Refreshingly Candid Russian Straight-Talk

Straight-talk remarks by Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov and other key Russian officials are worlds apart from their forked-tongue US/Western counterparts.

Russian officials say what they mean and mean what they say.

Duplicity defines words and actions by the vast majority of Western officials at all levels.

On Monday, Russia’s 7th annual Eastern Economic Forum began in the nation’s Asia/Pacific port city of Vladivostok.

Senior and other government officials, along with business representative from over 60 countries attended the important gathering.

Its theme, “On the Path to a Multipolar World” reflects reality at a time of hegemon USA’s greatly eroded/fast disappearing unipolar moment.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin delivered a straight-talk keynote address to participants — saying the following among other remarks:

US/Western “sanctions fever” threatens the world community of nations, adding:

Its “undisguised (aggression by other means) deprive(s) other countries…of (their) sovereignty and subject(s) them to (the) will” of a higher power with diabolical aims in mind.

“(C)onfidence in the dollar, euro and pound sterling as currencies to carry out payments, store reserves, nominate assets” are eroding as growing numbers of nations increase trade in their own currencies.

“Western (regimes) strive to maintain the old world order that is beneficial only to them…”

They aim “to force the global community to live according to the notorious rules that they invented and themselves regularly violate and constantly alter depending on the current state of affairs.”

“The role of dynamic, promising states and regions of the world has significantly increased.”

“And above all, of course, the Asia-Pacific region.”

“Its countries have become new centers of economic and technological growth, points of attraction for personnel, capital, and production.”

Asia/Pacific nations are among the world’s fastest growing ones.

“(O)ver the past 10 years, GDP of Asian countries (grew) annually by approximately 5%.”

The region’s growth compares to 3% worldwide, 2% in the US and 1.2% for EU nations.

“Rising prices in global markets” are devastating for people in the world’s poorest nations by making food, energy and other vital goods unaffordable. 

“(I)n 2019, according to the UN, 135 million people in the world experienced acute food shortages…” 

The “number increased by 2.5 times to 345 million people” today.

“(J)ust as many European countries in previous decades and centuries acted as colonialists, they” operate in similar fashion today. 

As a result, global conflicts and “food problems in the world will only grow, which, unfortunately, to our great regret, can lead to unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe(s).”

“Despite all the difficulties of events taking place around Ukraine, we did everything to ensure that Ukrainian grain was exported.”

“I met with leaders of the African Union, with leaders of African states…promis(ing) them that we would do everything to ensure their interests and facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain.”

“We did it without instructions.”

Yet a tragedy is unfolding because the vast majority of Ukrainian grain exports have been going to the West and other developed nations, Putin explained, adding:

Of 87 Ukrainian vessels with grain, only two delivered it to countries most in need, according to the UN World Food Program.

At the same time, US-dominated Western regimes breached their pledge to lift sanctions on Russian agricultural products and fertilizers in return for permitting Ukraine’s grain exports to ease food crisis conditions in most affected nations.

On Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov stressed that US/Western regimes “are not doing what we were promised by the UN secretary general.”

They failed “to remove logistical sanctions that prevent free access of Russian grain and fertilizers to world markets.”

On Wednesday, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, stressed the same thing, saying:

Not a single Russian vessel with agricultural products and fertilizers left port following the July Turkish-brokered Istanbul agreement.

It removed obstacles relating to finance, insurance and logistics for three years on Russian exports of these products.

A separate agreement for the export of Ukrainian grain from its ports is valid for 120 days.

“Given the results, or rather the lack of results, I do not rule out anything,” said Nebenzia, adding:

“We want to see the implementation of the Russian part of the agreement.”

“So far, this hasn’t happened.”

Nor is anything positive on what relates to Russia by the US/West likely to occur ahead.

Separately, Putin stressed the following:

“Russia is a sovereign state.”

“We will always protect our national interests by pursuing an independent policy.”

“We value the same qualities in partners who demonstrated reliability and responsibility in trade, investment and other cooperation for many years.”

In stark contrast to how US-dominated Western regimes trample on the rule of law in pursuit of their diabolical aims, Russia’s complies with its international obligations.

In response to US/Western sanctions war, Russia has many buyers of its energy and other exports among non-Western nations.

In response to fabricated US/Western claims about Russia “wielding energy as a weapon (sic),” Putin stressed: 

“Nonsense! We supply as much energy as” buyers among world community of nations wish, “as much as they place an order for.”

And this from Turkish President Erdogan on Wednesday, saying:

“I don’t see a speedy resolution” of all things Russia and Ukraine, adding:

“But I say to those who underestimate Russia:”

“You are wrong. Russia is not a country that can be underestimated.” 

US/Western sanctions are responsible for “balloon(ing)” energy prices in Europe and elsewhere.

“Of course, Russia will use all the means at its disposal when…attack(ed)” by US/Western regimes. 

Russophobic policies are “based on provocations.”

Separately, Lavrov said the following about militant Russophobe Liz Truss’ selection as new UK prime minister:

Tory party members alone chose her among other aspirants for Britain’s top job “behind closed doors,” not the UK electorate — worlds apart from democracy as it should be.

Lavrov met with her last winter in Moscow.

She’s “uncompromising when it comes to defending (UK) interests,” he stressed — no matter the harm to other nations and their people.

Lavrov also slammed EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell’s war of words, calling for a concrete US/Western plan to “defeat fascist Russia (sic) on the battlefield,” saying:

His “unseemly language” stripped off the cover of his phony diplomatic credentials — revealing him to be a war-mongering rogue actor.


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