Ukraine Update

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT headlined the following rubbish:

“Russia Will Not Restart Gas Flow to Germany (sic).”

On Friday, Tass reported the following:

“Russian gas supplies to Europe in transit through Ukraine remain at (the) previous volume of around 42.4 mln cubic meters per day on September 2.”

“(D)eliveries via Nord Stream have been suspended for three days…to repair…the only gas compressor unit remaining in operation.”

Ukraine’s Gas Transmission System Operator confirmed the above reality on its website — debunking the NYT’s bald-faced Big Lie.

Once repairs to Nord Stream’s one operating turbine are completed, around 33 million cubic feet of Russian gas per day will flow to Germany and Europe.

Instead of reporting the above, the Times suppressed it as part of its daily fake news drumbeat about all things Russia and Ukraine.

Separately at this time, 6 of 13 IAEA inspectors at the Zaporozhye NPP remain at the facility to continue working through the weekend to complete what the entire team accomplished on Friday.

Henceforth, 2 agency inspectors will remain at the plant indefinitely — as long as their services are needed.

And this Times fake news:

Germany and other European regimes — highly dependent on Russian gas — maintain the illusion of being able to “weather the winter” without what’s indispensable to their economies and people.

The Times quoted so-called EU economy minister, Paolo Gentiloni’s reinvention of reality, falsely claiming:

The bloc is “well prepared to resist Russia’s (nonexistent) use of gas as a weapon (sic),” adding:

“We are not afraid of Putin’s decisions (sic).”

“We are asking the Russians to respect contracts, but if they don’t, we are ready to react (sic).”

On all things related to what was contractually agreed to by European regimes with Russia for supplies of energy and other commodities, their ruling despots flagrantly breached their letter and spirit.

If Russia entirely cuts off European economies, dependent on its gas and oil, in retaliation for attempting to cap the latter’s price, their economies will risk collapse.

Their people will suffer far more than already — maybe enough to arouse the spirit of regime change among fed up European millions.

And this from the illegitimate Biden regime:

Reportedly its dominant hardliners will ask Congress to rubber-stamp another $13.7 billion in military aid for Ukrainian Nazis.

On Friday, a statement by Russia’s Washington embassy slammed the Biden regime for “turn(ing) a blind eye to extremist beliefs of (Ukrainian) Azov” thugs and likeminded Nazis supported by Kiev and US/Western regimes.

On Saturday, Russia’s Intelligence Service Director, Sergey Naryshkin, said the following:

“Most thinking people across the globe find it obvious that Russia is on the side of truth, fighting aggression and doing its best to prevent a global Nazi comeback,” adding:

“I am confident (about the) inevitable destruction of hegemon(ic) (US-dominated) totalitarian regimes, (what) will make the world a more open, honest and just place.”

And this from Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, on Friday, saying:

Russia will hold Nazified Ukraine fully responsible if its repeated strikes on the Zaporozhye NPP cause “emergency situations” at the plant.

The puppet Zelensky regime threatens possible “nuclear disaster in Europe by shelling the plant’s facilities.”

“Under international law, (that’s) another example of nuclear terrorism.”

“Despite the arrival of IAEA specialists to the scene, provocations rage on.”

“The Ukrainian military opened fire yesterday not only at the Zaporozhye NPP, but also along the route of the IAEA mission to the plant.”

The Biden regime and its European vassals “are deliberately keeping silent about the situation regarding the plant, encouraging such reckless actions.”

“For its part, Russia (is doing) its utmost to provide for the safe operation of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant,” its staff and IAEA inspectors on site.

Separately, Russia’s Defense Ministry provided more details of how it foiled another attempt by Ukrainian Nazis to seize the nuclear plant with intent to hold IAEA inspectors hostage as human shields.

About 40 speedboats with over 250 regime troops and foreign mercenaries attempted to land near Energodar near the NPP.

Spotted straightaway by Russian surveillance, its Su-30 aircraft and Ka-52 attack helicopters sank 20 vessels with troops aboard.

Others turned tail and retreated.

Russian artillery eliminated Ukrainian troops trying to come ashore.

A total of 47 Ukrainian Nazis and 10 foreign mercenaries were killed, at least 20 others wounded.

If Kiev launches another operation ahead, it’ll be foiled in similar fashion as the previous attempts to seize the Zaporozhye NPP.


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  1. Big UKie helping small Ukie. Bojo’s recent visit to Kiev less than 2 weeks ago was to OK the assault to capture ZNPP. Proves that Ukies had been shelling ZNPP all along.

    The Russians were ready, sprung the trap and the best of the Ukie military and mercenaries walked right in to be eliminated.


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