 km) have already been delivered to Ukraine.” 

“(A)llied forces are making attempts to destroy these weapons.”

Once again, hegemon USA proved what’s clear and unequivocal:

Time and again, its ruling regimes say one thing, then go another way.

Weeks earlier, a Biden regime statement said that HIMARS rockets supplied to Ukraine can only strike targets up to 80 km away.

None with a range of up to 300 km will be included because Kiev may fire them on targets deep inside Russia.

And the “Ukrainians have given assurances they will not use these systems against Russian territory (sic).”

Nearly straightaway, reality proved otherwise.

If 300 km-range HIMARS rockets were supplied to Kiev by the empire of lies and forever wars — with more on the way — the regime will most likely target Russia over a wider area with hegemon USA’s approval.

They won’t be able to reach Moscow 757 km away.

They will be able to target Starodub, Klintsy, other Russian cities and Belarusian areas.

Separately on Wednesday, IAEA inspection team members from Albania, China, France, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, and North Macedonia arrived in Zaporozhye city from Kiev.

And this from region official, Vladimir Rogov, saying:

Armed saboteurs were apprehended in Energodar, where the Zaporozhye NPP is located.

“We know that they were preparing a series of terrorist attacks at the nuclear power plant, timed to coincide with the IAEA mission’s visit.” 

“They (were caught red-handed with) a large amount of explosives, explosive devices, small arms and grenade launchers.”

“They were very well prepared.”

“They possessed complete information about the special features of the nuclear power plant and its least protected places.”

“As a result of detective measures, (a Kiev regime planned) terrorist attack was prevented…without a 

single shot fired.”

According to the region’s military-civilian administration on Wednesday, Ukrainian Nazis fired on the Zaporozhye NPP and surrounding areas over 60 times in the past 24 hours.

Blast-fragmentation shells and kamikaze UAVs were used.

What’s going on continues daily.

So far, radiation levels at the plant are normal.

Ahead of IAEA team members arriving at the plant, Rogov said “we are ready” to provide security for their mission.

Since Russian forces gained control over Zaporozhye region areas, “we have been visited by several dozen international delegations in various spheres of activities.”

They “rang(ed) from journalists to activists and politicians.”

While in the region, everything was “calm and smooth.”

It remains to be seen what Kiev and its US master may be plotting while IAEA inspectors are at the NPP.

According to IAEA director, Grossi, on Wednesday.

Operating in a conflict area “requires explicit guarantees, not only from the Russian Federation but also from Ukraine.”

“We have been able to secure that.”

Russia’s word is its bond, worlds apart how hegemon USA, its NATO vassals and Nazified Ukraine operate.


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