Front Line News Update

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO indeed is waging “total war” on Russia with expendable Ukrainian proxy foot soldiers — as Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stressed onTuesday, adding:

What’s going on began long before Russia’s liberating SMO wae launched.

US/NATO war on Russia is ongoing in hot and “hybrid forms in all areas.”

“The degree of animosity of our opponents – of our enemies – is enormous, extraordinary” with no prospect of stepping back from what could lead to direct East/West confrontation if things are pushed too far.

Throughout its history, Russia time and again “proved that it passes the most difficult trials with honor and emerges from them even stronger,” Ryabkov stressed, adding:

Make no mistake, “this will be case this time as well.”

Separately, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, warned about the start of a menacing made-in-the-USA “global storm.”

It follows “absolutely illogical and often absurd decisions and actions of the authorities in the US, Europe, the EU and individual European countries.”

Commenting on conditions at the Zaporozhye NPP, the IAEA’s 52-page report mentioned shelling of the plant 52 times without laying blame where it belongs — despite indisputable evidence provided to the agency by Russia.

Instead, it offered the following boiler plate, saying:

“The IAEA recommends that shelling on site and in its vicinity should be stopped immediately to avoid any further damages to the plant and associated facilities, for the safety of the operating staff and to maintain the physical integrity to support safe and secure operation.” 

“This requires agreements by all relevant parties to the establishment of a nuclear safety and security protection zone around the ZNPP.”

And this IAEA perversion of reality:

The presence of Russian Rosatom nuclear energy experts at the plant “could lead to interference (sic) with the normal lines of operational command or authority and create potential frictions when it comes to decision-making (sic).”

Reality on site is worlds apart from the above rubbish.

Rosatom specialists are aiding Ukrainian technicians operate the NPP safely and effectively at a time of repeated terror-attacks on the facility by Ukrainian Nazis — orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA.

More IAEA defiance of reality saying:

“(D)espite challenging conditions” at the plant — because of Ukrainian terror strikes it failed to mention — the IAEA…implement(ed) safeguards (sic).”

Together with Ukrainian technicians at the NPP, Russia continues going all-out to protect the plant’s integrity, safety and reliability to operate effectively — what it’s been doing on site for months.

IAEA inspectors only arrived on September 1. Only 2 of its multi-member team remain at the facility — dependent on Russia for their protection.

Separately in response to rabid Russophobe, neocon extremist, Truss anointed as new UK prime minister, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

She “has a higher priority before formulat(ing) her attitude to(ward) Russia, which is patently negative.”

She must “sort out relations with (Britain’s) neighbors, (including a decision on whether France’s) Macron, is a friend or foe.”

“This question is still up in the air. It remains unanswered.”

It’s important for both ruling regimes to settle issues between them before “cast(ing) their eyes far beyond their borders.”

Truss prioritizes an “adherence to a hard line in defending Britain’s interests without (concern for) the position of others” or the rule of law.

This won’t advance peace and stability in Europe or elsewhere — just the opposite. 

Nor will her extremism “strengthen (Britain) on the international stage, which has clearly been dented after Brexit.” 

For a long time, Britain has “been actively trying to compensate for this loss of identity and influence (on the continent) by taking drastic steps, including aggressive actions regarding the situation that developed around Ukraine,” Lavrov explained, adding:

“We all know this.”

In another Russophobic development, the European Commission greatly increased the price of Schengen visas for Russians from 35 to 80 euros.

At the same time, it extended the processing time from 10 to 45 days.

And requirements for multi-entry visas for entry into European countries by Russians will be hardened to include the task of obtaining more documents.

New rules for Russians will remain in place until the European Commission and European Council decide on whether to make them more stringent or leave them as newly announced.

In the late 1970s when I made a business trip to Germany for nearly two weeks, I visited several other countries on my own, extending my stay on the continent a few days longer.

I needed no visas to travel from one country to another, just a passport I easily obtained before departing Chicago.

Things are much different now than for my only trip to Europe with no intent or desire to return.


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  1. Another great article. This is the result of Russia fighting a half ass war instead of crushing Ukraine with a blitzkrieg attack. The Russians should destroy the Ukrainian positions firing on the plant instead of whining about it.

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