The Roar of US, Western, MSM Silence

US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirtors consistently suppress what’s most important about virtually all key domestic and geopolitical issues.

The fabricated official narrative is featured instead, one among many signs of US/Western decadence and decline.

Reality is the case on kill shots and all else flu/covid related — as well as what relates to Russia’s liberating SMO against US/Western-supported Ukrainian Nazis.

On Friday, Russia’s SMO progress report explained how its forces continue to inflict heavy losses on Ukrainian manpower, weapons, munitions and equipment along front line positions — including what’s going on in the Nikolayev-Krivoi Rog and other areas of what the Kiev regime calls its southern region.

According to Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu:

Continued attempts by regime troops “to advance in the Nikolayev-Krivoi Rog area and in other directions (resulted in their) suffering heavy casualties” — while achieving no territorial gains other than a deserted village or two.

Begun on August 30, Kiev’s long delayed/highly touted suicidal offensive continues in open terrain with virtually no place for cover.

For counterattacking Russian forces, days of fighting have been like shooting fish in a barrel.

Thousands of Ukrainian troops have been killed, thousands more wounded, many seriously, and for what. 

For nothing as evidenced heavy losses of manpower, weapons, munitions and equipment.

According to Shoigu, the regime’s “attempt(ed) offensive was (launched) with the aim of creating the Western patrons’ illusion that Ukraine’s military can make an advance” — what it failed to do at any time throughout Russia’s liberating SMO.

The same reality applies to two failed attempts to seize the Zaporozhye NPP with intent to hold IAEA inspectors hostage as human shields.

“We will continue liberating Donbass and creating conditions that guarantee the security of the Russian Federation,” Shoigu stressed, adding:

Over the past month alone, the regime’s military lost over 600 artillery systems and other heavy armaments, 6 helicopters, 188 UAVs, 226 HIMARS rockets, as well as large numbers of other weapons, munitions and equipment.

Russian forces eliminated them, along with decimating 174 regime brigade and battalion-level command posts.

Because of continued heavy losses inflicted on regime troops, inflow of foreign mercenaries dwindled to a trickle of former numbers arriving.

To date, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that over 2,800 foreign mercenaries were killed, many others wounded, others leaving Ukraine to stay alive.

And since IAEA inspectors arrived at the Zaporozhye NPP last week, regime shelling of the facility continues.

Instead of setting the record straight, the sound of silence about reality on the ground by hegemon USA, its European vassals and MSM co-conspirators is deafening.

In recent weeks, regime forces attacked the Zaporozhye NPP 29 times with 120 artillery shells and 16 kamikaze UAVs, Shoigu explained, adding:

Turning reality on its head, Kiev, its US master, European vassals and MSM press agents “blatantly l(ied)” by falsely accusing Russia of war crimes committed by the Nazified regime.

Shoigu also explained the following:

“I state responsibly that we have no heavy weapons on the premises of the nuclear station and the adjacent area.”

“I hope that the IAEA mission will personally get convinced in that.”

“We expect that the impartial results of the IAEA mission’s work will be brought to the notice of the world public.”

“I want to emphasize that in case of further provocations, the Ukrainian authorities will bear responsibility for potential accidents.”

On Friday, IAEA director, Grossi, praised Ukrainian staff involved in operating the NPP, calling their work “admirable” under current conditions.

According to AP News on Saturday:

Grossi’s assessment of reality at the plant was worlds apart different from regime claims about Ukrainian “engineers and other (staff at the plant) subjected to harsh interrogation and even torture (sic).”

He and IAEA inspectors saw clear evidence enough to debunk phony regime claims.

Last Thursday, UN spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, praised Russia, saying:

“We are glad that the Russian Federation did all to keep our inspectors safe.”

In response, the deafening roar of US, Western, MSM silence repeated.

Sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative is longstanding practice throughout the US/West on virtually all issues most important for everyone to be well informed about.

The roar of silence throughout the US/West assures it.

A Final Comment

Imperial tool/UN secretary general, Guterres, sticks exclusively to the fabricated official narrative and rule of silence, as ordered by his US master.

On September 1, Russia’s Defense Ministry slammed his failure to set the record straight on Kiev’s responsibility for shelling the Zaporozhye NPP, saying:

“No public response from…Guterres regarding Kiev’s actions around the Zaporozhye NPP causes reasonable confusion,” adding:

“Not only does this reticence cast a shadow and cast doubt on the objectivity of the UN approaches to the situation around the Zaporozhye NPP, but also leads to further escalation of the situation there with full impunity for the Kiev regime.”

“In this regard, we completely understand the deathly silence of all Western handlers of the (puppet) Zelensky regime.”

“It confirms…tacit participation in the preparation of…provocation(s) at the Zaporozhye NPP” by US/Western regimes and imperial tool Guterres.


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