Reality Check About Russian Operations Against the Scourge of Nazified Ukraine

In his book, titled Operation Z, intelligence/terrorism expert, Jacques Baud (JB below), explains reality about Russia’s overwhelming military superiority and how US/Western propaganda manipulated Ukraine to self-destruct, JB saying:

“The aim of (his) book is to show how (MSM) misinformation…push(ed) Ukraine in the wrong direction,” adding:

“I wrote it under the motto ‘from the way we understand crises derives the way we (address) them.”

By concealing reality on the ground, US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators created “a caricatural and artificial image of the situation” to manipulate the public mind by endless repetition of fiction over indisputable facts on the ground.

As a result, diplomatic conflict resolution is “virtually impossible.” 

It’s been the Biden regime’s aim all along to perpetuate forever proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia, ignoring the growing risk of direct confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

JB also stressed the following:

“(O)ne-sided (US/Western misinformation and disinformation about what’s going on is all about) promot(ing) hatred of Russia” — in pursuit of wanting the country marginalized, weakened, contained and isolated.

The same failed strategy is used against China, Iran and other nations unwilling to sell their sovereignty and souls to a higher power in Washington.

Western regimes in Europe and Canada self-inflicted harm on their own economies and people by going along with hegemon USA’s aims.

US/Western extremism is reflected by the indifference of their ruling regimes toward the vast majority of their people, along with their willingness to “see Ukrainians die Instead of) seek(ing) diplomatic” conflict resolution, JB explained.

Neocon GOP Senator Lindsey Graham admitted it publicly, saying that bipartisan US policy intends to continue forever war on Russia to the last Ukrainian.

Opposed to what’s going on, Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador said the following:

“We (the US/West) provide the weapons.”

“You (Ukrainians) provide the corpses!”

And this JB reality check about Russia’s military:

In sharp contrast to fabricated US/Western claims otherwise, Russian forces are “effective and efficient,” adding: 

“(T)he quality of (Russia’s) command and control far exceeds what we see in the West.”

“But our (manipulated) perception is influenced by (fake news) reporting on the Ukrainian side, and by distortions of reality.”

What US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents call “Russians” is comprised of “professional Russian” forces and Donbass militia freedom-fighters.

Operations along the front lines of Donbass “are mainly carried out by these militias” — supported by Russian artillery and aerial firepower.

So-called TV talking head “military experts” in the West are propagandists with little or no knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian “military operations,” JB explained.

“These (self-styled) experts literally falsified (facts on the ground about the overpowering force of) Russian operations.”

JB stressed that Russia can achieve its demilitarization and deNazifying goals without advancing.

Its forces only need to let “Ukrainians themselves (approach them) and get killed.”

“Ironically,” US-dominated Western regimes “made the Russians’ job easier.”

Their harebrained actions are a “recipe for losing” in contrast to how Russia is triumphing over an inferior adversary.

Russia “master(ed) the operational art” of winning — of triumphing over largely ill-trained and armed Ukrainian troops, as well as against outwitted and outmaneuvered US/Western strategy.

And this reality explained by JB:

“On the Ukrainian side, the war is waged in the political and informational spaces, while on the Russian side, (its SMO) is waged in the physical and operational space.”

“On the Russian side,” decision-making is by military experts.

On the Ukrainian side, puppet Zelensky is manipulated by his US master — with no regard for the lives and well-being of regime troops, ones considered expendable. 

And this JB reality check:

For decades, US/Western regimes “lost the ability to fight at the strategic and operative levels” the way Russia is pursuing its liberating SMO.

“This explains partly why Ukraine is waging (losing) war at this level.”

And Russia’s concept of “correlation of forces takes into account many more factors and is more holistic than the Western approach.”

“That is why the Russians are winning.”

And so-called Ukrainian counteroffensives are more myth than reality.

When launched, overpowering Russian military and tactical superiority smashes them.

Fabricated US/Western claims about “Ukrainian successes were in fact failures.”

From day one of its liberating SMO, the notion of Ukraine prevailing over Russia has been pure “illusion.”

Hegemon USA pushed Ukraine to wage years of war on Donbass along Russia’s borders — a harebrained scheme to make the Kremlin react defensively so US/Western regimes could impose what they believed would be “devastating sanctions” on Russia.

Instead, they largely shot themselves in the foot and devastated Ukraine in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

French economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, admitted to what the scheme is all about, an attempt to collapse Russia’s economy and immiserate its people — clearly with the aim of replacing Vladimir Putin with pro-Western puppet rule.

