Biden Regime Rejects JCPOA Restoration As Mandated by SC Res. 2231

Dominant Biden regime hardliners, US E3 vassals and apartheid Israel are the main obstacles to reviving the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal.

Since talks began in April 2021, the Biden regime obstructed them from behind the scenes while pretending to support what it clearly rejects.

On Friday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kanaani, said the following:

“After receiving the (Biden regime’s) response, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s team of experts precisely reviewed it, and Iran’s responses were drafted and submitted to the coordinator on Thursday night following evaluations at different levels,” adding: 

“The submitted text has a constructive approach with the goal of finalizing the negotiations.”

Straightaway on receipt of Iran’s response, dominant Biden regime obstructionists defied reality by falsely calling it “unconstructive” (sic), adding:

“We are studying Iran’s response, but the bottom line is that it is not at all encouraging (sic).”

“Based on (Iran’s) answer, we appear to be moving backwards (sic).”

Unsurprisingly, an unnamed so-called European diplomat, subservient to US interests, called Iran’s response “negative and not reasonable (sic).”

Toadying to US interests, another unnamed Western official said Iran’s latest response did “not look good (sic).”

Separately on Monday, a bipartisan group 34 Dems and 16 GOP congressional members “express(ed) deep concerns about a potential deal with Iran, urging the (Biden regime) not to act before consulting with Congress.”

According to Nour News with ties to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council:

“A deal lacking strong guarantees and failing to end politically motivated safeguards allegations will certainly not be a lasting and reliable one.”

“Therefore, there is no reason for Tehran to join it,” adding:

“(A)fter months of tough and complicated talks, Washington is still not ready to claim responsibility for its past mistakes by showing goodwill in accepting Iran’s logical and legal demands,” according to binding rule of law principles.

And this from University of Tehran Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi — involved in advising Iran’s negotiating team, tweeting:

“Iran responded as promised.”

“It’s time for the Biden (regime) to make a serious decision.”

“For the US, ‘constructive’ usually means accepting US terms.”  

“For Iran, it means a deal that is balanced and protected.”

“If the US makes the right decision, an agreement can be swiftly concluded.”

Separately, Marandi tweeted:

“E3/US know that the Iranian response is very reasonable.”

“US & E3 negotiators said before that ‘words matter.’ ” 

“(F)or the deal to be signed (that can happen within days), there must be no ambiguities left that could later be used to harm the deal.”

“It’s not complicated.”

Throughout months of talks over the past 17 months, Iran consistently demonstrated goodwill intentions to reach a fair and equitable agreement for all parties involved.

At the same time from behind the scenes, dominant Biden regime obstructionists undermined restoration of the deal by operating in polar opposite fashion.

And like virtually always before, E3 vassals Britain, France and Germany bowed to their higher power in Washington.

Without strong, binding guarantees, anything agreed on won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

Even with them, hegemon USA’s word is never its bond.

Its ruling regimes only accept what serves their interests — with no regard for the rights of other nations and the rule of law.

Throughout months of talks, it was clear that the Biden regime had no intention of returning to JCPOA compliance as mandated by SC Res. 2231 — making it binding international and US constitutional law.

And where hegemon USA goes, European vassals are sure to follow.

Even if agreement is reached in some form ahead — what all along appeared highly unlikely despite MSM regurgitated claims otherwise — chances of it sticking are virtually nil, especially if aids Iran politically and economically.

Looking back in hindsight one day ahead, it’ll be clear that many months of talks were a colossal waste of time for an indisputable reason.

Hegemon USA doesn’t negotiate in good faith. 

It demands without compromise — except at times on minor things too insignificant to matter.

That’s the dilemma Iran faced before the JCPOA was adopted in October 2015 and implemented in January 2016.

The same applies to good faith outreach by Iran to revive the JCPOA since April 2021.


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