Ukraine’s Lost Sovereignty: A Nazified US-Controlled Territory

Hegemon USA transformed the former nation of Ukraine into a platform for perpetual proxy hot war on Russia — by coup d’etat.

With the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies running things in Kiev, no Ukrainian leadership existed since the 2014 toppling of the real thing.

Figurehead puppets subservient to US/Western interests were installed instead — so-called “chocolate king” Poroshenko initially, currently buffoon-like Zelensky since May 2019.

Last Friday, Russia’s envoy to the Contact Group and Belarus, Boris Grvzlov, explained the following:

It’s “impossible to reach an agreement with (the US-installed regime) because (it’s powerless) to negotiate,” adding:

Hegemon USA eliminated “its national sovereignty (and) decision-making” authority.

As ordered by his US master, puppet Zelensky “(re)-located decision-making far from the Ukrainian capital.”

Russia has nothing to discuss with the US-controlled puppet regime because decisions are made by Zelensky’s puppet-master. 

Moscow will only “negotiate (with Kiev when) required conditions are created.”

“When the goals of the (SMO) are achieved, and they will definitely be achieved without regard to any steps taken by (puppet) Zelensky and his henchmen.”

On Sunday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the only thing Russia has to discuss with Ukraine is “how our condition will be met.”

They “absolutely” remain unchanged, and make no mistake.

Russia’s SMO is “proceed(ing) as planned. All goals will be achieved.”

Predominantly Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine in the east and southeast will be fully liberated from the US-created and controlled monster in Kiev.

Acting on orders from his higher power in Washington, puppet Zelensky days earlier withdrew regime delegates from the Contact Group with Russia and OSCE member states — in favor of perpetual war to the last Ukrainian.

Explaining the move, Gryzlov said the following:

Since the Maidan coup elimination of Ukraine as a nation-state, Kiev “has been clumsily maneuvering and exercising verbal casuistry, dodging, twisting facts and openly lying when it was calling on international organizations and appealing to international law.”

“It (consistently breached) existing agreements, dodging their implementation, seeking to win over ‘convenient’ and loyal guarantors in the persons of the French and German leaders, who have long lost even ‘pseudo-neutrality.’ ”

Under hegemon USA control, Britain, France, Germany and most other NATO regimes are “openly Russophobic and pro-Nazi.” 

Along with Ukraine, they lost their sovereignty and souls to their higher power in Washington.

It’s impossible to reason with them because they have no decision-making authority on all things related to Russia.

Talks with Kiev will only be possible when Russia’s SMO aims are achieved.

When Ukraine is demilitarized and deNazified.

When Nazified occupation no longer exists throughout Donbass. 

When eastern and southeastern Ukraine are fully liberated from its scourge.

When reality on the ground is clear and irrefutable.

When US, Western, Kiev propaganda otherwise falls flat.

When most people no longer accept it.

When Russia’s triumph over the US-created Nazified monster is too evident to be denied.

Separately, US Lt. Col (Ret.) Daniel Davis, Defense Priorities senior fellow asked:

What is the Biden regime’s “goal” in Ukraine to contest Russia’s SMO.

It “do(esn’t) have one,” he said, adding:

The US-dominated decision to cap the price of Russian oil is one among many examples of no US/Western “coherent strategic objective.”

Demand for oil cannot be met without what Russia supplies.

If Vladimir Putin halts exports to nations enforcing the price cap, it “could send the price of oil into the stratosphere” and collapse their economies.

US-led/Western sanctions war on Russia boomeranged by largely harming European countries most of all.

The US was also harmed by soaring inflation, disrupted supply chains and shortages of basic goods — things highly likely to worsen by late fall and winter.

According to analyst Chris MacIntosh:

“The (US)-Western system is more fragile than ever,” its over-indebted economies at risk of collapsing.

They can’t function with vital commodities supplied by Russia.

Besides oil and natural gas, Western nations rely on Russian copper, lithium, petrochemicals and other commodities.

And this from analyst Jeff Thomas, saying:

“We’re looking at the final stages of empire – a period when the populace lives in fear of their leaders.”

The US-dominated West launched war on Russia with Ukrainian proxy troops — what “they cannot win.”

At the same time, “they’re recklessly threatening China” in similar fashion.

It’s at a time when the US-dominated West is “on the verge of a debt-driven financial collapse that is now inescapable.”

Their sanctions on Russia enabled its ruling authorities to expand trade with most nations — ones unwilling to ally with self-destructive US/Western policies.

Go-along European regimes “virtually guaranteed that much of (the continent) will freeze to death in the dark this winter.”

And because of high energy, food and other costs, millions of US households may be harmed in similar fashion.

Thomas, Doug Casey and other analysts believe that it’s no longer a question of whether, but when US/Western economies will collapse for the great majority of their people.

Key as well is what happens in the West when widespread public depravation crosses a threshold of no return.

When growing millions of Western households have to choose between buying food and staying warm in winter, along with what other essentials they can or can no longer afford.”

How will they react?

Especially as US/Western and other economies decline more than already toward possible, maybe likely, protracted Main Street Depression conditions.

On September 3, tens of thousands took to the streets in Prague, the Czech Republic over soaring inflation, especially unaffordable energy costs.

According to co-organizer, Jiri Havel:

“The aim of our demonstration is to demand change, mainly in solving the issue of energy prices, especially electricity and gas, which will destroy our economy this autumn.”

Condemning EU sanctions on Russia — the root cause of soaring inflation and shortages — protesters demanded restoration of contracts to buy Russian energy.

Saturday’s large-scale Prague protest came a day after the pro-Western Fiala regime survived a no-confidence vote.

Will Prague’s “Czech Republic First” protest repeat if its ruling authorities ignore public demands?

Will similar protests occur in other European countries, as well as in the US, Canada and elsewhere in the months ahead?

In Russia, electricity and other energy costs are affordable — most food items cheaper year-over-year.

The trend is clear.

In sharp contrast to US/Western decline, China, Russia and other independent nations are rising in prominence on the world stage.


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