If at First Don’t Succeed, Fail Again and Again

Nazified Ukraine’s militarized state terror is orchestrated and directed by the Biden regime’s Pentagon and CIA.

What’s going on is part of hegemon USA’s longstanding proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia for not bending to the will of a self-styled higher power in Washington.

The risk of things escalating to direct hot war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers is ominously high.

If occurs, it’ll be made-in-the-USA by its dominant criminal class.

As Russian forces continue to rout Kiev’s long-delayed/highly touted southern region counteroffensive — and having foiled a regime assault team’s attempt to seize the Zaporozhye NPP — a 2nd attempted landing near the plant by Ukrainian commandos was foiled in similar fashion, regional official Vladimir Rogov explained, saying:

Around 15 speedboats “carrying armed people were on their way (to 3 locations near the plant), but the attempt was thwarted” by Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters.

Hours earlier, Rogov said that “(a)round 40 boats are currently moving (along the) Dnepr” River in an attempt to cross the Kakhovka Reservoir. 

“At least 15 of those speedboats with a large number of armed people on board are moving towards Energodar” where the NPP is located.

“We have not seen waterway activities of this scope during the entire period of” Russia’s SMO.

More on the regime’s botched raid attempt a 2nd time around will be known when Russia’s Defense Ministry comments on it in more detail, likely over the weekend.

On Saturday, the regime’s AFU admitted to shelling the NPP and areas around it, including the city of Energodar.

On Friday, Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, reported on the progress of Russia’s SMO, saying:

Regime troops attempting to advance in the Nikolayev-Krivoi Rog and surrounding areas suffered heavy losses of manpower, weapons, munitions and equipment, adding:

The harebrained counteroffensive attempt was launched by the regime “solely to create the illusion before (its US/)Western backers that the (AFU) is able to conduct an offensive” — which it is not against overpowering Russian firepower and tactical superiority.

On day-one after the regime’s so-called southern region counteroffensive attempt began, Russian forces killed over 1,000 AFU troops and foreign mercenaries, wounding thousands more.

The carnage continues, analyst Larry Johnson reporting the following:

Through Friday, Russian forces “successfully repelled the (AFU’s) offensive in all sectors” — killing thousands of regime troops, wounding many thousands more.

“(T)he front line (was) restor(ed) near Posad-Pokrovsky and Olgino.”

“Russian Su-34s and Su-24s, as well as cannon and rocket artillery guns, disabled (attempted AFU) pontoon crossings in Andreevka and began to methodically destroy enemy forces trapped in the fire bag.”

“(F)orces in Bezimenne were (also) destroyed.”

AFU operations in the Kherson Region were smashed in similar fashion.

“Dozens of ambulances seen on Ukrainian side are going back and forth, transporting multiple wounded (troops) to hospitals.”

Russian forces also captured large numbers of AFU troops and their commanding officers.

According to Ukrainian General Serhiy Kryvonos on YouTube:

“(H)undreds of thousands of (Ukrainians) died.”

“Why did they die?”

“What did (the Kiev regime) do to (try) sav(ing) their lives?”

It’s “attempt(ing) to blur memory, to erase history.”

“(H)ow can you erase the blood of the dead, who already number in the hundreds of thousands” since Russia’s SMO began.

“Who will be responsible for this?”

Commenting on Kryvonos’ remarks, military analyst, Andrie Martyanov, said the following:

“(T)he terrifying lesson for NATO (is that) armies (of US/Western regimes) will…commit…suicide (if) get involved directly in Ukraine” with troops on the ground or otherwise wage war on Russia.

Once facts on the ground become widely known in Ukraine as many tens of thousands of families mourn loss of their loved ones — many others grieving over the maimed and disabled — internal divisions about what’s too horrific to conceal may be the puppet Zelensky regime’s Waterloo. 

And the above reality may unfold sooner rather than later if a generation of Ukrainian youths continues to be used as cannon fodder for a lost cause.


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