Turning Reality on its Head and Trampling on it

State-approved fiction over truth and full disclosure is longstanding practice by the dominant US/Western 4th estate.

Since its mid-19th century founding, the NYT stands out as the leading proliferator of fake news over the real thing in print on major world and national issues mattering most.

Prove positive shows up in daily fake news editions.

On Thursday, it reported the arrival of IAEA inspectors at the Zaporozhye NPP, falsely saying:

En route, “Russian shells struck the plant (sic), causing equipment failures that forced the shutdown of one reactor and the activation of backup generators at another (sic) — Ukrainian Nazis its source.

And this turning truth on its head by the Times:

“(T)he IAEA team was held up by Russian shelling along the agreed route of travel (sic)” — once again Ukrainian Nazis the source.

Shelling at and around the Zaporozhye NPP is entirely by Kiev, what there’s no ambiguity about except in fake news reports by the Times, other MSM, dominant Russophobes in Washington and other Western capitals, along with Ukrainian Nazis.

And this dubious Times claim:

Twice “in (the past) 10 days…Russian shells hit the (NPP), damaging equipment and triggering emergency responses, (including) use emergency use of diesel generators (sic).”

No Russian shelling of the NPP occurred at any time, an indisputable fact.

Once again, the Times cited Ukrainian Nazis — serial liars — as its source.

I spotted no Russian reports to suggest that shelling triggered emergency responses at the NPP — other than what’s done routinely to protect the facility.

And this Times trash:

Nonexistent shelling by “Russian forces (aims) to prevent (IAEA team members) from visiting” the NPP (sic).

More Times trash:

“The Russian military is trying to make up for its (nonexistent) severe manpower shortage…by compelling wounded soldiers to return to the front lines (sic).”

The fake news source: A fabricated US intelligence community “assessment.”

As explained earlier, Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and Donbass is expeditionary-size in force strength — a small fraction of the nation’s military.

The so-called US intelligence claim was Russia-bashing propaganda, worlds apart from reality on the ground.

More Times trash:

“Two (unnamed) US officials — too embarrassed to reveal their identify — (claim to have) credible (evidence) that Russia is likely to begin recruiting convicted criminals to serve in Ukraine, in exchange for pardons (sic).”

And this:

“High casualties in Ukraine (sic), coupled with a failure by the Russian military to predict how long and bloody the war would be, have caused a manpower crisis in Ukraine (sic).”

The Times and other MSM never quit reinventing reality on the ground in Ukraine and Donbass.

Throughout its liberating SMO, Russian forces decimated Ukraine’s military — transforming it into a hollow shell comprised largely of poorly trained, involuntary conscripts.

According to a WSJ reality check report — a rare exception to the rule on all things Russia and Ukraine — “Ukraine’s overstretched psychiatric hospitals face waves of traumatized soldiers,” adding:

“Doctors and Western experts say the mental-health effects of (what’s going on) threaten to push the country’s fragile care system into a lasting crisis.”

Ukrainian “psychiatric institutions suffered from poor conditions before” Russia’s SMO began.

Now they’re “overrun, understaffed and (way) under-resourced.”

Thousands of Ukrainian troops who’ve seen front line duty suffer from “some form of traumatic stress disorder.”

The longer things continue, the greater the Ukrainian toll of deaths and serious injuries — both physical and psychological.

Deploying troops to front line duty by the Nazified regime is an unforgivable war crime — knowing the great risk to their lives and well-being from overwhelming Russian firepower.

According to a 2021 Yale University report, the Journal explained the following:

“One in three children and adolescents in Ukraine has some form of PTSD or depression, in part because of (protracted) conflict” since April 2014 with no near-term end of it in prospect.

Ukrainian troops who’ve been hospitalized for PTSD since Russia’s SMO began are “suffering from the same problems as those who have been brought in since 2014, but to a much greater degree.”

The Journal report is a snapshot about one aspect of reality on the ground in Ukraine.

Months of avoidable conflict devastated the lives and well-being of ordinary Ukrainians because of ruthless Nazis in charge of running things — as ordered by their US master.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners don’t give a damn about the vast majority of Americans.

They surely don’t give a hoot about countless numbers of Ukrainian deaths as well as serious physical and emotional injuries.

Nor how Ukraine was wrecked by its transformation from a nation-state to a platform for hegemon USA’s perpetual war on Russia.

The heart of pure evil darkness is headquartered in the USA — with branch offices in other Western capitals, Tel Aviv and Kiev.


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