Biden Regime to Deny Russian Delegates to the UN General Assembly Visas?

Hegemon USA invents new ways to flagrantly breach the rule law — including treaties, conventions and other agreements to which it’s a signatory.

On June 26, 1947, an agreement between the UN and US affirmed that the world body’s headquarters in New York City is international territory.

At the time, UN Secretary-General Trygve Lie and US Secretary of State George C. Marshall represented the world body and US respectively.

The treaty affirmed that “(t)he seat of the UN (in NYC) shall be (its) headquarters district.”

That US authorities “shall take whatever action (is) necessary to assure that the UN shall not be dispossessed of its property in the (NYC) headquarters district” as long as the world body exists.

That (t)he (NYC) headquarters district shall be under the control and authority of the UN as provided in this agreement.”

That “(t)he UN shall have (sole) power to make regulations, operative within the headquarters district, for the purpose of establishing therein conditions in all respects necessary for the full execution of its functions.”

“No federal, state or local law or regulation of the US which is inconsistent with a regulation of the UN authorized by this section shall…be applicable within the headquarters district.”

“The headquarters district shall be inviolable.”

“Federal, state or local officers or officials of the US…shall not enter the headquarters district to perform any official duties therein (unless) agreed to by the secretary-general.”

US ‘federal, state or local authorities…shall not impose any impediments to transit to or from the headquarters district of” UN member-state officials, their families, press, world body recognized NGOs, “or other persons invited to the headquarters.”

US “(l)aws and regulations…regarding the residence of aliens shall not…interfere with privileges” of member-state officials. 

UN headquarters in NYC is international territory over which the US has no legal or otherwise authority.

Defined as an “extraterritoriality,” no US federal, state or local official may enter the facility without “consent of and under conditions agreed to by the secretary-general.”

According to History Professor Charlene Mires in her book, titled Capital of the World: The Race to Host the United Nations:”

A Rockefeller family $8.5 million donation (sic) bought 18 acres of Manhattan land, overlooking the East River and contributed to building the UN’s NYC headquarters.

Host nation USA is prohibited from denying officials of UN member states permission to enter US territory for purposes of involvement in UN activities at its headquarters location.

Yet on September 3, Russian UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, wrote the following to UN secretary general Guterres, explaining:

“As of September 1, 2022 none of the 56 Russian representatives from the main and advance group have received entry visas to the US.”

A “(s)imilar situation exists (for) accompanying journalists and crew members of the flight of our (Foreign) Minister,” Sergey Lavrov.

“In this regard, we would ask you to once again emphasize to (US) authorities…that they must promptly issue requested visas for all Russian delegates and accompanying persons, including Russian journalists who are to stay in New York for media coverage of our Foreign Minister’s visit.”

“For the last several months, (US) authorities…have been constantly refusing to grant entry visas to a number of Russian delegates assigned to take part in official UN events.”

The most recent example was “cancelled visits of (Russia’s) Minister of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Kolokoltsev.”

UN General Assembly High-Week begins on September 20.

Sergey Lavrov is scheduled to address the body on September 24.

In 2013, the Obama/Biden regime denied Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro permission for his presidential plane to fly through (US-occupied) Puerto Rican airspace — what Maduro at the time called a “serious offense.”

On March 1, 2019, the Obama/Biden regime revoked visas of 49 Venezuelan officials allied with President Maduro — on the phony pretext of “undermining Venezuela’s democracy (sic).”

Earlier in September 2006 as Hugo Chavez’s Foreign Minister, the Bush/Cheney regime prevented Maduro from departing for Caracas from New York’s JFK Airport following his General Assembly address.

At the time, he was forced to surrender his ticket and boarding pass on the phony pretext of being on a so-called “red list.”

Illegally detained, he was denied outside contact and legal help, strip-searched to humiliate and harass him illegally in flagrant breach of international protocol. 

If resisted abuses against him, he was told that he’d be handcuffed and physically beaten.

The empire of lies and forever wars is militantly hostile toward nations, their leaders and other officials for not being subservient to US interests.

US regimes spent over half a century trying and failing to assassinate Fidel Castro.

During his September 1960 New York visit as head of Cuba’s UN delegation, he addressed the General Assembly as a man of peace, saying:

Cubans lacked freedom “for quite some time,” adding: 

“It has not been easy for us to come here…to state the problems of Cuba” under hostile conditions, including “notice(s) to all hotels not to rent rooms to us…”

“(A) Negro hotel in Harlem offered to rent us rooms,” despite a State Department official “d(oing) all in his power to prevent our staying” there.

Before liberation, he called Cuba “a colony of the US,” stealing its land, resources and fundamental freedoms.

“There was no independent republic.”

“There was only a colony where orders were given by the (US) ambassador.”

“(W)e are proud to say that today no embassy rules our country.”

“Our country is ruled by its people…tyranny (forced) upon us” ended.

Explaining deplorable conditions Cubans endured under the despotic Batista regime, they included deep poverty, mass unemployment, most Cubans without electricity, living in “huts, shacks and slums, without the slightest sanitary conditions.”

Illnesses went untreated. The vast majority of rural children were affected by parasites.

Infant mortality was shockingly high, the average life span deplorably low.

Tyrannical rule brutalized Cubans who supported resisted fascist tyranny.

Constitutionally mandated revolutionary change followed the end of Yankee imperialism’s grip on the nation, its resources and people.

When Fidel passed peacefully on November 25, 2016 at age-90, nine days of national mourning followed.

Remains of the commander-in-chief of Cuba’s revolution were laid to rest in Santiago where his liberating struggle began in July 1953 — culminating with the ouster of fascist despot Batista on December 31, 1958.

On New Year’s Day 1959, a new dawn for liberated Cubans began.

From then to now, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies never ceased trying to resurrect Cuba’s bad old days — in vain. 


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  1. There are occasions when only crude language can get to and fit the situtation with passion and adquacy: What the eff is wrong with my country? “Rules-based order”: bul*s*it! Where are the cojones of the UN leadership (sic)?


    Thank you, Mr. Lendman, for projecting historical and contemporary light on Russia’s, Venezuela’s, and Cuba’s struggles to remain independent, proud, and passionate defenders of their countries.


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