Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov Straight Talk

I was long ago struck by candor in remarks by Russian officials, especially Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov.

Time and again, I quoted or cited their straight talk remarks on important issues.

It’s in sharp contrast to double-talk perversions of reality by their duplicitous Western counterparts.

The most glaring recent example of the latter was the fake Biden’s hate-filled remarks last week — declaring war on Trump supporters.

Disgracefully calling them “a threat to this country (sic),” he didn’t stop with one outlandish bald-faced Big Lie so he piled on more of the same, falsely declaring majority Republicans “criminal and illegitimate (sic).”

There’s no ambiguity about who’s illegitimate and who’s the other way around.

Grand theft Election 2020 by undemocratic Dems was indisputable evidence of how they operate.

And having stolen the last presidential and congressional elections, it’s virtually certain that they try again in November midterms and Election 2024 for the White House and Congress.

In sharp contrast, Russian Federation elections are scrupulously open, free and fair.

If Western leadership resembled Russia’s version, East/West relations would be polar opposite the perilous state of things today.

No 2014 coup would have occurred in Ukraine, no Nazified rule, no years of war on Donbass, no proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia, no rage by any Western leadership to rule the world by brute force.

Since recorded half century ago, a decade before his December 1980 state-sponsored assassination in New York to silence his peace activism, the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine” touched me deeply with lines like:

“Imagine all the people

Livin’ life in peace.”

“You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one.”

“I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one.”

“No need for greed or hunger

A brotherhood of man.”

“Imagine all the people

Sharing all the world (to) live as one.”

On Monday, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“The tragedy taking place in Donbass resulted from actions of the neo-Nazi regime, which seized power through force in 2014 and then launched combat activities in Donbass,” adding:

The US-installed Nazified regime “twice held large-scale military operations using heavy firepower, aviation, heavy weapons, and so forth.”

“And this is all continuing to this day.”

“Our duty is to help these people and Russia is doing that.”

“All our attempts to resolve this problem peacefully failed because” because hegemon USA wants perpetual proxy war on Russia, what risks crossing the line to direct confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

Putin praised the courage of Donbass residents and freedom-fighting patriots, saying:

“I know what I’m talking about, because I flew here just after another report from the Defense Ministry leadership about what’s going on.”

Donbass freedom fighters are “not professional servicemen.”

“Locals make up two units, but they fight better than professional servicemen.”

“They fight very courageously, bravely and effectively.”

Donbass residents overall are “kind,  professional, and attuned to positive work in their fields: in the arts, education, and environmental protection.”

“And of course, as in other areas, in the restoration of housing, in revival of industry and agriculture.”

“We must also assist these people and, of course, (are) do(ing) so.”

Separately last week, Sergey Lavrov discussed US-dominated NATO’s “hybrid war” on Russia — waged “shamelessly, openly, crudely, and aggressively,” he stressed, adding:

It continues despite knowing that diabolical plans of their ruling regimes “failed.”

Russia long ago warned not “to expand NATO eastward.”

Yet hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes flagrantly breached the May 27, 1997 Russia/NATO Founding Act.

According to its preamble, the agreement “defines the goals and mechanism of consultation, cooperation, joint decision-making and joint action that will constitute the core of the mutual relations between NATO and Russia.”

US-dominated NATO pledged not to deploy nuclear weapons or troops in new member states.

The agreement covers principles for establishing security throughout Europe.

Russia and NATO pledged to refrain from use of force, as well to respect the sovereignty, borders, and territorial integrity of signatory nations to the agreement.

It was agreed to settle disputes peacefully.

The Russia/NATO Permanent Joint Council was established as “a mechanism for consultations, coordination and, where appropriate, for joint decisions and joint action with respect to security issues of common concern.”

At the same time, nothing in the FA permits veto power by one side against the other — nothing that restricts “independent decision-making and action” on issues related to security.

Principles of mutual cooperation established include the following:

Protecting and preserving “security and stability in the Euro/Atlantic area.”

Efforts to assure conflict prevention.

Joint operations to include peacekeeping.

Mutual defense and combatting terrorism.

Nuclear safety, proliferation and arms control issues.

Matters related to deployment of missile defense.

Information related to “air defense and related aspects of airspace management/control.”

“Reciprocal exchanges…on nuclear weapons issues, including doctrines and strategy of NATO and Russia.”

On matters related to political and military issues, NATO pledged “no intention, no plan and no reason” to deploy or otherwise position nuclear weapons eastward.

Russia and NATO committed to conclude an agreement that updates the 1990 Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty to be in compliance with the FA.

Both sides agreed to greater transparency and predictability on all things security related.

They agreed to enhanced political and military consultations and cooperation.

The Bill and Hillary Clinton regime flagrantly breached the letter and spirit of the Founding Act.

Today it’s in tatters.

Russia warned the US-dominated West against establishing Nazified rule in Ukraine — against waging war on all things Russia internally and cross-border.

Moscow’s “appeals were not just empty persuasion and requests but reflected the vital interests of our country,” Lavrov stressed, adding:

“(N)ow (US/Western regimes) are hysterical and are trying to make up for their own inadequacy with unprecedented aggression and malice.”

Along with the Nazified monster they created in Kiev, they renounced “equality, mutual respect and observance of principles of…UN Charter (and other) international law…principle(s) (relating to) the sovereign equality of states.”

They demand that other nations follow their “rules,” wanting Russia, China, Iran and other independent nations “isolat(ed),” weakened and otherwise marginalized.

“They will not succeed in the isolation of Russia,” Lavrov stressed, nor against other nations on their target list for regime change.

Nations throughout Eurasia, Latin America and Africa know what’s going on and reject it.

For its part, “Russian foreign policy objectives remain the same,” said Lavrov.

They include “taking reliable measures to ensure national security, creating as favorable conditions as possible for the country’s socioeconomic development and improving people’s wellbeing.”

“In the current circumstances, efforts to strengthen the Russian Federation’s sovereignty are becoming particularly important.”

“We need to stand up for our basic interests in the international arena, and for the honor and dignity of our people and our compatriots living abroad.”

“We stand for equality and friendship in the broadest sense,” as well as world peace and stability.

It’s in sharp contrast to US-dominated NATO’s forever war on humanity internally against their own people and invented enemies worldwide.

A Final Comment

A same-day article discussed the selection of Tory extremist, Liz Truss, to power as UK prime minister by party members — a day likely to live in infamy.

According to financial analyst Bill Blain on Monday:

“Truss has 5 days – tops – to establish her new (regime) and put in place strategies and policies to restore confidence in (Britain’s dismal) economy.”

“It needs sound communication and clear grasp of the problems behind the crisis.”

“Truss hasn’t demonstrated either.”

Nor is it likely ahead by a figure who repeatedly displayed ignorance and incompetence on the world stage as foreign minister.

“If Truss fails to deliver a coherent strategy for the economy in the next few days, the UK risks an even steeper decline” than already, said Blain, adding:

“The signs are not good. I suspect her goodie bag is empty.”

“Convincing skeptical markets that the UK economy is (on the right track with her at the helm) require(s) a (skilled and) trusted communicator — what Truss clearly is not. 


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  1. President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov live in an alternate universe: one of candor, truth, sincerity, maturity, national pride and patriotism and attention to core national-security interests. US hegemonists, UN bureaucrats, EU shills, the rest of the West need not apply for residence.

    Thanks, Mr. Lendman!


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