Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine

In her latest Ukraine/Donbass update, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below), explained the following:

“Six months into (Russia’s liberating SMO…we continue to find more evidence every day that (Moscow) had no other choice but to immediately stand up for the long-suffering population of the DPR and LPR.”

Of necessity to prevent what would have been catastrophic without acting to prevent it, Russian forces began “the demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine.”

It was launched with eliminating threats to Russia’s security (in mind from the regime’s) territory.”

As (Russia’s leadership) repeatedly said, all (its publicly stated) goals will definitely be attained.”

The puppet Kiev regime “ma(de) no effort to hide (its) prepar(ations) for armed confrontation with Russia” and full-scale invasion of Donbass. 

In late August, so-called regime national security and (war) council secretary, Alexey Danilov, “publicly admitted…that ‘a major war with Russia was inevitable,’ ” — as ordered by the Nazified regime’s US master, he failed to explain.

Reading lines scripted for him to recite, puppet Zelensky once again defied reality by falsely accusing Russia of “violating agreements (sic).”

He also said it’s time for the regime to acquire nukes for things “to get better.”

As ordered by the regime’s US master, Kiev under puppets Poroshenko and Zelensky willfully and flagrantly breached Minsk I (2014) and II (2015) conflict resolution agreements to continue forever war on Donbass civilians and vital infrastructure.

At the same time, Kiev was preparing for war on the Russian Republic of Crimea.

On August 22, Kiev’s Nazi envoy to Kazakhstan, Pyotr Vrublevsky — a figure MZ called a “creature,” not a diplomat — said the following:

“We are trying to kill as many Russians as possible.”

“The more Russians we kill now, the fewer our children will have to. That’s it.”

MZ responded, saying:

“(H)e’s definitely right about one thing. That was it.”

He “confessed everything” about the regime’s diabolical aims in cahoots with US dark forces involved in running things in Kiev, using its territory as a platform for perpetual proxy war on Russia at high risk of direct East/West confrontation.

Hegemon USA breathed new life into the scourge of Nazism, fascism and worst of nationalist extremism in Ukraine — including public displays of swastikas, SS insignia and other Nazi symbols, along with incendiary torchlight parades.

Donetsk and Lugansk residents refused to live under Nazified tyrannical rule so broke away.

Acting in similar fashion, Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to rejoin Russia — to be free from the scourge they rejected.

MZ quoted unindicted war criminal, GW Bush, saying the following after Russia’s liberating SMO began:

Ukraine’s mission is “to destroy as many Russian troops” as possible.

His diabolical view infests Washington.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, replacing democratic rule with Nazified tyranny, hegemon USA has been using Ukraine as a platform for endless war along Russia’s borders — now escalated against its liberating forces.

MZ added the following:

Russian and allied forces “are advancing slowly but surely…liberating Donbass” from the scourge of occupation by Nazi thugs. 

At the same time, Kiev “continues to issue crazy criminal orders on launching all-out strikes against civilian facilities in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and on the liberated territories in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.”

The regime’s aim is to cause maximum numbers of casualties and damage on civilians and nonmilitary targets.

Regime Nazis continue striking “kindergartens, schools and other education institutions in a particularly furious manner,” MZ stressed, adding: 

We’ve “seen this before. We recall vividly the Beslan tragedy that happened as children were returning to school.”

“The entire world refers to those who perpetrated this outrage and who hit children’s institutions as terrorists.” 

MZ also expressed concern about repeated attempts by the regime to strike, release and spread deadly radiation from the Zaporozhye NPP across much of central Europe.

Only monsters and their paymasters would seek diabolical aims — the former in central Europe, the latter worldwide.

Ukrainian Nazis follow orders of their US master, including for perpetual war on Russia and Donbass, along with repeated attempts to irradiate much of central Europe.

MZ explained another diabolical action by regime troops.

They used banned chemical weapons against Russian forces in the Zaporozhye Region.

Time and again, they used cluster munitions and other banned weapons, including against Donbass civilians.

All of the above and more of the same is based on orders by US/NATO dark forces.

Perhaps this diabolical action as well, MZ explaining:

Kiev “could also start bacteriological provocations and (other) terror (strikes) against the local population.”

On an optimistic note, hopefully MZ is right, saying the following:

“We are confident that once (Russia’s liberating SMO) is (successfully) completed, all Ukrain(ians) will be able to start a peaceful life in a free country, with no Nazis, no shells falling on cities, no discrimination (based on nationality or language), and where international humanitarian norms, and everyone’s rights and freedoms are respected.”


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