The harebrained scheme was doomed before launched — as evidenced since Russia launched its overpowering SMO.

As for Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory with US/Western supplied artillery, HIMARS and other weapons, they’ve been pinpricks, causing “little” damage, achieving nothing strategic.

Reality on the ground is that Ukrainian troops are unable to retake areas liberated by Russian forces — other than a few deserted villages of no strategic value.

And this JB reality check:

Ukrainian “reservists overwhelmingly refuse to attend recruitment sessions.”

They want no part of dying or being maimed for a lost cause.

Four years after Kiev began cross-border war on Donbass in 2014, over 600 of its troops “committed suicide.”

“Desertions (numbered about) 30%” of regime forces.

Since Russia’s SMO began, “Ukrainian units (have been) mutinying en masse and are increasingly refusing to fight.”

Abandoned by their commanders, they’ve been “given missions without necessary resources to execute them.”

Internally, Zelensky and other regime officials are “the most corrupt in Europe.”

Only around a third of US/Western supplied weapons et al “make it to the battlefield,” Russia destroying most of them.

Most others supplied are sold on the dark net by corrupt Ukrainian officials.

The territory known as Ukraine is a cesspool of Nazified tyranny and deep-seated corruption — supported by the US/West as a platform for perpetual war on Russia.

And this JB reality check:

All things Russia and Ukraine revealed the following:

US-dominated NATO regimes operate as subservient “instruments of US foreign policy.”

“These institutions no longer act in the interests of their members, but in the interests of the US.”

“(S)anctions adopted under American pressure are backfiring on Europe, which is the big loser in this whole crisis.” 

The longer its ruling authorities go along with self-destructive policies as demanded by their US master, the worst off they’ll be politically, economically and militarily.

The US-dominated West “created a (new) Iron Curtain,” what’s likely to remain in place for years, perhaps decades to come.

Of greatest concern is the ominous threat of global war 3.0 against Russia and China.

What’s unthinkable is possible, maybe likely, because pushing things too far by US-dominated NATO may cross a line of no return to what’ll be catastrophic if occurs.


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  1. As usual, well presented, credible, appreciated!

    (One needed augmentation: In the end, “it’s the Benjamins, baby” — to wit, MIC Benjamins, flooding into military-corporate coffers as weapons of war proliferate, by hegemonic design, all over this suffering globe.)


  2. The stockpiles of weaponry are so depleted in the Wicked West, the Duran calls it demilitarization. The War Pigs main objective is to see as much consumed as possible.

    In Afghanistan the US ran out of bullets and had to buy them from China.

    Libya was a country of 7 million who suffered a tremendous bombing be creating a whole new meaning for np-fly zone. Those Libyans suffered from free electricity and 14 cent-a-litter gasoline. They had free college and free health care because of all their oil. If someone wanted to farm, that had use of land and interest free loans and free seeds, or something like that. An underground river was brought to the surface and widely referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World. It was bombed to nonexistance. The Wicked West ran out of bombs trying to free the Libyans. But, THEY did not give up, and somehow found bombs to make Libya free.

    Wherever Monopoly Media goes is Myland, and of course in Mythland, no truth goes unopposed.

    Electricity is up 10 tines in France and 11 times in Germany. The natural gas BTU equivalent of a barrel of oil was $500 ten days ago in Holland. David Dubyne has risen with his Adapt 2030 to become a host on Brighteon. The crash is here: “(1/2) Global Economic Meltdown Begins” —

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mercouris at about 1:15 in video of The Duran this 9/7 at — The overall sense I am getting in Britain is of a massive sense of fatalism, bordering on despair from practically every part of the political spectrum because Britain is facing enormous economic problems,enormous social problems, and I haven’t seen one person who seriously believes that Lizz Truss is going to be the person who can get on top of this.”

    I transcribed it for the video and place copy here.

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  4. Neil McCoy-Ward heads today’s video, “This Is Absolutely INSANE!” at /watch?v=LWTRxCV6cRc” HNeil lives in UK and is a financial and market channel.

    Liz Truss has absolutely no fit to a solution where the only solution is Russian energy. Russian oil is going to Europe by way of India and Russian natural gas gets to the EU by Chinese LNG. That is not a solution.

    The whole Overseer position is disingenuous. Wee are where we are at because the Dollar Empire of the Khazarian Cabal want it that way. People will loose there savings and go into debt over heat or eat, just like intended. The plan is to go on and impoverish everybody. THEY will say anything as the plan goes on.

    The New Green Deal is not an agenda. It is part of the enslavement plan. Neil says look at what they do and not listen to what is being said which are all about projection and not truth or reality.

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