Ukraine Update

After destroying dozens of tanks, armored vehicles, howitzers, UAVs and other weapons on days one and two of the Kiev regime’s suicidal southern region mission, Russian forces continued to inflict heavy losses on its Nazified troops and conscripts.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, the AFU lost another 31 tanks, 22 more infantry fighting vehicles, 18 other armored combat vehicles, 8 pickups mounted with heavy machine guns, 17 units of special vehicles and hundreds more troops on day 3 before sunset.

The longer the regime’s suicidal missions continue, the greater the toll on its weapons, munitions, equipment and troops — already mounting exponentially.

Separately, Russian forces captured three Ukrainian soldiers involved in the foiled attempt to seize the Zaporozhye NPP on Thursday, according to local authorities.

Two were seriously wounded, Russian doctors trying to save them.

A small number of other Ukrainian troops continue pursuing the foiled effort to take the NPP.

Dozens of so-called Ukrainian commandos failed to reach their destination because Russian helicopters sank two self-propelled barges with them aboard.

Other regime troops arriving on seven speedboats were intercepted by Russian forces after disembarking. 

According to Zaporozhye Region official Vladimir Rogov:

Foiled Ukrainian saboteurs involved in trying to seize the NPP were trained by Britain’s MI6 military intelligence.

Separately according to MSM reports, the Pentagon — likely together with the CIA — trained Ukrainian troops for their foiled attempt to capture the Zaporozhye plant, a harebrained scheme doomed to fail before initiated.

Reportedly it included a plot to capture IAEA mission team members, hold them against their will, prevent them from escaping captivity, and give Russia pause about trying to retake the NPP with them in harm’s way.

The harebrained scheme was foiled before it got out of the starting gate.

The same goes for the regime’s highly touted southern region offensive.

If it continues days longer into next week, an estimated Ukrainian force of around 12,000 may either be largely wiped out  and/or hundreds, perhaps thousands, laying down their arms and surrendering to stay alive.

Asked about the foiled schemes, Pentagon spokesman, Pat Ryder, admitted only to what he called “routine military-to-military dialogue,” adding:

The Biden regime provides Kiev “with information” — to aid its terror-shelling crimes of war and against humanity by targeting Donbass civilians and vital infrastructure.

Territory around the Zaporozhye NPP and liberated parts of what was formerly southern Ukraine are open with no place to hide except for easily targeted makeshift bunkers.

There’s no ambiguity about the ability of Russia’s overpowering military superiority to smash whatever suicidal missions are undertaken by Nazified Ukraine — and be able to route their forces overall.

Separately on Thursday, Sergey Lavrov explained the following:

“(E)vents everyone is discussing today…are connected with what is happening around Ukraine…(along) with a hybrid war that (hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes) unleashed shamelessly, openly, rudely and aggressively against” Russia.” 

Planed long in advance before initiated, US/Western attempts to contain and weaken the Russian Federation fell “flat.”

“When they realized that all our statements made over these years were not empty persuasions and requests, but reflected the fundamental interests of our state…the turned hysterical and (are) trying to compensate with their unprecedented aggression and malice…”

They refuse to engage with the world community of nations “on the basis of equality and mutual respect, on the basis of compliance with the principles of international law, primarily the UN Charter, which (affirms) the sovereign (independence and) equality of states.”

Lavrov also noted how indifferent the Schotz regime is toward the lives and well-being of ordinary Germans, saying:

“I read that (the regime’s) foreign minister, Baerbock, said” the following:

“Yes, our citizens are suffering, but they will have to suffer because we will support Ukraine no matter what.”

What “a fantastic admission” said Lavrov — showing contempt for the rights and well-being of most Germans, throwing them under the bus in support of Ukrainian Nazis to wage forever war on Russia and Donbass civilians.

And this unsurprisingly on Monday.

According to the Biden regime’s so-called national security council spokesman, Kirby:

“There will be announcements of” more US weapons et al for Ukrainian Nazis “in the coming days” — for Russia to target and eliminate or what will be sold via dark net transactions by hugely corrupted regime officials.


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  1. The military industrial complex must be very happy that all old weapons are being destroyed in Ukraine . Now they can seize more taxpayers money to replace them. The head of the corruption snake strikes again.


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