Another Day, Another Onslaught of MSM Propaganda Fake News

On all things Russia and Ukraine, truth and full disclosure is consistently banned in MSM fake news editions.

The above reality applies across the board throughout the US/West.

I focus my contempt for MSM fake news over the real thing on the self-styled newspaper of record NYT — because of its arrogant self-description and the following.

While clearly able to set the record straight on all issues, the broadsheet long ago sold its soul to undemocratic Dems, supporting what demands condemnation.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times cited fake Biden regime “intelligence.”

Ignoring Russia’s ability to produce state-of-the-art weapons and munitions on its own — with no need for help from foreign suppliers — the Times defied reality with the following fiction over truth and full disclosure, falsely claiming:

Russia is buying North Korean artillery,” citing fake US intelligence, adding:

“Moscow’s (nonexistent) purchase of millions of shells and rockets from North Korea is a sign that global sanctions have hampered (its) military’s supply lines (sic).”

Not a shred of credible evidence supports the above rubbish.

It’s Biden regime fake news propaganda — featured daily by the Times as part of its longstanding Russia-bashing agenda.

Days earlier, the Times and other MSM published fake news about nonexistent Russian purchases of Iranian drones.

In response, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, debunked the “fake news” claim.

So did Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, saying:

“(T)his (fake news) theme was artificially spread” by the dominant US 4th estate.

And this from Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, saying:

“We have various forms of cooperation with Russia, including in the sphere of defense, but we are not helping either side involved in the (Ukrainian) conflict because we are certain that it should be concluded.”

“I think that currently the problem is elsewhere.”

“Western (regimes), including the US, are manufacturing arms and trying to sell their products.”

“We are trying to avoid any actions that may lead to an escalation” in Ukraine.

Yet in its latest fake news edition, the Times repeated the debunked Big Lie claim about Iran selling UAVs to Russia.

If an accurate count of Big Lies by the Times — throughout the post-WW II period alone — were strung end-to-end, they’d circle the globe and repeat encirclement a further “Time” or two or more.

In sharp contrast to how US, UK, German and other European artillery and other arms stockpiles are being depleted by throwing them at Nazified Ukraine for Russian forces to target and destroy, they’re well-supplied with state-of-the-arms weapons, and equipment to continue smashing Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA war machine daily.

And this Times perversion of reality:

Biden regime officials claim — without providing corroborating evidence because none exists — “that (what relates to) Russia’ ability to rebuild its military, the economic actions of Europe and the US had been effective (sic).”

And this fake news:

“American and European sanctions blocked Russia’s ability to buy weaponry, or electronics to make that weaponry (sic).”

Again, no corroborating evidence was cited because there is none.

The above claims are transparent bald-faced Big Lies as part of a daily drumbeat of bashing Russia with fake news.

And claims about “desperation in Moscow (sic)” are more rubbish.

The same goes for defying reality by falsely claiming that “Russia (is)  seemingly unable to produce the simplest materiel needed” for its SMO (sic).

No blockage or restrictions of Russia’s ability to supply its forces exists.

Nothing US-dominated NATO regimes threw at Russia hampered its liberating SMO or harmed its economy significantly.

And this Times trash:

“Moscow struggled with its high-tech weaponry (sic).”

“Precision-guided weaponry, like cruise missiles, experienced high rates of failure (sic).” 

“(H)alf or more of those weapons either failed to fire or failed to hit their targets (sic).”

More Times trash:

“Russian stocks of precision weapons have been depleted (sic).” 

Its “generals (are) forced to rely less often on missiles and instead build their strategy around a brutal artillery assault that has laid waste to towns in Ukraine’s eastern region (sic).”

And what Times fake news called “a massive failure of Russia’s military industrial complex’ is belied by the superiority of its super-weapons over inferior US/Western ones.

And phony claims by the Times about the alleged ability of Ukraine’s greatly degraded military to push back against overpowering Russian forces are debunked by reality on the ground.

The same goes for fake news claims about nonexistent Russian “storage problems and poor maintenance (sic).”

Separately on Monday, Zaporozhye Region official, Yevgeny Balitsky, said the following:

“We expected that the IAEA’s influence would be enough to stop shelling” by Ukrainian Nazis. 

“This is the main thing we wanted to show — who was shelling us, who is the nuclear terrorist today.”

“We don’t have such hope” any longer.

“I am speaking now not only on my own behalf, I am speaking on behalf of the people with whom I keep in touch, the power plant’s personnel and people living in the liberated territories of the Zaporozhye Region.”

Since arriving at the NPP on September 1, Grossi-led IAEA inspectors did nothing to set the record straight on Nazified Ukraine’s responsibility for repeatedly shelling the plant.

There’s no ambiguity about all-out efforts by Russian forces to protect it and Ukrainian technicians involved in operating the facility.

Later on Tuesday, the IAEA is expected to issue a report on its findings at the NPP.

It’s highly unlikely to include any information about who’s responsible for shelling it.

A Final Comment

It’s official. Imperial tool IAEA chief, Grossi, issued the agency’s report on conditions at the plant.

As expected, nothing was in it to lay blame where it belongs on who bears responsibility for terror-strikes on the facility.

It showed support by Grossi and the agency for Nazified Ukraine — instead of forthrightly condemning the scourge it represents in cahoots with US-dominated NATO.


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